Neocons Rejoice: US Launches Missile Attack On Syria

Well, did we not predict this?  Trump and T-Rex took the bait and have assigned blame for the Syrian chemical attack earlier this week on Bashir al-Assad, despite strong evidence to the contrary.  The American response was a targeted cruise missile attack on a Syrian airbase, launched last night.  No offense intended to our President, but would someone please explain to me how entering into war in Syria is in “the vital national interest” of the United States?

It remains to be seen how the Russians react, as they were briefed in advance.  Reactions of our other so-called allies in the mideast are difficult to predict; some have stated they believe Assad has to go, but all will suffer if ISIS is invigorated by our actions.


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13 Responses to Neocons Rejoice: US Launches Missile Attack On Syria

  1. Hardnox says:

    This is very troubling. McCain and his fellow travelers have been pushing for this for a long time.

    I doubt Assad was stupid enough to use gas considering the consequences yet we are told that Syrian air forces delivered the gas. We need to remember that the very same intel services informed us that Assad possessed no WMD.

    I’m left wondering if the Russians will provide the forensic evidence that disputes the Syrian military attack much like the last time in Aleppo when it was revealed that it was in fact ISIS just moments before Batears had the whole Euro-weenie ready to take out Assad.

    Follow the money.

    • Uriel says:

      I am stunned as well. In one side of the scales hangs Trumps swift and targeted response. On the other side are his own words skewering such actions by earlier POTUS. Supposedly he DID speak with at least a dozen congressional leaders but was there written letter. Supposedly military and intelligence were extremely confident of the facts. The SAME groups who have shown from the pre-inaugural that they were against him. Senators on Dem side including Schumer, Pelosi, and RINOS applaud him. That alone sickens me because we KNOW they have been pushing for war for at least a year.

  2. GunnyG says:

    This was simply stupid. I believe that Trump was lied to by the neocon scumbags. McCain probably got a stiffy that lasted for hours and no doubt Linda Graham enjoyed it.

  3. Uriel says:

    This is a first act of aggression against a country who has been baiting us at sea but as yet had (at least to public knowledge) not active war against us. Putin is said to be furious so this cannot end well for us.

  4. R.S. HELMS says:

    You have missed some of the news… It is my studied opinion that Trump had a lot more Military Intel from Mad Dog, and he had already drew his line, and he did put Russia in the loop, as a humanitarian strike… (Not sure where I heard that — could have been on Lue Dobbs … but With Trump he means what he says, … as for Assad has had WMD all along, and he did get rid of some it but not all of it. He still has a bunch, and that intel report, of which you speak was from our National Security Agencies, and the UN … under the Obama Administration. and you are right it was ISIS in Lleppo, but it came from the same source in the beginning Iraq before George W. made his telegraphed UN approved strike in Iraq to take out Saddam.

    Now I could be very wrong but at that time Syria was the recipient of Saddam’s WMD, and at that time Assad was supporting el Qaeda and that is where the WMDs were; I remember, watching the convoys moving into Syria as Bush was arguing with the UN Security Council over starting the war in Iraq … when the Convoys ended … Bush got the UN permission within weeks. and I doubt if Assad would have used them, except for Obama interfering with another country civil war. both in Libya, and Syria.

    McCain… Was doing his thing, as he has done for 40yrs. and flip-flops more than a bottom feeding Carp out of the water, and not to be trusted as far as I could throw him, and I am 75 years old. and if McCain is involved … it was a bait, and yes it came from the left with Soros funding, … but by Trump saying he would do what he said he would do, the False Flag Attack then was a dud, they tried to get him to do what Obama would do, and do a lot of talking through the State Department, acting like a bad guy bully, with no follow-through and that is not his golf game. But with Trump and Mad Dog, They would do what they said they would do.

    Now, after all that … you very well are right, but they get the message Trump will do what he says he will do, and just a few days before he meets with China, and the top talking point is N. Korea? and Trump will have that option on the table, “if you (China), can’t keep N. Korea in check — We will.” Trump and Mattas are working hand in glove, and not using the NSA but the Military. One of Trumps best qualities, is he means what he says, … HE IS UNPREDICTABLE … Not so stupid as to use our own NSA who is trying to take him down, but the Military under Mad Dog, is secrete, secure, and use other Allies like Israel, Japan, and South Korea.

