Pelosi’s Take On A Border Wall and That Democrats Can Make Their Own Decisions – Sunday Humor

An example of one Napa Valley Gated Community


Having a wall surrounding a home and all its protection is somehow exclusively the right of the very wealthy now? Really!

This isn’t Nancy Pelosi’s gated community but it is well-known that the fourth wealthiest California representative owns a vineyard in Napa Valley and a townhome in an exclusive niche. Her winery is located in an exclusive tens-of-millions of dollars gated estate area where I presume legal citizen farm hands and house workers receive top wages and benefits for their efforts to maintain her property at peak picture-perfect condition and productivity.


Pelosi: Trump’s Border Wall an ‘Insult to Our Hemisphere’

Pam Key
April 6, 2017

Tuesday at her weekly briefing, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said President Donald Trump’s proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border was “an insult to our hemisphere.”

Pelosi said, “I think the wall is ineffective. It’s an immorality really, an insult to our hemisphere. And I hope that we don’t have that. Do we have the responsibility to protect our border? Yes, every country does. Can we do that using technology and our customs authorities and the rest of that? Sure. A wall? No. So I would hope they wouldn’t try that.”



I couldn’t stop laughing during Pelosi’s March 30 weekly address, but don’t worry so as not to cause tearful reactions I am only providing just the part about the wall above. And a tidbit of humor to brighten your day on how Democrats can make up their own minds and vote their own decisions…… However, anyone in doubt this woman is far past her prime as a representative of her district, really should go back and listen to the whole thing.



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11 Responses to Pelosi’s Take On A Border Wall and That Democrats Can Make Their Own Decisions – Sunday Humor

  1. SafeSpace says:

    Gimme an H … Gimme a Y … Gimme a P … Gimme an O … What’s that spell? HYPOCRITE! Pelosi would have made a good Pharisee if she had lived 2000 years ago.

  2. Uriel says:

    lol she is space check enough now to be that old

  3. How can you follow what she is saying? The woman just drives me crazy! I have ADD and her inability to finish a thought just sets me off! AAARRRRRRGGH!

  4. Uriel says:

    lol Mark good thing you didn’t see the whole clip then….the first part is far worse

  5. upaces1945 says:

    Stats Show Leftists Are More Likely To Be Mentally Ill. No Surprise There…

    There is also an article by a Dr. if you want to check it out. He states the very same thing.

    • Uriel says:

      bwahaha So now there is real scientific evidence Not that I would ever mock any medical problems but it is now a new understanding of what we have been thinking…”it’s a mad, mad, world”

  6. upaces1945 says:

    Veteran Psychiatrist Calls Liberals Mentally Ill.

  7. Hardnox says:

    The fossil needs to be in a retirement home. I don’t recall her ever being prime.

    Our local radio personality Chris Plante is famous for saying “if democrats didn’t have double standards they would have no standards at all”. That statement sums up the left perfectly and has been true for more than a century.

    • Uriel says:

      That it does. I always want to say when I hear them speak – Hypocrite it takes a guilty party to insinuate about others

  8. Gillian TJ says:

    Uriel- in her case mad, mad cow dis-ease, LOL um no hang on, thats an insult to mad cows(the bovine kind), maybe loony?um no thats an insult to loons, loony tunes um no thats….