ICE Activity Over The Last Two Weeks – Trump’s Promise To Keep America Safe Again In Action

Just a reminder that ICE is doing its job again thanks to Trump’s efforts–despite the liberal socialist mantra–everyone that they arrest and/or remove is one less our citizens have to worry about.

ICE activities over the last two weeks–most though not all have criminal histories that included convictions for the following crimes: dangerous drugs, domestic violence, driving under the influence (DUI), drug possession, illegal entry, larceny, possession of a controlled substance, selling heroin, sex offenses and sex offense against a child:

  • 4/06/2017 TUSCON, AZ – CHILD EXPLOITATION – Tucson-area teacher arrested on federal child pornography charge
  • 04/06/2017 DENVER, CO – ENFORCEMENT AND REMOVAL – 26 arrested in Colorado and Wyoming during 4-day ICE operation targeting criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants and immigration fugitives
  • 04/05/2017 WASHINGTON, DC – ENFORCEMENT AND REMOVAL – ICE arrests 82 individuals during 5-day operation focused in VA, DC
  • 04/05/2017 RIVERSIDE, CA – CHILD EXPLOITATION – Los Angeles-area man indicted on 17 child exploitation offenses involving 6 boys coerced into making sexually explicit videos
  • 04/05/2017 CLEVELAND, OH – ENFORCEMENT AND REMOVAL – ICE deports convicted Russian spy
  • 04/05/2017 LAS CRUCES, NM – CHILD EXPLOITATION – Repeat NM sex offender sentenced to 200 years for producing child pornography
  • 04/04/2017 NEW YORK, NY – ENFORCEMENT AND REMOVAL – 31 arrested in New York ICE operation targeting criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants, immigration fugitives
  • 04/04/2017 SAN JUAN, PR – CHILD EXPLOITATION – ICE arrests Trujillo Alto area man on child exploitation charges
  • 04/04/2017 DALLAS, TX – ENFORCEMENT AND REMOVAL – 75 arrested in North Texas, Oklahoma during 3-day ICE operation targeting criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants and immigration fugitives
  • 04/03/2017 SAN ANTONIO, TX – ENFORCEMENT AND REMOVAL – 153 arrested in South Texas during 12-day ICE operation targeting criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants and immigration fugitives
  • 04/03/2017 NEWARK, NJ – ENFORCEMENT AND REMOVAL – ICE arrests Guatemalan national after New Jersey County declines detainer*
  • 03/31/2017 TULSA, OK – NARCOTICS – Baton Rouge, Louisiana man sentenced in Oklahoma to 2 ½ years in federal prison in international multimillion dollar K2 conspiracy – leading an organization responsible for smuggling more than 200 kilograms of synthetic cannabinoids into the United States from China.
  • 03/31/2017 FORT WORTH, TX – CHILD EXPLOITATION – Former Dallas elementary school teacher sentenced to more than 10 years in federal prison on child pornography conviction
  • 03/30/2017 SEATTLE, WA – ENFORCEMENT AND REMOVAL – More than 80 arrested in Pacific Northwest ICE operation targeting criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants, immigration fugitives
  • 03/30/2017 READING, PA – NARCOTICS – HSI Philadelphia, members of the Reading Police Vice Unit, and Berks County DA Drug Task Force dismantle a K2 drug ring
  • 03/30/2017 LOS ANGELES, CA – TRANSNATIONAL GANGS – 10 arrested in HSI-led probe targeting drug and weapons sales by the 18th Street gang in Los Angeles area
  • 03/29/2017 SAN ANTONIO, TX – CHILD EXPLOITATION – Southwest Texas man sentenced to nearly 16 years in federal prison for distributing child pornography
  • 03/29/2017 SAN JUAN, PR – NARCOTICS – ICE, CCSF arrests 4, seizes 1.6 tons of cocaine in Puerto Rico
  • 03/28/2017 BOSTON, MA – HUMAN SMUGGLING/TRAFFICKING – Massachusetts man pleads guilty to federal sex trafficking charges
  • 03/27/2017 AMARILLO, TX – NARCOTICS – 3 illegal aliens from Mexico sentenced in Texas Panhandle to federal prison for methamphetamine trafficking
  • 03/27/2017 FORT WORTH, TX – HUMAN SMUGGLING/TRAFFICKING – 2 men sentenced in North Texas to lengthy federal prison terms for their roles in a child sex-trafficking conspiracy
  • 03/27/2017 BOISE, ID – CHILD EXPLOITATION – Idaho man sentenced to 25 years on federal child pornography charges
  • 03/27/2017 FORT WORTH, TX – ENFORCEMENT AND REMOVAL – ICE Dallas officers arrest 26 criminal aliens during 3-day operation
  • 03/24/2017 NEW YORK, NY – NARCOTICS – 3 charged, $4.1 million and 3 kilos of heroin seized in multi-state drug trafficking probe
  • 03/24/2017 LUBBOCK, TX – TRANSNATIONAL GANGS – 4 West Texas street gang members and affiliates sentenced to federal prison for their roles in cocaine distribution conspiracy

*  When a detainer is declined, the alien is generally released back into the community. However, there may be some instances, where despite a detainer being declined, ICE does take custody of the alien. This could occur, for example, when the alien is transferred to another jurisdiction that honors detainers, or when ICE officers make special efforts to take custody of the alien when the LEA does not meet ICE’s reasonable expectations to prevent the release of a criminal alien back into the public.

Jurisdictions with Recorded Declined Detainers  February 20 through April not posted yet

February 11, 2017 and February 17, 2017 – 65 declined

States with over 3 declined detainers (all with more than one county except Texas):

  • 11 in California
    5 Florida
    12 New Mexico
    14 New York City, New York
    4 Ohio
    10 Travis County, Texas




Keeping his promise to the people who elected him is Trump’s primary mission. Having a president do exactly as promised is a relief. Now that ICE and enforcement offices across the nation know the current administration is backing their legally appropriate actions, they are finally being allowed to fulfill their mission to get dangerous illegals and others off our streets.  

MSM is barely covering some of these efforts by ICE and certainly much that has been written is more the liberal spin than is justified. 

States that are still determined to break the law is ridiculous and places those living within their borders in jeopardy. For those states, cities, or groups who continue to defy the efforts of our enforcement communities to get illegal alien criminals off our streets, I have No sympathy and Zero tolerance. Their stupidity places all from the very young to the very old in harm’s way. They should be held liable as accessories to the crimes right along the perpetrators and barred from ever holding public office.

ICE members deserve our thanks along with all enforcement officers across the country as they are far too often placed in harm’s way in order to do the work they are asked to perform.


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2 Responses to ICE Activity Over The Last Two Weeks – Trump’s Promise To Keep America Safe Again In Action

  1. R.S. HELMS says:

    Great post, and what needs to get out there, one it shows how harmful sanctuary cities and states are, and here the numbers prove an urgent need to provide safety for our children, from the vile evil perpetrators (sick – sick predators). Thanks for the post, and it is about time. How nice it is to have a president who does what he says he will do.
    Again, Thank you.

    • Uriel says:

      Much appreciated RS. Thanks. I couldn’t agree more. It is amazing just how busy these men and women have been. They like all Enforcement are the frontline of defense keeping everyone safe. I personally put Obama and all in his administration at the heart of this worst wave of sickness. We have always extended our hand to immigrants wanting a better life BUT for the most part these were people who valued their new place. They brought prosperity to our country. With the laxness of the last eight years we are seeing what happens when we are forced to be overwhelmed by the criminal elements rather than solid people.