Advocacy Groups Warn Against ‘Illegal’ Hiring Practices at Justice

Seriously, advocacy groups on either side of the political spectrum and their “warnings” are enough to make a looney bird seem sane. I bet AG Sessions is swamped with “demand” letters and “thou shalt” attitudes. However, in the case of the most conservatives who are sick of the liberal attitudes, we are aware of just how divisive and at times warped Obama’s agencies were when handing out so-called justice in the name of civil rights and political correctness…

This week in Government Executive Management is an article written by Eric Wagner. He talks about a collection of 23 progressive and public interest advocacy organizations and former White House ethics officer, Norman Eisen, who wrote a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions this week urging him not to let political considerations influence hiring decisions at the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.

Their warning letter was basically a “tit-for-tat” response to one sent last month in which 25 conservative politicians and advocacy groups, argued that the Civil Rights Division had suffered from “ideological rot” and that it must “return to race-neutral Voting Rights Act enforcement.”

“During the Obama administration, the division served purely ideological ends with rigidity unmatched in other federal offices,” the conservatives wrote. “Entrenched federal bureaucrats jettisoned precepts like equal enforcement in favor of political and radicalized dogmas with a zeal that risks litigation failure and invites court sanctions.”

Both letters argued for ensuring the Civil Rights Division is an apolitical organization, but they promote opposite solutions to achieve this goal. For progressives, it means protecting the rank and file from partisan hiring and assignment policies by political appointees. Those behind the March letter urged Sessions and his appointees to keep career attorneys and their ideologies in check.

There are several laws, chapters, and verses currently on the books that address employment hiring practices for managers on what is required or not allowed. There is also ethics and management training which includes nepotism and political affiliations.  The House of Representative Ethics committee addresses illegal hiring – Chapter 7 on staff rights and duties in this manner:

Criminal provisions of the United States Code prohibit offering or threatening federal jobs to induce payments, political activities, or contributions. Federal law also bars any individual from promising a federal job, contract, or benefit to a person as consideration or reward for political support or opposition to any candidate or party.  Code of Official Conduct (House Rule XXIII, clause 14) to prohibit any Member, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner from influencing an employment decision or employment practice of any private entity on the basis of partisan political affiliation.


“An Investigation of Allegations of Politicized Hiring by Monica Goodling and Other Staff in the Office of the Attorney General” – 2008.  The evidence showed that Sampson, Williams, and Goodling violated federal law and Department policy, and Sampson and Goodling committed misconduct, by considering political and ideological affiliations in soliciting and selecting IJs, which are career positions protected by the civil service laws. Not only did this process violate the law and Department policy, it also caused significant delays in appointing IJs. These delays increased the burden on the immigration courts, which already were experiencing an increased workload and a high vacancy rate. Finally, as discussed in this report, after the allegations about politicized hiring arose, the Department changed various policies and practices.

Report Regarding Investigation of Improper Hiring Practices in the Justice Management Division” – 2012.  During this investigation, 30 current and former DOJ employees were interviewed: 8 subjects and 22 witnesses. Seven of the eight were found guilty. OIG also revealed that the practice of hiring friends and relatives of JMD employees into paid summer clerkships and other internships was not uncommon and such internships provided for a possibility of noncompetitive conversion to career appointments.


Liberal Hypocrites. This is going to be a long, childishly played out four years if the Liberals don’t start acting like they have more than air bubbles for brains. Every time they point their fingers and quack about something, people find just as much or more that they are guilty of as well.

BOTH parties have been guilty of hiring problems and many other issues. OIG has had to prepare three time-consuming and detailed investigations into these hiring practice issues since 2003. People from both sides of the political spectrum have been found guilty of partisanship and nepotism hiring practices despite current laws.

Here’s a thought – follow the laws…those pesky little things are written for a reason. Nepotism, discrimination based on race, sex, color, religion, current position, or size of wallet, and party affiliation prejudicial hiring are NOT allowed.

Hire based on resumes, achievements, and individual merit.

It should not matter what agency or position – permanent, clerkship, internship. Employment laws are straight forward backed by the constitution. Both parties have had their hands slapped more than once for pulling stupid stunts. 

Some student internship programs merged to become the Pathways Program in 2012. The program offers on-the-job experience that could lead to a full-time career with the government after graduation much like businesses.  There are over 50,000 students employed each year in federal government which sounds like a lot. However, how is hiring lots of federal employee family members or ones with family ties for internship fair?  The federal government has many applicants available who could also benefit if there were a position open.

One thing I absolutely agree with is that during Obama’s administration we saw ample evidence of disregard for the laws and party/political agenda madness. We felt it during those eight years and by heavens I sincerely hope we do not continue to allow ANY administration ever again to defy the laws and order found in our country for a political agenda counter to the national health and security of our nation.

Just one more ridiculous example of people wanting to stir crap, feel relevant, and push their own party or pocketbook agenda ahead of the law. Instead of fighting and prevaricating at every word and action, how about liberal citizens actually consider working with conservatives for a change and think not along a “political party” line but as a citizen of this country….but I forgot, that would mean they probably would have to abandon their sources of backroom funds and actually act like they care about our country…….


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8 Responses to Advocacy Groups Warn Against ‘Illegal’ Hiring Practices at Justice

  1. Bobbie Panelli says:

    Both parties (Two sides of the same coin?) behave more like two frat houses at war over who gets the sorority girls! They have little regard for WE, THE PEOPLE, and only which of their parties “win”. This is why the apolitical Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air! He does (or tries to do) what’s RIGHT for America, not what’s in one party’s corrupt interests.

    Has this country ever been so divided since the Civil War?

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome To Hardnox Bobbie. Well said. I agree. The last time I remember is the 60’s but even as a young person between 50-60’s, I remember here in the South the great bitterness and divide still lingering from then. So yes we are seeing a kind of civil war being waged where citizens are again victims. It’s horrific that we learned little and lost much over the last decade because of such stupidity.

  2. Popular Front says:

    ‘Hire based on resumes, achievements, and individual merit.’

    The only sensible policy, in every field of the workplace.

    • Uriel says:

      One would think so but every workplace has criteria that could be considered not lawful

      • Popular Front says:

        Yes I got a small glimpse of that after my 30 year Army hitch. I worked for a couple of years for a US IT company as an analyst. The ONLY crime that brought instant termination was drinking alcohol at lunchtime and returning to work. True.

        Everything else, bullying, sexism, racism, ismism right up to taking a dump on the CEO’s desk brought counselling, admin warnings and performance review plans that would take months to complete. I couldn’t believe it! This company is still trading as a market leader in their niche and I wonder if the same HR policies are still in place.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Leftists complaining about “illegal hiring practices”… well, there’s a hoot. Everything the Left does is illegal.

    • Uriel says:

      🙂 isn;t it though Both Pelosi and Warren have been caught paying less than wages, paying men more than women, ya ya but do you think people on the left catch the irony nope.