Sean Hannity’s Monologue – Liberal Fascists Attack On Conservative Voices



For those that missed this monologue — Hannity is one hundred percent correct. Advertizers, media outlets, and conservative speakers who given in or in any way do not challenge these fascists thugs are only enabling them to continue and ramp up their attacks.

Time to roll up the sleeves and challenge these idiots. The time for political correctness has passed. The FBI and DoJ need to bring down the hammer of the law on these hateful, bigoted, marxist, communists, fascists and if enough get silenced maybe the sheeple will get the message.

Stop the flow of money from their backers like Soros and his demonic crew. Attorneys need to flood the courts with lawsuits guaranteed to cripple those who continue these forms of disruption.


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4 Responses to Sean Hannity’s Monologue – Liberal Fascists Attack On Conservative Voices

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good for Hannity. It’s good to see a Conservative fight back against the evil left. The left is batshit crazy because they thought their reign would never end especially since they had their taste of unfettered idiocy and gestapo tactics during King Putt’s administration.

    They are practicing Alinsky tactics to a tee. The Left also has nothing else to sell because everything they have have ever offered has been shit or a lie and a great many Americans have woken up to that realization. Unfortunately there are a lot of low information morons that still can’t see the Left’s agenda.

    In the end, the Left will lose if only the Right stays vigilant. Hannity’s shot across the bow is a good first step. They aren’t democrats and they aren’t liberals. Prez Trump needs to call out the Left as the LEFT and he needs to lead that charge.

    Lastly, the funders of the Left need to be neutered, chiefly Soros.

    • Uriel says:

      It is telling that she didn’t recant until after Hannity sent word she was being investigated and legal action taken. Digging into her background I found she is “supposed” to be a staunch, outspoken Republican. Her family is basically the same. A review from her alma mater in the US talks about her “outspoken support for all things conservative” so what and is she really still a conservative? Hmm her latest boyfriend might have a hint of where her political leanings are now…as well as the fact she went to France to a university for further education.

      My comment to her current employer is this: If this woman with now multiple lawsuits against Fox can do so much damage to them — what happens to the new employer if they decide to cross her and choose not to renew a contract? Do they really think she will NOT turn on them as well. She now has a proven employee dissent record for filing lawsuits and harassing employers for not allowing her free rein and continued “prima donna” status…any employer who knew this would also be hesitant to hire an employee for fear they also would be attacked if things did not go her way.

      Newsmax used to be a decent media source…times sure are a changin’

      It is all about money…she had some but wants more…for the average or half arsed employee (in many instances) the quickest way becomes a pattern of behavior best avoided by potential employers and their advertizers.

  2. Terry says:

    Ditto what Nox said.
    Hannity refrained from mentioning the bimbo’s name and the circumstance, (which the bimbo now recants). If readers aren’t familiar with the story, here it is :

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks for adding Terry. I saw that and didn’t know whether to laugh or not…it is terribly sad that public opinion and leftist style attacks on conservative media has continued to destroy peoples lives. For no reason other than greed and an ideology based solely on a break in mental capacity andl fanatical mania.