UN child sex ring uncovered in Haiti

UN child sex ring uncovered in Haiti


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BY Katie
April 13, 2017

United Nations Peacekeepers are anything but. The Associated Press has uncovered an internal UN investigation into a child sex ring operated by UN Peacekeepers in Haiti. The allegations are disturbing — and offenders largely go unpunished:

“I did not even have breasts,” said a girl, known as V01 — Victim No. 1. She told U.N. investigators that over the next three years, from ages 12 to 15, she had sex with nearly 50 peacekeepers, including a “Commandant” who gave her 75 cents. Sometimes she slept in U.N. trucks on the base next to the decaying resort, whose once-glamorous buildings were being overtaken by jungle.

Justice for victims like V01 is rare. An Associated Press investigation of U.N. missions during the past 12 years found nearly 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by peacekeepers and other personnel around the world — signaling the crisis is much larger than previously known. More than 300 of the allegations involved children, the AP found, but only a fraction of the alleged perpetrators served jail time.

Specifically, the UN investigation into the Haitian child sex ring concluded that from 2004 to 2007 “at least 134 military members of the current and previous Sri Lankan contingents sexually exploited and abused at least nine Haitian children.” However, “The sexual acts described by the nine victims are simply too many to be presented exhaustively.”

After the report was filed, 114 Sri Lankan peacekeepers were sent home. None of them were imprisoned and some are still serving in the military.

Again — the Haitian child sex ring makes up just a small fraction of the 2,000 complaints of sexual abuse leveled against UN peacekeepers uncovered by the AP. And the UN continues to turn a blind eye.

Read the complete article HERE.


How coincidental that a young investigator following leads which included information on the Clinton involvement is killed just before the general election. Now we see others have taken up the cause and in so doing have justified her quest. It is more than shameful she was killed in this endeavor.  But is much if anything reported on mainstream media about any of it? Of course not…it is swept conveniently under the rug and closeted in the “never report” files.

Please note this is NOT the only complaints against the UN and some could suggest the Clintons on such things.  They visited most of South Africa and other impoverished areas at different times for the Clinton Global Initiative remember. Many complaints have gone unanswered from across the globe on the UN specifically. The high intrigue of WHERE the Clintons visited and where the highest complaints appear against the UN might be a worthy project, though no one as yet that I have read has actually traced the two or listed all the complaints against the UN. I am sure the general assembly has a copy but I am guessing few others have one.

Time the UN and the Clintons were brought to trial and made to answer for all of their crimes…………..


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4 Responses to UN child sex ring uncovered in Haiti

  1. Hardnox says:

    It’s stunning how every time the Clintons or the UN is involved there is a filth layer. A dead investigator? These coincidences are not very coincidental. Seems they happen all the time when the Clintons are involved.

  2. Uriel says:

    Sure do. The reporter was there as mentioned specifically for this and had mentioned meeting to be held concerning evidence then nothing more till she was found dead.. I remembered briefly reading a post on it then. Family were all baffled at the time wanting answers.

  3. Terry says:

    No doubt Billary was the pimp and any protesting children were made into pizza toppings.

    • Uriel says:

      Don’t know about that but Clinton’s were definitely implicated by the invesgator that died from posts to her family