Why Is There Such A Problem With Syria – Part 2 Overview, 2000-2017


As I mentioned in the beginning, I started this as a quick timeline using just information on Syria. The purpose was to better understand how a president could order vile chemicals and other things against his own people. The more I delved into the timeline, the more I realized this wasn’t about one man though leadership is a strong indicator; but, it is really the events leading up to his installation and about all of the events surrounding his time as president.

In many ways I do believe Assad is a bully autocratic leader. He is after all a product of his historical and religious roots. He is also apparently an enigma in that culture since he appears like his father before him to incorporate more western culture values than most in the Muslim areas–including a kinder, more reasonable approach to women.

Just like a playground tiff between school kids –There is More To The Story. Is Assad right that he is getting a bum deal? Decide for yourselves. Not having lived or visited the country, I can only go by what the timeline reveals and the videos that stand as testament in order to draw a less than scholarly or world-renowned or geopolitically-informed westernized opinion.

After Bashar’s father died, someone had to take over. His father had raised his children and his regime to think aristocracy blood succession.  Hafez intended heir died which left a vacuum. Bashar then ran and was voted into office as president not long after his father passed. We all know that no two people think, act, or react the same way but sons often try and either over or under perform according to their own strengths or weaknesses.

Bashar had years of training in the UK and experiences outside the country to draw from.  He did attempt, so it appears, to move even more toward western ideology in building, business, women’s rights, and other avenues. He did so even as dark clouds of more archaic forms of fundamentalist ideology by groups under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood began infiltrating the country and inciting rebellion to anything western. Protection of non-Muslim religions, any Assad changes opening the country to outside trade with what they view as western corruption,  and removal of Muslim Sunni sect from power were simply fuel for the fire of the Brotherhood and the dissidents within the country.

The case many have built against him from either real issues or propaganda by agenda-driven groups might be summed up as follows:

  • First, within months of succeeding his father Hafez Al Assad, in 2001, he had promised to turn Syria into a democracy but reneged on it repeatedly in the ensuing ten years.
  • Second, he has run a brutal dictatorship that has felt no qualms about turning its guns on its own people.
  • Third, his regime has committed innumerable human rights abuses culminating in the use of chemical weapons against the country’s own people.

In 2014, growing resentment towards Assad among Alawites was fuelled by the disproportionate number of soldiers killed in fighting hailing from Alawite areas, a sense that the Assad regime has abandoned them, as well as the failing economic situation.

Figures close to Assad began voicing concerns regarding the likelihood of its survival, with one saying in late 2014; “I don’t see the current situation as sustainable … I think Damascus will collapse at some point.”

After a string of government defeats in northern and southern Syria, analysts noted growing government instability coupled with continued waning support for the Assad government among its core Alawite base of support.

Others as loyal Syrians interviewed in October 2012 in Damascus, however, had a different story to tell. Assad, according to them, had sincerely wished to start the transition to democracy a decade earlier, but was forced to postpone the changeover repeatedly by the growing wars or conflicts in and around Syria from 2004-2009 which strained the country financially, emotionally, economically and reduced population lost because of the fighting. While attention was on many different fires, plans and actions by religious zealots such as the Muslim Brotherhood were taking shape as a response to Assad’s more westernized agenda.

Faisal Al Mekdad, Syria’s vice minister for foreign affairs and its former permanent representative at the UN, summed up Assad’s dilemma as follows:

“Each of these events reminded us of the need for unity in the face of external pressures and threats, and forced us to postpone democratization for fear of setting off fresh internal conflicts and forcing adjustments when we could least afford them.”

They asserted that there had been no spontaneous popular upsurge against the regime in Syria, and that the civil war was a clearly pre-planned and aggressively executed bid for regime change that had been hatched much earlier and brought forward because the opportunity provided by the ‘Arab Spring’, and western liberals’ ecstatic response to it, was too good to miss.

We have certainly seen evidence both in the US and other countries how NWO advocates and the zealots of Islam have infiltrated from the grassroots up, have by sheer audacity or cunning shaped and changed the political landscape , and have by outright actions invoked fear…could that have really been what happened?

Frankly even after preparing the outline, I am still puzzled. Is he the monster portrayed? Or is he the one being falsely accused? In any jury trial we are expected to discern reasonable cause or guilt in order to convict.

I think this will be for religious scholars, economic gurus, political enthusiasts, and historians to answer in the future as they look back over the events that shaped life in the first half of the 21st century.


The information found on the next posts can perhaps provide a clearer look at the story from 2000 – 2017.

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4 Responses to Why Is There Such A Problem With Syria – Part 2 Overview, 2000-2017

  1. SafeSpace says:

    Uriel: Thank you for a well-researched series. After reading the entire timeline, I conclude that there is little to no likelihood of bringing historically majority-Muslim nations into the orbit of the west. Both the peaceful states (Saudi Arabia, Dubai) and the wild-cowboy states (Syria, Iran, Libya) are governed by theocratic statists whose value systems differ wildly from ours. And I refer to our Judeo-Christian roots here; factor in the effects of secularization in the west, and the divide grows even greater. Winston Churchill (among others) made similar observations over one hundred years ago, to the effect that what we consider civilizing influences disappeared in Muslim nations in the 18th century.

    The ideal solution IMHO would be isolation of majority-Muslim nations, supported by minimized economic contact and transfer of technology. But thanks to the fact of declining western and exploding Muslim birth rates, we can no longer take that route. We are now required to forge alliances with the more peaceful states in an attempt to demilitarize and disarm the radical states.

    Such an approach requires military strength, diplomatic skill and guts, and a total freedom from political correctness. It must be stated outright that certain cultures have evolved in ways superior to others. And I do not refer to how gender is defined here; I’m speaking of real matters such as respect for the individual, private property, and a separation of God and government in the writing and enforcement of legislation. Barack Hussein Obama was too obsessed with his pathetic little image in the mirror to go this route. Perhaps President Trump (if he can keep Ivanka and that Kushner guy at bay) can pull it off.

    • Uriel says:

      Good comment SafeSpace. I mostly do agree. I see no problem with minimal contact for treaty purposes but ultimately thay are far different. NWO is the ones that set out and screwed the world. Our own country has had dirty birds in the mix as well. We find a safe alternative fuel source not using oil and these people would fade back into their feudal states. Agreed the Pandora’s box of evil has made the quieter days obsolete. As to the pages lol. It’s a bit obsessive and probably not complete but really shakes things a bit when we can see how things have progressed. I stick by my conclusions though about NWO, the UN and our dirty dozen. They ALL need to be prosecuted. Thanks.😊

  2. Well done! have learned much from your scholarship and applaud it. What angers me is the way that NWO has used this situation and corrupted Western Civilization and come close to destroying both cultures. What can we do going forward?

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks Mark. I think a LOT of what has happened since 1950 can be laid squarely on their shoulders. Their greed and determination to change the world in their image is an abomination. As to future. I have no idea it is in God’s capable hands.

      A couple of years ago I literally stumbled into a chat group of these high brow arses. I was so shocked at their comments that I replied and actually stopped writing on here till I could recover. I still get upset thinking about how those “spastic scientists” talked about stuff and the total destruction of all but their elite was the only way. Like the most devote Islamics they can not see the forest for the trees because they have no belief in beyond. It’s sickening.