Another Great Example Of Libtard Double Standards

Ahh, that bastion of politically-correct actions and statements … that home of smugly superior virtue-signalling progressives … the web’s home to banner celebrations of obscure wimmin and persons of colour … the corporation whose directors have been in bed with the American democrat Party and leftists in the UK for over a decade: GOOGLE!  So now who is accused by both leftist media and the UK government of underpaying its female employees?  GOOGLE!  Ya gotta love it.

Google accused of ‘systematic’ underpayment of women workers across entire company:  Bureau of Labour said it found ‘compelling evidence’ of pay gap

Rachel Revesz  /  UK Independent  /  9 April 2017

The US Department of Labour has accused internet giant Google of not paying women employees the same as men.

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One Response to Another Great Example Of Libtard Double Standards

  1. Uriel says:

    I do love the sizzle of fat on the fire…and finally after eight years we have judges beginning to stand up and do their duty when sitting on the bench.