Hungry Hungry Hypo(crites)

Eight members of the Yale University graduate student union Local 33 began an indefinite, collective fast in front of University President Peter Salovey’s home on Tuesday in an effort to persuade Yale to begin collective bargaining.
 “Yale wants to make us wait and wait and wait … until we give up and go away. We have committed ourselves to waiting without eating.” Local 33 Chair Aaron Greenberg said at the rally in New Haven, Conn.
There was one small distinction with the hunger protest, however. Their pamphlet explained that the hunger strike was “symbolic” and participants could leave when they got hungry and could no longer continue. I understand that most added a Domino’s Pizza Delivery app to their phones, due to the company’s ’30 minutes or less’ promise. TALK ABOUT SACRIFICE !
This will look good on their “symbolic” resumes should they ever apply for a “symbolic” job .
Yeah, I know……..

Members of the Yale College Republicans hosted a barbecue Friday right next to where members of the Local 33 graduate student union participated in the hunger strike .

The College Republicans served a meal of barbecued beef, baked beans and corn to those on the plaza, just a few feet from the tent Local 33 had erected to house hunger strikers .

Now THAT is what we send our kids to college for !



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9 Responses to Hungry Hungry Hypo(crites)

  1. Popular Front says:

    Mouth-wateringly delicious! Thank you Yale College Republicans. I wish I was there, I’d drop in for a snack.

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    I would have started at 9AM, offering hot fresh sticky buns.

  3. SafeSpace says:

    What in heck is a “graduate student union”? Who do they represent? Who are the members? Is it affiliated with the AFL-CIO? Does it represent the perfessers teaching these postgrad snowflakes? I don’t get it.

    • Terry says:

      SS you can read all of the tear-jerking details about these long suffering snowflakes here :

      Excuse me…I need another tissue. snif

      • SafeSpace says:

        Thanks, Terry, for the link. Seems that these twits are agitating to join “Unite Here”, a union that organizes in the USA and Canada, and claims to represent workers in the hospitality industry, especially the illegals … plus perfessers at Yale. Their website literally reeks of socialism, and is worth a look-see:

        • Terry says:

          You’re right, they are aiming to get in “Unite Here”.
          And…poor babies….According to Yale News :

          “Among first-tier research universities, Yale provides unsurpassed support to Ph.D. students. The doctoral students at Yale receive annual stipends of $30,000 or more, and a tuition fellowship or other grants fully cover the annual tuition of $39,800. The students also receive free health care. If a student has a spouse, but no dependent children, Yale pays half the cost of the spouse’s health insurance. If a student has a spouse and children, Yale covers the full cost of their health insurance. Over six years, the total cost of support equals nearly $375,000 for a single Ph.D. student. For a student with a family, the support totals more than $445,000. Over the course of six years, no more than 14% of a doctoral student’s time is devoted to teaching as part of his or her training, and for many students it is even less.”

          They’re not really ‘fasting’ they are starving ! snif

          • Terry says:

            And, btw, where in hell do doctorate students fit into the “hotel, gaming, food service, manufacturing, textile, distribution, laundry, transportation, and airport industries.” represented by “Unite Here” ?
            Do they bus tables after school ?