Ann Coulter: Trump airstrike on Syria very strange

On the Tucker Carlson show last night…

I agree with Ann.  I don’t get why Trump sent 59 missiles into Syria other than to make the world’s bad actors sit up straight.  The biggest impact would be towards Russia and China.  Russia has been screwing around in the area for decades and is aligned with the likes of Iran.  China is enabling North Korea’s idiot.

Let’s not forget that this strike was only at a military airbase with a very minimal loss of life.  The airfield is still intact.  Overall I believe the strike was an opportunity to convey a simple message that the Obama era is over and we’re not putting up with the bullshit any longer which is a good thing.

Replacing Assad may not be the best strategy going forward since there doesn’t appear to be a suitable replacement in the wings.  Lastly, the fact that the Left, Neocons, and ISIS is happy about this is troubling.

My 2 cents.

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8 Responses to Ann Coulter: Trump airstrike on Syria very strange

  1. clyde says:

    My two cents worth would be why only 59? Turn the sand into glass. Now THAT would “send a message “.

  2. Shar says:

    I agree Trump wanted to show leadership and that he is not Obama. The 59 should have been used to destroy airbase. Reminds me of Clinton and the aspirin factory bombing. More troubling is the Korea situation.

  3. Uriel says:

    No viable alternative in leadership
    Assad not only gave latitude to other religions but actually put forth a better woman’s rights platform than any other. Who replaces him? A Muslim Brotherhood muppet THAT is the point. He has been in trouble for years because he reduced militant sects of Islam in government and followed a more successful western rationale on business, women, and religion. It is certainly within realistic reach that the stricter traditionalist followers would find ways to destroy him. How better than to leave the US do it and have a rallying cry for their agenda

  4. Blessed B. says:

    I don’t believe there was a need to bomb the air base which was controlled by Assad. Trump got the wrong intel by the CIA and he probably thought that the CIA is actually working for the betterment of America…but they aren’t and haven’t been for decades.

    Flimsy intel at best and totally wrong. Trump needs to get everyone who worked for the Obama regime out.

    One has to question why all the Socialist leaders and the demochits were patting Trump on his back for this attack. They were never behind him before! Now all of a sudden he’s the best leader….. Hmmmm…something really stinks here.