Some Thoughts on Missiles & Bombs

These last days I have been ruminating over the events abroad, actions by President Trump, actions by world leaders, responses from idiots…

Some things make no sense unless one steps back a bit.  It is akin to not being able to see a forest because you are too close to the trees.  That stated, this is what I have concluded:

A)  Syria allegedly gassed it’s own people thus garnering a response of 59 cruise missiles from the USA on an airfield.  I call bullshit on Assad ordering the gas.  What’s more likely is jihadis used a remote detonator strapped to gas containers waiting for a bombing run then blaming the Assad regime.  (Disclaimer:  I have no intel on this but it ain’t rocket surgery.)   Remember that ISIS has reportedly used gas/WMD at least 52 times in the past?  Given the World outrage of gas attacks Assad would not used it, besides he was winning against ISIS so there was no reason to use it.

B)  The US Air Force dropped a MOAB on an a ISIS mountain fortress in Afghanistan evaporating everyone within 2 miles of the blast and beyond.  As we know, a MOAB is the biggest conventional bomb ever used in the field of battle in the history of war… and it was the first time it was deployed.

C) Kim Jong-Un is a hemorrhoid and is threatening a nuclear war with the USA.  North Korea’s Communist regime exists only because the ChiComs allow it and support it.

So what have we learned?

A)  Despite a heads up to the Russians stationed in Syria, 59 of our cruise missiles hit their targets, which means Russian technology (anti-missile air defenses) don’t mean shit.  Further, the Iranians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, and other nations use Russian weaponry and air defenses.  Now they all know that Russian technology is worthless against a US strike.

A.1)  ISIS knows a new sheriff is in town and “leading from behind” like Batears did and a feckless foreign policy is past tense.  Trump intends to erase them.

A.2)  Turkey’s Erdogan is sitting up straight since he and his corruptocrats have been purchasing oil from ISIS.

B) Buck (captbogus) made a good point on another MOAB post about the Iranian underground nuke facilities whereas they are vulnerable to a MOAB attack.  The Iranians must be shitting razorblades over the prospect of a few MOABs arriving and ruining their nuke ambitions and they can’t do squat about it.

C) The ChiComs are now trying to be Donald Trump’s BF with regard to North Korea whereas they will either have the fat-lard dictator deposed or whacked in short order since he keeps threatening a nuke attack against the USA.  The ChiComs are practical people and think long range.  A war with the West is a bad economical prospect and would spell disaster for China.

C.1)  The ChiComs have halted coal imports from North Korea, it’s only export.

In summary, I say again that Syrian use of chemical weapons against its own people is bullshit BUT it was a perfect excuse to make bad actors sit up straight and fly right for a change.  Mind you, the missile strike was very limited and meant to convey a strong message.  Further, even our allies are sitting up straight.  I imagine when the next time President Trump requests cooperation from foreign heads of state regarding a situation then their cooperation will be forthcoming in short order.

Lastly, the whole “Trump is a Russian stooge” meme crafted by our Left is now gone.  Ditto with the “Russians hacked our elections”.  It’s gone.  Trump has punked the Left.  This is called winning.  The rest is just noise.

My 2 cents.  I’d be pleased to read your thoughts and insights on these matters.

~ Hardnox



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15 Responses to Some Thoughts on Missiles & Bombs

  1. “Ruminating”? What did that word cost ya?

    I agree – Assad DIDN’T use the gas. But I also believe he knew, at least suspected, the rebels had it. He’s got forces, spies, everywhere, not to mention civilians mingling about. He knew but didn’t say anything. Why not? Who knows.

    Anyone watching his interviews can plainly see his denial of use isn’t genuine. He’s too damned calm for my liking.
    [If someone accused me of running over their cat, I’d be furious if they insisted].

    As for the Russians not firing their missiles, I think Trump told them his intentions as well as intel on the chemical supplies that their “dear friend” didn’t, couldn’t or possibly, didn’t know (the latter I doubt).

    Let’s get something straight, right off the get-go, ok. Trump does NOTHING without doing his homework FIRST! Got it?
    He didn’t get where he is but “guessing” and “hoping” he’s right.

    In war, the first order of business is logistics intel and troop concentrations. Everything else depends on those 2 key aspects. After 6 years of civil war, you’d think Assad got that straight, right?

    And, BTW; Did anyone hear the news where IS used chlorine gas in the Mosul area just a day or 2 ago…? Ya. Thought not…

    As for NK’s Kim Jon Ugly, he’s not going to back down until someone slaps the pissy-pants stupid out of his homely hair-cut head.

    He’s backed into a corner and embarrassed by the missile failure. Now he’s got few choices left – settle down and swallow his pride (which he won’t) or go for the throat and launch a strike knowing full well he’ll lose but he’ll blame sabotage and cry victim (Hitler and Stalin did), purge his country of all but his handmaidens (Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao did) and commit “suicide by cop” (Hitler and Mussolini did) – the US or China – whoever decides to strike first.

    “Turkey”? Turkey is no more! Effective yesterday, Turkey ceased to exists (except as a democratic nation. It is now an official CALIPHATE and Erdogan is it’s caliph.

    Opinions welcomed but no big words, ok. I’m broke…I have no cents left…

    • Hardnox says:

      So, you don’t use that word in Maine. Too cold eh?

      I agree, Assad’s denial did not look genuine. He was told to go out by putin. On the other hand how would your explanation appear after the umpteenth time you answered the same lame questions?

      I heard about the chlorine gas attack from my spook friends. It is stunning how the media covers for ISIS.

      I think the ChiComs will have him whacked. Just a hunch. No one needs this shit.

      Turkey just voted for their demise, provided a vote actually occurred in an autocratic regime in power. Can we say ballot box stuffing?

      • Naa…we use “chompin'” instead. Less letters and easier to slur out in “bar-parlance” (.50). Besides, swamp donkeys don’t “ruminate”, themz is grayzahs…lol

        I hear ya on that umpteenth time” thingy. I’d be exasperated (.25), too, but he heads a nation and I’ve yet to see him lose it on TV denying anything. Not even a facial color change or a folded-forehead scowl. He’s too emotionless to be believed.

        I think you’re right; he’ll get whacked. Question is: who will get to him first. It’s almost a wagerable ($1.00) race now…

        Ya…ballot stuffing to the tune of 51.3%. Weird, huh?

      • It’s hard to pronounce long words when your teeth (both of them) are clacking.

  2. clyde says:

    Good post. Agree with your assessment about Assad. The “official” explanation stunk on ice. As to the pot bellied dog eater in North Korea, the very next “test” should be rewarded. With a couple dozen MOAB’s dropped on Pyongyang.

  3. Popular Front says:

    Just a word of caution regarding the MOAB – the one just dropped was shovelled out the ramp of a C130 and worked just fine. Unless the USAF has an alternate delivery system – a B2 perhaps – that MOAB drop will be a one-off. There was no air defence in Afghanistan to prevent the airdrop so the Herc was reasonably safe. Syria or North Korea is a whole different scenario. I for one would not want to be stooging across North Korea at 300kts, even with an entire CAG supporting me.

  4. ha ha for sure they have been TRUMPED!

  5. Uriel says:

    I’m with you Hardnox as my timeline showed….everything was humming along until 2010 when the MB made its move across the Middle East. Frankly I was of the opinion from the beginning that the election of Obama in 2009 was the shot heard around the world to the MB. Remember how Muslims across the Middle East and SubSahara were laughing and celebrating his election… has to wonder WHY they cared…of course after eight years of his planned actions we know why. The intercepted MB plans during the Holy Land trials told the story but our leaders were too dense and liberal to follow through and stop them.