Nigel Farage on Syria Strike

I agree with Farage completely.  My worry is who replaces Assad?  Yes, Assad is a monster but at least he’s fighting ISIS.

Putin is claiming that Syrian bombs hit ISIS stockpiles of chemical agents.  Who to believe?  I don’t trust Putin either but I’m having trouble believing Assad would be stupid enough to use WMD against his own people or ISIS given the last time King Putt was about to rally NATO to attack Assad which the Russian derailed because it was determined that it was rebels that released the chemical agents.

Consider this: how easy would it have been for ISIS to rig a chemical bomb for detonation much like an IED then wait for a Syrian airstrike?

This whole event is just way too convenient.  ISIS is now delirious at the prospect of Assad being removed.  The Left is delirious.  McCain is delirious.  Even Hillary is high-fiving Trump.  WTF!

My only consolation is that General Mattis affirms that it was Syria that released the chemicals.  Bad intel?

I smell a rat.  Follow the money.  All roads lead to George Soreholes…

~ Hardnox

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5 Responses to Nigel Farage on Syria Strike

  1. We hated Saddam and we hated Qaddafi – they were brutal, merciless assholes – but they controlled terrorism. We took them out and look what we have.
    Assad is of the same cloth and same color – do we dare repeat another obviously horrible mistake?
    He’s the only thing between AQ / IS and Lebanon and the gates of Israel.. Do we dare jeopardize this?

  2. Shar says:

    King Putt left Trump in a pickle on many fronts. Coupled with the fact that the Deep State leaves him wondering who he can trust. I don’t think we should be taking any leaders out. Let their people or military do it. You are right Hade about S & Q controlling the terrorists. IMO we should secure our own borders and rebuild our own country. Stop immigration for a few years to strengthen our country. I am not anti immigration. We just have too many and no jobs for our own.