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“[…] every last Arab is a total prisoner of his society. The Jews will eventually have to face up to what you’re dealing with here. The Arabs will never love you for what good you’ve brought them. They don’t know how to really love. But hate! Oh God, can they hate! And they have a deep, deep, deep resentment because you have jolted them from their delusions of grandeur and shown them for what they are – a decadent, savage people controlled by a religion that has stripped them of all human ambition… except for the few cruel enough and arrogant enough to command them as one commands a mob of sheep. You are dealing with a mad society and you’d better learn how to control it.”

From “The Haj”, by Leon Uris, 1984

(A British pro-Zionist speaking to a Kibbutz Jew in the British Palestine mandate around 1929)

Again – I don’t usually post from fiction, but this came to my attention a couple of days ago and seemed to be appropriate.

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  1. upaces1945 says:

    I apologize ahead of time. I am going to butcher this great lady’s name:
    Israel’s Golda Meir once said, “If they loved their children as much as they hate us, there will be peace.”