    You are one of my top follows, and that won’t change soon, most always spot on, and just thought that I would trouble your problem with my problem…

    Keep up the great work
    R.S. Helms

    • SafeSpace says:

      Thank you R.S. Helms. You may have reached exactly the right conclusion: Regardless of whose WMDs these were, Trump demonstrated clearly to Russia, China and the Norks, and Iran that he will not stand by and watch terrorists kill innocents. The pre-raid tipoff to Russia allowed them time to get their personnel in the clear. Putin will have to act angry to keep his client states happy, but it may be nothing more than swagger. The Chinese head honcho was just delivered a clear message about reining in Li’l Kim before we have to do it for him. Netanyahu is happy, and the Iranian mullahs may be sweating a bit today.

      Nonetheless I do hope and pray that Trump limits our involvement to airstrikes and materiel assistance, and NO ground troops. It’s reported that Trump is working hard to build support with the Jordanians, Egypt, and the Sauds to resolve the Syrian situation in a way that benefits the people who have to live next door to them. Perhaps we will see some Saudi boots on the ground (carrying American-made weapons, sure, but that matters not).

      • R.S. HELMS says:

        The clear message as he was Trumps guest in FLA… it just don’t get any better than this… however, Hard Knox has a recent response that indicates a satellite footage shows planes leave the air-base, and then return, at the time of the WMD strike… he said Assad is doubtfully that stupid, or something deeper is going on. I believe Trump is done, unless Assad decides another attack. Then bets are off, … Oh and I saw a post or on TV that Putin is sending a ship into the area of the US ship… like you say, he could not just sit and do nothing he has to swagger for his clients..
        Thanks for the follow up … 😉 we’ll get the world figured out a-a-a-a yea, sure.

  5. Uriel says:

    Great comments RS. I absolutely do believe that if you SAY so should you DO. As I mentioned my biggest hiccup here is that the friggin war mongers (who more than likely will always profit) have been vocal on war against Russia and Assad. Now we obviously and for good reasons do not have or need intel but we do need assurance that the Left warmongers were not behind his decision. I believe he and Putin have a meeting already set up for a week or so from now. I would NOT put this past Assad to do…he has been vocal and actively killing his own people. We simply can not afford to get into any more internal struggles. I will say, this woke a LOT of people up to the fact that Trump will not play games but does what he believes is most advantageous. IF it stops further aggression around the world then the action was warranted and timely. If it escalates then we now have to deal with another how many years of war????

    • R.S. HELMS says:

      I believe it took the wind out of the Dems… Schumer said: it absolutely needed to be done to send a message we mean what we say… I believe, that they really thought that Trump would do some sanctions and talk tough like Obama — giving fuel to the networks to go after Trump for not doing something. Niki Haley gave Russia, and Iran the once over on taking some of the responsibility by propping up Assad up and creating some sort of culpability. Her speech was right on the spot, and on time.
      This is interesting, and we have some real good exchange of thoughts… I like it this way… Keep smiling … 🙂

  6. Shar says:

    I have mixed feelings as well. Don’t need more wars. We have been in the Middle East far too long. IMO I think Trump was sending a message to Korea, Russia, and Iran. He used Syria with a limited strike to prove he is nothing like Obama. Most of me wishes it didn’t happen.

  7. I will reserve comment on the strike but could someone explain to me what difference it makes whether you are killed by chemical (or CBR) or you die from a sucking chest wound, having your head sawed off or being burned to death?
    Either way, you’re still dead.
    I mean why condemn Bashar Assad for “killing his own people” with chemical weapons and not condemn him for otherwise killing his own people?

    • R.S. HELMS says:

      Excellent Question… and perhaps we need to ask Lincoln … or any leader in the past who has fought a civil war, and other people get involved, sometimes your really don’t know who of your own you can trust. But your absolutely right.

  8. skip says:

    I think what Trump spent on missiles is far less than what we spent on the Niggelts Family Vacation time.