President Trump Weekly Address

From the White House…

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2 Responses to President Trump Weekly Address

  1. Uriel says:

    Interesting he did not also address Syria but perhaps he had said it all in that statement.

    • He said it all in that statement and he has made it clear that the weekly address is going to be used to report good news about what he is doing. Nobody even him can spin a missile attack as something good to report. Although he has let the world know that the USA is BAAAACCCCK! That is a good thing and he has done some that will make America Great Again in the eyes of the world because it has been made known that when a line is crossed there WILL be CONSEQUENCES. i love the fact that once again I can be proud of the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That is not to say I wasn’t proud of him before that, it means I have one more reason. I just wish the Syrian People could catch a break in this civil war that has destroyed the country, My heart goes out to the Syrian People and my condolences for their continuing losses.