What Social Media Is Suppressing From France

EU Panic – France Slips Into Nationalism, 30,000 FB Accounts Banned & More PARIS Footage


As we have begun seeing an increase of chaos in the streets around Berkeley and other locations, we need to realize that this is only the beginning of a really serious issue here in the states. The video above is one that is happening across Europe right now. It serves to remind us WHY we need to stand for conservatism and constitution here in the US.  Conservative sites in the US are beginning to be labeled “fake news” or some such while liberal sites are on the rise and are now being censored on YouTube and social media as well.

Reporting of this kind of violence is being suppressed all over Europe, it is simply that we have this video to go on for now.

Often now if the content and site doesn’t fit the liberal meme then Facebook, Google and others are deliberately banning or “hiding” search views. Free speech isn’t free if censorship of fact-based news is muzzled. At the same time, these groups seem incapable of ferreting out and shutting down hate sites, radical training videos, murder, disgusting sexual activities, child pornography, etc. Says a lot about where our world is headed…



Terrorist Attack Breaking News April 7 2017

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7 Responses to What Social Media Is Suppressing From France

  1. Top clip: Shoot them all. Use live ammo – they won’t be back.
    Bottom clip: Shoot them all. Use live ammo – they won’t be driving anything again.
    And WHY THE HELL is the interviewee wearing a shemagh?

    • Uriel says:

      Lol. Probably best answer

    • Hade, that was exactly my thought when I saw the plastic “bullets” were so ineffective. I put bullets in quotes because I don’t know if you can call something so ineffective as those bullets shown just bouncing off of people. Live ammo would cure a lot of this stuff.

      • Uriel says:

        Were they using bullets? I watched clips from Berkeley this week and it reminded me of the violence over there. What’s most troubling of all is the media blackout and the cancellation of FB on any associated with Le Pen.

  2. vonmesser says:

    Ye sons of France awake to glory……
    Deutschland (Europa) erwacht.

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