Wildlife Groups Attempting To Stop Border Walls

Congress returns on April 24 and 25 after an Easter break to mull over more issues. The one taking front and center is the looming budget deadline. Of the issues most important during campaigns and for citizens in general is the building of a border security wall using technology, increased border manpower, and a physical wall to get it done.

Wildlife groups have always found ways to thwart construction or forward advancement to protect wildlife. I actually am for better building construction with wildlife concerns in mind. But, I believe that with meaningful mediation, forethought, knowledge, and cooperation both sides of the problem can be served. For instance in some areas and countries, providing safe passage stairs or high roadways have alleviated migration concerns. However, when wildlife enthusiasts and activists are determined that their way and only their way is right or construction companies for that matter, then nothing good comes of the battle. Inventing or reinventing concerns by circumventing common sense seems in short supply for these adversaries.

Just one small example is holding up water deliveries for millions of people and animals because one tiny little fish lives in a stream. This does not make sense especially when that one tiny fish can be relocated above or below the point of construction. Even preparing a tiny similar habitat on an oxbow just off the main stream of water makes more sense than stopping all efforts to bring water to thirsty habitats over hundreds of thousands of acres. Yet that is exactly what occurred in California thus helping to create a Man-Made drought situation that could have been avoided with common sense and planning. The wildlife activists that caused that should have been held liable for their actions.

So now we come to another point where wildlife groups funded by liberalists and fueled by one world agendas have again stuck their noses into a situation in order to stall or stop the building of a border wall which many countries in the world (especially the most socialist) have either already built or are in the process of building.

From Judicial Watch’s Corruption Files on April 6 comes an article titled “Feds, Wildlife Groups Use Bogus Endangered Species Science to Block Border Fence” where holdover Obama agencies with their rampant disregard for national concerns and wildlife activists have conspired together to find one more delay in a seemingly never-ending attempt by the Obama “shadow” government to undermine the current administration and stop what they see as against THEIR logic. Read the entire article HERE.

“Wildlife conservation groups are collaborating with a federal government agency to halt construction of the southern border wall by fudging science to claim that unimpeded trans-border corridors are essential to an “endangered species” with 99% of its population in Mexico. Under the plan, large areas of Arizona and New Mexico would be prohibited from erecting a border wall so that jaguars—which don’t even occupy the area—can roam back and forth between the two countries. More than ¾ million acres in Arizona and New Mexico would be designated as critical habitat for jaguars under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA), which specifically states that critical habitat can only be designated for the United States.

Judicial Watch obtained records from Arizona’s Game and Fish Department, local governments and one of the biologists fighting the effort to designate the area a “critical habitat” for jaguars. It’s been a years-long battle that started in 2012 when the Obama administration relaxed ESA requirements to make designation of critical habitat easer for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). This includes lowering scientific standards and essentially caving in to leftist groups. The result, according to biologist and attorney Dennis Parker, is more restrictions on private property, grazing, mineral exploration and development not to mention national security. Furthermore, no scientifically verifiable record of jaguar breeding exists in the area and only lone, transient male jaguars are occasionally and peripherally occurrent, Parker said. In a document addressed to USFWS, Arizona’s Game and Fish Department states that “habitat essential to the conservation of the jaguar does not exist in either Arizona or New Mexico under any scientifically credible definition of that term.”

The important thing to note here is that these people are waging an “invented” war in order to meet their goals. Despite or in total disregard for people living in and throughout the country affected, these people are forcing through things which have twisted the laws to bring validation to something that can not be validated in any other way.  They should be at a minimum fined for interference and preferably held legally liable for loss of time, funds, and detrimental affect on those living in the areas they are attempting to disrupt if there is no REAL proof of their claims or if the claims they make have no common sense solution which does not hold up others involved.

However, I will give them this, many species not just jaguars are going to be affected by ugly walls which if not designed in a meaningful way could restrict them from water sources and vegetation besides being an eye-sore for local communities. So why not compromise in specific areas by leaving a small block of riverbed and canyon area alone but providing drones and other surveillance? Or have those communities most determined not to have the wall be responsible for its patrol and its illegal crossings surveillance but with the restriction that one mile from the location in either direction heavy surveillance options are in place? What about inserting breaks in most commonly traveled routes by animals with a slender slot of labyrinths wide enough for only two animals abreast to go through using cactus, razor-sharp plants, and native flora? Surveillance equipment could be put in, humans could patrol, and drones could be employed to check.

