Gingrich on North Korea: This is a very serious time

On Hannity last night:

Newt laid out the options well however I’m not convinced Kim is a nut.   He’s clever as well as being homicidal.  He’s also at the end of his rope.  People do desperate things when backed into a corner.

The key to this mess is China.  They can end this.  They created this mess and they have the wherewithal to fix it.

For decades every time the Kims needed some extra cash they fired a missile over Japan and our dumbass leaders sent it to them.  Thank the dumbass Jimma Carter for setting that up at the behest of BJ Clinton.  Meanwhile the average Nork is eating bark and grass and is 6″ shorter than his fellow Korean down south.

Trump won’t be sending the fat dog eater a check.

There will be a lot of arm chair quarterbacking on this situation and the reality is that only two options are available: 1) the Norks take Kim out.  2) the ChiComs take Kim out.

The real question is how stupid will Kim get?

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4 Responses to Gingrich on North Korea: This is a very serious time

  1. Shar says:

    The days of the peanut farmer were right up there with Zero. No check to the dog eater. Maybe even squeeze China a little on trade. Trump will figure it out.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    Perhaps if the NoKo economy was a little better he could get a decent barber from SoKo…

  3. Uriel says:

    Sometimes logical doesn’t fit. N K has been working hand in hand with Iran, Syria, and others with chemical as well as nuclear. We know he has no conscience when it comes to any of these. Some inside his group have been eliminated for the slightest problem so we know he does not value life and they are now afraid to act. China IS the best of bad choices if they can put an end. We know they are leery of doing so because they perceive him to be a buffer to SK which is more democratic and prosperous as well as to the US. Much as we regarded Cuba and other Gulf of Mexico locations. But if they were to replace him with a more rational leader who is compatible to them then it would be reason for them to act. Frankly I could care less who takes his place so long as the person is reasonable not radical. If China felt the person would be a good buffer then so be it. We have enough real tension with really dangerous radicals to have this person continue to run loose in NK. Nothing else worked. So to prevent war, let China try to calm the waters.