Sunday Profound Piss-Off Liberals Wisdom From Thomas Sowell

Wisdom from a long time conservatist that recently retired from writing at 86.



How To Drive A Liberal Crazy In Five Minutes

Allen B West
by Matt Palumbo
April 23, 2017

As Sowell fades out of the public eye, here are his eleven best quotes (or as we might like to call them: TRUTH BOMBS), courtesy of the Conservative Review:

1. On taxes:

“Elections should be held on April 16th — the day after we pay our income taxes. That is one of the few things that might discourage politicians from being big spenders.”

2. On Obamacare:

“If we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical drugs now, how can we afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical drugs in addition to a new federal bureaucracy to administer a government-run medical system?”

3. On welfare:

“The biggest and most deadly ‘tax’ rate on the poor comes from a loss of various welfare state benefits — food stamps, housing subsidies, and the like — if their income goes up.”

4. On social justice:

“Many years ago, there was a comic book character who could say the magic word “shazam” and turn into Captain Marvel, a character with powers like Superman’s. Today, you can say the magic word “diversity” and turn reverse discrimination into social justice.”

5. On political correctness:

“The first time I traveled across the Atlantic Ocean, as the plane flew into the skies over London, I was struck by the thought that, in these skies, a thousand British fighter pilots fought off Hitler’s air force and saved both Britain and Western civilization. But how many students today will have any idea of such things, with history being neglected in favor of politically correct rhetoric?”

6. On liberals in academia:

“The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political Left is that they do not work. Therefore, we should not be surprised to find the Left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive.”

7. On higher education:

“When words trump facts, you can believe anything. And the liberal groupthink taught in our schools and colleges is the path of least resistance.”

8. On diversity:

“The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department.”

9. On the rule of law:

“A generation that jumps to conclusions on the basis of its own emotions, or succumbs to the passions or rhetoric of others, deserves to lose the freedom that depends on the rule of law. Unfortunately, what they say and what they do can lose everyone’s freedom, including the freedom of generations yet unborn.”

10. On truth:

“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.”

11. A farewell note:

“We cannot return to the past, even if we wanted to, but let us hope that we can learn something from the past to make for a better present and future.”

Sowell may not be producing any new content, but he’s left behind a legacy of wisdom that will hopefully influence generations to come.

Farewell, Dr. Sowell.



Thomas Sowell  is an American economist, turned social theorist, political philosopher, and author.

He is currently Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. Sowell was born in North Carolina, but grew up in Harlem, New York. He dropped out of high school and served in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War. He received a bachelor’s degree, graduating magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1958 and a master’s degree from Columbia University in 1959. In 1968, he earned his Doctorate in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Sowell has served on the faculties of several universities, including Cornell University and University of California, Los Angeles. He has also worked for think tanks such as the Urban Institute. Since 1980, he has worked at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He writes from a libertarian conservative perspective.

Sowell has written more than thirty books and his work has been widely anthologized. He is a National Humanities Medal recipient.  …Wikipedia…

Here are a few more quotes from this insightful gentleman.

“Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”

“It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance”

“Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.”

From BrainyQuotes:

“The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals’ expansion of the welfare state.”

“It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

“A moral monopoly is the antithesis of a marketplace of ideas.”

“Too much of what is called ‘education’ is little more than an expensive isolation from reality.”

“The welfare state is not really about the welfare of the masses. It is about the egos of the elites.”

“Without a moral framework, there is nothing left but immediate self-indulgence by some and the path of least resistance by others. Neither can sustain a free society.”

A remarkable man who has lived life and did not talk it to death.

His life SHOULD be one that celebrates, encourages, and highlights the achievements of his background and his determination, not as a man of color, but as a man of a free nation of laws and rights to achieve all he could be over the years.

His new writings will be missed but the country has volumes of writings that hopefully will continue to enlighten and encourage deep thinking skills for years to come.


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10 Responses to Sunday Profound Piss-Off Liberals Wisdom From Thomas Sowell

  1. clyde says:

    A rare treasure, Dr. Sowell. Started reading his writings when in my early 20’s. What a mind.

  2. Dave says:

    I became aware of Dr. Sowell’s writing around 10 years ago, and have always found solid wisdom in what he had to say. He will certainly be missed on the literary scene.

  3. I have always enjoyed his work. He will truly be missed, but I have no doubt that someone new will come along to enjoy! (Note I didn’t say replace!)

    • Uriel says:

      Good point Mark. Some days I do wonder but I have tremendous faith in God’s plan and wisdom. There will be others like him but maybe not soon.

  4. SafeSpace says:

    This man was an eloquent genius. I’m not certain that anyone like him is waiting the wings, ready to take his place with equal grace and skill.

  5. Emilia says:

    A truly wise man…his writings will be missed!