PJ Watson: Dear Black People

Buzzfeed recently did and expose’ about slavery and racism.  Paul Joseph Watson countered by saying that blaming white people for slavery is historically inaccurate and racist.

I am reminded by Ronald Reagan’s famous quip about the what the left believes “simply isn’t so”.

Frankly, the whole modern meme about slavery is a contrived bullshit story… but we knew this already.

~ Hardnox

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3 Responses to PJ Watson: Dear Black People

  1. Uriel says:

    If you read even the first 100 or so pages of the Bible – written about people in the Middle Eastern countries — they had slaves. As he said, every conquering nation over the centuries of every race, color, and creed have owned slaves. While it is vile, today in countries across the world (including the US) all races and colors but many being white children and teens are being abducted and sold into slavery every day to wealthy people who treat them lower than cattle. If these arses really wanted to do good then they SHOULD be marching and stopping slavery right now in their home towns and across the world. But noooooo they would rather set up a “hate” meme to keep chaos going and HELP their wealthy patrons continue to buy more and more young people who when they are finished with them are simply thrown away like so much garbage if not outright killed. The rest of what I am thinking is totally unprintable,

  2. Felinity says:

    There’s a heartrendingly innumerable mass of slaves throughout this nation and Canada — of all races and creeds.

    We N&F contributors and readers know many of them…but we have nothing to do with this enslavement, No enabling, overt or covert.

    They’re not in chains.

    They’re not locked away in inner rooms in distant places.

    They’re not sweating their lives away in forced labor.

    They dress like us; go to work; worship; and much more — right alongside us.

    These people are INTELLECTUALLY enslaved…minds made up for the duration of their respective, embittered lives. We are not “allowed” to attempt sharing salient facts and truths with these ironclad indoctrinated folks. That’s RACIST!

    These anointed “living dead” have minds that continually stew in a cerebral marinade of pigheaded ignorance, hypocrisy, and intolerance.

    Such is the socio-moral “brain” cancer of leftist progressivism.