Obama Tops Clinton Speech Fees In Just One Month

We all bitched and moaned at Bill and The Hildabeast for collecting upwards of $200K for speeches given to Wall Street investment houses, global banking corporations, and the like.  Well, the Billaries are pikers compared to King Putt:  The Brown Clown has pocketed $400K TWICE in just one month.  And as far as this writer knows, Barry does not even have a shell foundation to launder the money.  He just takes it and runs, flashing his trademark lying smile all the way to his bank in Abu Dhabi.  Proving once again that if it were not for Double Standard Time, progressives would have no time at all.

The New York Times coverage of this is nothing short of hilarious:  They fall all over themselves defending The Buff Jackwagon’s earnings, crowing about Obama’s “civic-mindedness” and his “concern for the poor”.   Maybe this article was ghost-written by someone from The Daily Show:


Obama Balances Civic-Minded Side With the Lure of a $400,000 Speech

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2 Responses to Obama Tops Clinton Speech Fees In Just One Month

  1. Hardnox says:

    The hypocrisy is amazing, yet not a peep for the lamestream fake media.