Sunday Feel Good Stories

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, three armed suspects confronted their intended victim on the street and demanded his sneakers. A scuffle ensued and the intended victim ended up with possession of one of the thieves’ guns and shot one of the thieves in his junk. The injured criminal remained on the scene while the others took off.

33-year-old Robert Christopher and 39-year-old Toby Reed broke into a home near Paducah, Kentucky. The homeowner confronted the pair and shot both of them. Reed was DRT and Christopher was treated and released from the hospital. Christopher has been indicted for felony murder by a Kentucky jury because someone has to pay and it won’t be the homeowner.

In Puebla, Mexico, for your entertainment; A woman was waiting for a taxi in the middle of the street when the two men tried to steal her handbag.  One of the thieves was holding a gun and pointing it at her during the attempted robbery.  When she tried to defend herself and struggled with the thieves, one of the men hit her with in the head with his gun, but shot his pal in the head by mistake.

Ozark, Alabama   – 27-year-old Michael Ethan Smith and 24-year-old Steven Ammons broke into a mobile home where they got into a gun battle with the homeowner. Ammons was pronounced DOT at the hospital and Smith is still on the loose.

Tacoma, Washington –  a 20 year-old forced his way into the residence of an armed homeowner. The thief was DRT.

Lawton, Oklahoma – A man is dead after police say he was shot while trying to break into a woman’s home in Lawton.  The burglar was pronounced DOT at the hospital.

San Antonio, Texas – Two dudes were having an argument when one dude pulled out a gun and began firing.  One dude ran into his home and the one firing ran after him breaking down the door.  The homeowner dude retrieved his gun and ventilated the pursuer.  The intruder was DRT and no charges are expected to be filed against the homeowner.

Stay frosty friends.  They are everywhere.

~ Hardnox

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6 Responses to Sunday Feel Good Stories

  1. Adrienne says:

    My favorite post of the week (I know – I’m shallow) Anyhoo, the guy shooting his buddy is priceless. You can almost hear him saying, “What the f**??? Karma’s a bitch, is it not?

    • Navyvet says:

      That was a good one. I watched it several times and enjoyed it each time. It looks like the shithead that was shot was hit pretty hard the way his head jerks to the side. Good riddance.

  2. Uriel says:

    from The Blaze…

    One army reserve soldier with a concealed carry permit heading home notices two figures on the side of the road. As he gets closer, he discovers one is being repeatedly stabbed by the second. He pulls out his gun and phone (dialing 911 one handed), aims and commands attention which the assailant obviously ignored….After Austin police arrived, they found Darren Terry, 47, with three wounds, and he was taken to a hospital. His brother Chris Terry, 30, was arrested and charged with first-degree domestic battery and was being held in jail on a $10,000 bond.

  3. Terry says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the instant karma video !
    BUT…if you follow the link to the full video, it shows the shooter continues to struggle with the woman but still doesn’t get her bag. He shoots her in the leg, then briefly tries to help his friend before cowardly running off when good Samaritans approach.
    THEN…one of the ‘Samaritans’ runs off with the woman’s bag !
    Good grief.

  4. Navyvet says:

    No wonder liberals want these kind of people to flood into our country. So do I as long as they stay in LA, SF, or DC.