This Is Not “Winning”

According to several online sources, President Trump is about to sign legislation, already approved by the Republican-controlled House and Senate, that will end one of the very few good legacies of King Putt:  Privacy regulations that were designed to protect your data, your identity and your habits and preferences when you shop online, browse the web, or make cell calls.  The ostensible reason is that the current rules are “confusing” and treat cell carriers differently than they do web hosts.

So, in typical federal government style, we will see MORE data-collection accruing to big businesses, just to make their targeted advertising more effective.  NEVER MIND that the Trump Administration has stated it wants to minimize federal intrusion into the lives of citizens.  In this case the use of YOUR data by business wins. 

If the goal is to treat cell carriers and web hosts equally, why not MINIMIZE everyone’s access to our data?  Why not place individual privacy and security as the top goal of all communications companies?  Why are our data and our preferences and habits being treated as a commodity to be sold to anyone and everyone in the marketplace?

Here’s one good analysis of what is happening legislatively, along with some good-sense tips on how to protect your data and your ID.

How To Protect Your Online Privacy Now That Congress Sold You Out    from ZeroHedge  31 March 2017

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In truth, Trump has yet to sign this legislation.  But the odds are very good that he will.  What is wrong with this picture?  Who has Trump’s ear on this issue?  It sure as hell ain’t you or me.  I’ve already sent an email to Team Trump Pence about this, and I hope you will, too.

If privacy is a concern, there is another option not mentioned in the ZeroHedge piece, and that is use of the “dark web” via the Tor browser or similar apps.  More and more legitimate businesses are migrating to the dark web simply because (so far) it is not trackable.  Now you might say that the feds will decide that once all their targets are in one place, just build a wall around it and either lock the gate or destroy the contents …. and the feds may yet do that to the dark web.  But so far, to my knowledge, Tor browsing leaves much less of a trail than does Googling via Firefox or MS Edge.

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One Response to This Is Not “Winning”

  1. Elaine Morris says:

    I can’t find it now. I am hoping someone on here remembers when Obama tried this and was shot down. Obama wanted the right to see WHO is starring at their computer monitor In other words, he wanted to glance his enemies.