What Is Really Known About Organizations Who Guide Education Changes


Have you ever noticed how information can lead you down strange paths? Or, how companies that appear to be important members of the liberalist agenda manage to stealthily go about their objectives without making waves or being highlighted in media?

Case in point:

A decision to research universities where liberal students demand lists of bizarre things, or where they are falling into the liberalist trap laid to curtail free speech or how they have become so left-leaning over the years…

…Led me to Association of American Colleges & Universities which bills itself as “A Voice and a force for liberal education in the 21st century.” According to its words, the association is one hundred years old having been founded in 1915. It’s main headquarters is located in Washington, D.C. It’s currently listed mission and goals, however, eeriely mimic Socialist and United Nations goals.

According to the ONLY source of reference and information I could find which was its own website, the association was started with 150 college executives in St. Paul, MN. Robert Kelly, president of Earlham College and vice president of the Council of Church Boards of Education became the first executive director of AAC&U. The focus during those days was academic freedom and professor tenure.

In the first years of the 1900’s, JD Rockefellar Foundation and Carnegie Foundation were masterful voices in education who wielded a great deal of influence and money to back their ideas. In particular was the shadow they felt was cast by religion over educational excellence, the need for all income levels to receive education, and the push for professors to receive tenure. So that was a natural fit for the association to receive backing for programs. Later the Ford Foundation, the EXXON Education Foundation, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation also became major contributors through grants.

Around 1976 though there appears to have been a division within the organization on focus and lobbying that necessitated major restructuring of the operations and a change in name. Launched in 2005, Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) became their focus of national public advocacy and campus action initiative by the new, improved AAC&U.

A quick scan of that LEAP  map provides an interesting and politically telling hint as to the focus of initiatives, goals, and programs AAC&U advocates. While reaching all fifty states, I find it telling that their greatest concentration of members (noted by the darkest blue) appears to be in mostly Democrat voting states prior to Trump’s nomination, the same states currently with some of the highest refugee populations, and some of the same states who are determined to advocate sanctuary status.

I am not saying that there is a correlation merely that it is interesting.

As of 2015, AAC&U is said to be comprised of more than 1,350 member institutions — including accredited public and private colleges, community colleges, research universities, and comprehensive universities. It advocates for liberal education for all college students, across all fields and disciplines, at all types of institutions. (Their words not mine.)

Their membership of colleges and universities is a veritable Who’s Who in US academia as well as several from foreign countries. Apparently its definition of liberal is “open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values” as defined by Google. Better yet is a Urban Dictionary definition of “Those who have abandoned logic and reason, and rely on ‘warm fuzzys’ as a sound basis for the making of decisions.”

So why was this interesting–because AAC&U is a powerful player in promoting liberal views to campuses across the US. yet outside elitist circles and its own website little is known about the organization nor its on-campus activities and influence.

One of its focus projects, The Crucible Moment  was prepared between 2010-2012 at the invitation of the U.S. Department of Education under the leadership of the Global Perspective Institute, Inc. (GPI) and AAC&U. The contract number was ED-OPE-10-C-0078.  The study was requested by Martha Kanter and Eduardo Ochoa.

The publication was developed with input from a series of national roundtables involving leaders from all parts of the higher education and civic renewal communities. Its focus was to document the nation’s anemic civic health and included recommendations for action that address campus culture, general education, and civic inquiry as part of major and career fields as well as hands-on civic problem solving across differences. Given the mission and goals heavily leaning toward liberalist ideology, one can only assume the information would also be heavily slanted toward a ideologically motivated agenda.

Both Kanter and Ochoa along with many others left the Department of Education in early 2013 for academic positions after working together to set up and explain Common Core. An interesting Washington Post article in 2012 talks about how Obama and Arne Duncan along with those Department of Education departed members tried to overhaul education. The article even pointed out that Obama and his crew awarded billions of dollars in stimulus funding to higher education and states that fell in line with their plans.

which led me to…

Global Perspective Institute, Inc. (GPI) which grabbed my attention because there was no website. The only information I could find was from Mantra business search who listed that it as is/was located in Chicago, IL and is/was a privately held company. Mantra went on to say it started in 2010 and listed only one staff member and an annual revenue of $200,000. It’s president is/was Larry A. Braskamp who is Professor Emeritus of Education at Loyola University Chicago and Senior Fellow at the Association of American Colleges and Universities and  contributor.

By the way, AAC&U apparently enjoys tax exempt status even though it is neither college nor university.  Yet another example of need to overhaul tax codes and do away with 501.

Curious but certainly not an indictment of anyone.

It’s interesting to discover how the DC liberal NWO crowd drives its own agenda through a convoluted maze simply to avoid public questions and scrutiny.



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7 Responses to What Is Really Known About Organizations Who Guide Education Changes

  1. Auntie BS says:

    Excellent investigative journalism. I am very impressed. When I first stumbled onto Hardnox And Friends, I thought it was just another partisan propaganda site, like WND and others, but I am VERY impressed with the quality of journalism you demonstrate and the excellence in topic selections and writing. You are a breath of fresh air in this quagmire of BS.

    • Uriel says:

      😊 maybe the boss will give me a corner desk….nah that would be smelly, his office is in a barn. I love barn animals just not up close and personal lol. Thanks for the praise. The simple truth is these MSM reporters have the same access to the same internet and supposedly they have journalism degrees. Another “F” for higher education today.

  2. Uriel says:

    btw I am an old school educator raised in the days when education taught principles and encouraged students to expand their own knowledge…….not this propagandized pablum designed to create mental zombies

  3. comcast536 says:

    I also echo Auntie BS praises of you. You all have seen the video, ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ Americas Last Chance, by Heartland Pictures, starring Charlie Daniels. I use to have a copy which was released in 1991. It was labeled a conspiracy theory by most. Yet I have watched through the following years, the narrates that they warn would happen. I was able to goggle on line and discovered that a chap by the name of William (Bill) Cooper was the founder of these theories. So I echo you curious but certainly not an indictment of anyone.

  4. SafeSpace says:

    My late father was V-P Development at Carnegie Institute of Technology in the 1960s and early 1970s, and helped put together the investment deal that turned this school into Carnegie-Mellon University. Dad was also an early member of CASE, the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, a DC-based university think tank / lobbying outfit.

    I have at hand many articles he penned during those years. They clearly show how the groundwork was being laid even then, to de-intellectualize the universities and sidle up to students who were (at the time) protesting the Vietnam War and all things government in general. Recall that those years saw the so-called free speech movement in Berkeley, and protests here there and everywhere.

    Dear old Dad bought the Benjamin Spock method of parenting. He applied it to me and my brother, with the result that both of us were nearly uncontrollable through our teens and early 20s. He applied it to university management, with the result that the inmates took control of the asylum (and they have yet to relinquish it). He enabled those who overthrew the basic Christian precept of respect for fatherly authority, with the result that college grads from the 1970s went on to do their best to destroy fatherhood, families, and conventional sexuality. Sad, in retrospect, how “the greatest generation” (Dad served in the Pacific campaigns during WW2) went on to enable “the jackwagon generation”.

    • Uriel says:

      OMG SafeSpace what a climate to grow up in. We all realize something like that happened but here you have proof on paper. I am staggered. I came from a lower middle class southern family that laughed at Dr. Spock. Our behinds knew what it meant if we really messed up but we also knew both parents really cared and there was no go ask… cause we knew what to expect.