The fact is there are areas that are too wild, arid, remote or actually beautiful to destroy. BUT at the same time having wildlife activists deliberately sabotage based on falsehoods and lies helps no one and does nothing but delay an inevitable construction that when working together could produce a better result.

Lord knows I would far rather see this at the border:


Than something like this IF properly controlled and patrolled:


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14 Responses to Wildlife Groups Attempting To Stop Border Walls

  1. Shar says:

    If the GOP doesn’t toss Ryan we might not get the wall. Already stated no money is available. No healthcare reform. Now tax break held off until fall.

    I agree there are a lot of ways to protect the animals and secure the border.

    • Uriel says:

      Shat. Ryan is a fake conservative he has several times been caught in pushing globalists ideas over our rights. I was disgusted that he was re-elected but given his funding not surprised. I hear efforts may be under way to move him out as Speaker. Sure hope if it happens a more constructive person is chosen. Though it is puzzling that Trump backs him still even after his waffling.

  2. Bobbie Panelli says:

    These eco-nazis are crazy! I once wanted to build a house, but eco-zealots tried to stop me by saying that my property “…might be necessary as a resting area for the migrating silver-spot moth”. I kid you not! Fortunately, the botanist I had hired to represent me at the hearing pointed out that the moth would be quite happy resting on my rooftop, if this were the case, so they dropped opposition. But, my point is that these myopic eco-nazis do not think beyond the tips of their noses, at the ramification of their “good deeds”. They don’t think of the millions of people affected by their narrow-minded wishes. They want dams torn down, then are the first to whine when water is rationed. They oppose oil and gas development by riding in their plastic kayaks and complain about the cost of heating for the poor. Is this the best that our college graduates can do?

    • Uriel says:

      Hi Bobbie. Thanks for adding a moment of truth. Many people have come up against such idiotic attempts by these people. Thankfully your lawyer prevailed. Others have not been so fortunate. I get that some big businesses are not eco-friendly but even home owners like you are hurt. Total idiocy.

    • SafeSpace says:

      This licensed general contractor could tell you horror stories about not just eco-nazis, but government in general. Look at changes to the electrical code … to new ADA requirements … to perc test changes that stop the installation of septic fields. All the stuff I mentioned did not exist 20 years ago … and I can show you 5 dozen homes we built, filled with happy owners, and nobody has been electrocuted, or harmed while using their kitchen because a hand sink was 2″ too close to a countertop, or denied access to their shower stall because the entry lip was 1″ too tall, or watched fishies die downstream because turdwater escaped their drain field.

      95% of these regulatory changes have exactly two impacts: They INCREASE the cost of a home by about 15% per square foot, and they INCREASE the flow of revenue into local, state, and federal permitting agencies. And those impacts are BY DESIGN. NONE of this crap is designed to help the property owner, nor the builder, nor even the precious environment.

      • Uriel says:

        No doubt at all here SafeSpace. Every time government gets involved it’s more $$ and not necessarily better

  3. Hardnox says:

    Well, we all knew this was coming.

    There are ways to accommodate critters without compromising national security.

    • Uriel says:

      so true…the only “animals” that should not be accomodated are those who are in cartels and radicalized groups….they should be fried if they climb the wall and save both countries from any extra expenses.

  4. Shar says:

    I hear Mexico is calling for illegals to return home…….to vote. Hurry lock the door.

  5. skip says:

    My family and I, consisting of ME, DW and DD are Now applying for Federal Grants to teach flying birds how to fly high enough to clear the new “TRUMP FENCE”. So please do not disrupt our newly found soon to come $$$$ from “G: sugar daddies.

    We have not filed for the Cat training Job as we are not great cat loving people. So if the Messican cats are stuck where the belong so be it.

    Sincerely Yours

    Errol V Calvert

    • Uriel says:

      😂 sorry can’t help get grant for that one not cat lover either. Perhaps we need to get a grant to study how many vampire bats we can fit into tiny tunnels. At least they can attack humans for food who disturb them.

  6. SafeSpace says:

    I posted an article here a few days ago about the jaguar situation. Real scientists say that the jaguar habitat is almost 100% in Mexico, hardly overlaps the border into the USA, and will not be impacted by a border wall.