President Trump Vs Liberal Judges – Tucker Carlson

President Trump Vs Liberal Judges – Tucker Carlson

Tucker makes a valid point on the dangerous precedent of the judicial branch vetoing every presidential directive. In essence by doing this, the judicial branch is becoming the governing branch. This is not acceptable and not what the constitution allows.

If these people were so keen on doing this now, where were they the last eight years when Obama deliberately evaded the law and chose to write laws with his executive power?

Then to find out this particular judge is an activist who donated to Obama’s campaign just caps the bottle of acid.

Tucker should have read chapter and verse of the Mexico immigration laws to shut this guy up. He is a socialist pure and simple. Wonder if the guy is a regular citizen, naturalized, or even legal?


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5 Responses to President Trump Vs Liberal Judges – Tucker Carlson

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    When they choose May 1 for demonstrations you can be assured of their communist leanings.

  2. Uriel says:

    I don’t need that as proof just listening to the guy was enough

  3. Popular Front says:

    He’s stolen Cheech Marin’s hat! Typical beaner.

  4. Hardnox says:

    This guy is a total moron and emblematic of lefty thinking. That tired old meme that native Americans are the true owners of America is bullshit as they also immigrated here. They sure as shit weren’t beamed in by Martians. Further, we already have a migrant worker program for picking crops which is under used. Using illegals is simply cheaper… sort of but more costly to Americans overall.

    Seizing Guzman’s $14 billion is a great idea. The reason some R’s are against the Wall is because lobbyists don’t want it. Follow the money.

    Prez Trump simply needs to refuse to sign the CR if there’s no money for the Wall.

    Lastly, the E-Verify program needs stiffer penalties for those hiring illegals.