John McCain, King Putt, and the Ongoing Horror Show in Syria

Set in the context of the Obama Regime’s pro-ISIS manipulation of the Syrian situation, and the ongoing assistance Obama’s policies have received from John McCain, the recent chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians looks like a false flag, planted to support UniParty demands to take Assad out.  Officially at least, Donald Trump seems to be buying into this madness. 

John McCain allies himself with the forces of evil in the conflict between Islamist savages and the civilized world on a regular basis.  Following the money is a challenge, but it’s apparent that McCain is benefiting somehow from assisting our enemies and by trying to involve American troops, materiel, and cash in conflicts which do not involve our security.

Here is a superb and detailed analysis from our friends at The Last Refuge, which covers the history of Obama / Kerry / McCain’s involvement with ISIS forces in Syria.  Several of the comments that follow the post are worth a read, too.  The story is way too long to cut and paste; please just click the link.

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2 Responses to John McCain, King Putt, and the Ongoing Horror Show in Syria

  1. Hardnox says:

    All roads lead to George Soreholes. Blow the bridge and the problem ceases to exist.

  2. Uriel says:

    Current supposition from Infowars is that Soros did provide the money. No idea if true however, given everything we know I agree. It seems if war can not be pushed from this end Soros and troops are going to create a reason. I heard his home country is working to shut down his operations there, especially his school. This is one man Sessions needs to rip apart right away. Maybe use him as a “peace offering” to Russia in exchange for all out anihilation of Radical extremeists.