Why Is There Such A Problem With Syria – Part 1 Overview


Why Is There Such A Problem With Syria


We have had ample history over a thousand years of the rise, encroachment, receding, and dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and all those who were Islamic followers. In most cases, western cultures do not understand them nor their lifestyles at all and there is often a clash on beliefs and laws.

Most westerners do understand that the different groups in the Middle East have been warring for as long as there have been tribes and sects of Islam. Just as most westerners today realize many of the so-called radicals follow the strict form of Islam.  We are horrified by their determined and barbaric attitudes that the world be ruled by Islamic faith and laws of intolerance or cease to exist.

I started this as a quick timeline using just information on Syria. The purpose was to better understand how a president could order vile chemicals and other things against his own people. The more I delved into the timeline, the more I added.

While the timeline does not include every incident from 1950 until today, I did try to place information from different topics of interest. For instance, I looked at George Soros and his global tentacles, who created the problems inside the country of Syria, financial crisis years that might have affected the political instability, and a few other interesting things like Obama, Hillary, and Kerry’s involvement between 2009 and 2017.

People are certainly welcome to use my little obsessive timeline to try to draw their own conclusions or expand it. I only ask that in its use an open willingness to see the overall picture and not knitpick an incident be the goal. Too often we have been fed bias by those who “worship money” or prepare agenda-driven reports that we tend to become narrow-minded and develop tunnel vision.

Let’s start with the obvious — people like Soros, the Clintons, Obama, Kerry and others have a lot to answer for in their encouragement or support in some fashion of those who by the depth of their sect beliefs uphold to the fundamental religion of Islam and to Sharia law.

Soros and his “foundations” have been tracked to funding the most socialistic and violent of groups. His websites for the main foundation states they choose to intervene in any location that has an authoritarian regime with the purpose of a so-called “movement to a more democratic form of government.” Any “activist” organization is certainly on the radar and receiving funds either directly or indirectly be it terrorists or humanitarian. Everything he funds is for one goal open borders and one single governing body. All we have actually witnessed so far is that utter chaos and upheaval follows wherever the foundation goes. Its purpose is clearly not to bring peace, stability, and good government rather the reverse. We also know he and his people are ALL about making money even if it hurts everyone around them,

The Clintons have long been on the radar themselves but their purpose is far less altruistic sounding. If it benefits their pocketbook and provides them prestige then the highest bidder gets the goods or services. They have and would sell out their country and I am guessing family if necessary to reach their personal “happy places.” They are NWO to the core and believe in much of the doctrines of Marxism in their attitudes to politics. Their marching orders have always come via the UN and their backers the Bilderbergs core, simply put those with the greatest wealth get their attention.

Obama when he first ran for office called himself an activist. That he was propelled by shadow forces even with all his proclivities says a Lot about where these NWO people plan to take the world — degradation, unnatural proclivities, drugs — to name a few. He lived up to their agenda throughout his administration. In the first four years he laid foundation laws, rules, and people in place. Then when he won the second term, moved quickly and in total disregard for the country and our citizens. He flat out is also for one world governing but unlike Soros and Clintons totally is immersed and part of the Islamic culture from which he came. It has caused problems and the divisiveness can be seen at times between the Clintons and Obama.

Where he won is that the Clinton’s greed meant his Islamic high rollers had access to all they needed for the country to roll over and accept or be reviled for Islamaphomic actions, hatred, or castigation of Christianity. It is easily seen by who had access to the White House and what was part of the “ruling” group politically motivated and correctness movements.

With all that said, here are some of the most dominant things that are in the timeline at least to me.

1-The United Nations is not only ineffective at stopping any bad behavior but at times has created the bad behavior.

2-Of all the bad players who came before the UN, it appears (as much as I can see right now) only Syria has had the least voice and rights to come before the council to have their side heard. Why? Interesting that they of ALL the Middle Eastern (except Egypt and Saudi Arabia) have THE MOST tolerance and wish to bridge the gap between eastern and western cultures since 1950. Yet, they have received the least unbiased and considerate attention. Egypt and Saudi Arabia have all the funds with which to buy their way into the financial and economics. Syria even up to 2010 was a poor farming oriented area but it was vibrant. The people openly had access to free health and education as well as business. Their women were not treated as a caste of prostitutes or abused nor did they wear except those that chose traditional head to foot sacks to hide themselves from abuse or death. It was only when their “bad” behavior of supporting their Muslim brothers crossed the line that in 2010 they became the mouse being trapped and beaten.

3-I have NO idea why the Asshad regimes began chemical plants. It obviously was a bad move and one designed to bring them down. They are autocratic in nature but certainly NOT as bad as Iran or others around them. They may have been seen as weak but they accomplished in sixty years what others in the region who practiced the strictist form of Islam could not and did not. THEY like Egypt, Qatar, and a few others prospered. Over there hard line leadership directed by raving maniacal religious leaders is seen as the ONLY leadership. Anything different is to be irradicated. I see Syria sitting in that boat. It was the poorest cousin on the block so took the most abuse.

4-At nearly every instance of chaos, uprising, and disaster, Soros seems to be there.

5-During the Clinton administration when bribery, banking, and big business were prevalent, we see a things occurring in the Middle East. Either it was a coordinated, planned strategy by the shadow group or it was a lucky happenstance. In either case, the timeline shows at least one or two parallels.

6-In a surprising move Assad asked for intervention with the UN on chemicals. The UN and other groups commented on this. Was it a clever ploy to make new instances of chemical warfare on his people have a fall guy in the rebels, insurgents, and radical elements? Seriously. Nothing I found indicated that level  of sophisticated, forward planning by Assad. Was it just as likely that the radical groups having infiltrated his administration were ablel to steal, stockpile, and when convenient use chemicals? We do know these animals are quite capable of the most heinious acts. So in my mind this bears more plausibility. After all he removed Sunnis from his cabinet and started relying only on family according to some of the information I read.

7-Soviet Union now Russia have had a long-standing relationship built on financial, economy, accessibility to ocean travel, and most importantly on the oil industry. It is highly reasonable that through that relationship and their agreements that Russia would feel the need to back Assad. Russia, whatever one believes, does protect its interests in areas where goods and services especially can be obtained. Remember for a very long time Russia has had few strong allies who work with them to supply basic needs of food and oil. They might see Assad as the only, best option they have besides direct take over of the government which is not a palatable move for any country to do now.

8-Congress and the president’s executive branch for Bush and even more so for Obama is DIRECTLY responsible for much of the Middle East mess. They abdicated rather than executed their constitutional authority. They did not challenge for a sunset clause on the Patriot Act. They did not act in the best interest of the US during the Holy Land treason trials when they should have shut down and destroyed all financial bases on every implicated and co-conspirator related group or individual. THEY could have handled this and then we would possibly not be under assault on home territory or boots anywhere near (land, sky, or sea) the Middle East since the World Trade Center.

Not only did they encourage escalation of conflict and war in the Middle East, they and those in the presidential branch PAID and PROFITTED for much of this war. Infiltration by communists and Islamic State players in the entire US government has ensured that this happened.

Members of the Democrat party and RINOS are up to their nose hairs in the sell out of our country all in the name of greed. The media propaganda mouthpieces, CIA and other intelligence groups in our government have deliberately fed the citizens and the noodle brains occupying DC a long, sometimes fabricated, and complicated plan of information as requested not by our country but by those who are one hundred percent planning one world government with the US as one of the top predators in the food chain.

That’s my take on the whole sorry debacle.


The information found on the next posts can perhaps provide a clearer look at the story from 2000 – 2017.

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