Ouch – AG Sessions Issues A Serious Warning To Sanctuary Cities And States

Ouch – About time we see action designed to keep our citizens safe!

Sessions warning will more than likely fall on deaf ears and it will only be when the cities and states feel the pinch of the results of their careless disregard for law and order through a loss of funds that it will sink in. I am happy to see this happening but issue a warning – these criminal activities by mayors, enforcement, and some states is going to be a serious problem. Still – it is time we hold these people to the fire for their behavior.


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10 Responses to Ouch – AG Sessions Issues A Serious Warning To Sanctuary Cities And States

  1. Phoenix is one and I can’t wait to watch Mayor Stanton squirm when he has to let his constituents know that things are being cut because they have no budget for it!! He’s an idiot and Phoenix is riddled with illegals……they give them everything! I’m glad I live in Chandler, but we have illegals here too…….did you guys see the President Trump billboard in Phoenix with the swastikas and mushroom clouds? So disrespectful and protesters are trying to get them to take it down.

    • Uriel says:

      Hi Susan, Welcome. I saw something on billboards but really skipped by. I think there is going to be a LOT of screaming when the fat hits the fire. Unfortunately, until reality bites a few a$$es there won’t be anything different. I have really been shocked since the election at just how close we came to a complete takeover. It is more like “we knew but what could we do” until Trump with all his warts and bluster overturned the apple cart. This is shaping up to be a serious attempt at a takeover and one the history books will long speak about.

  2. Elaine Morris says:

    Texas Gov., Greg Abbot had/has the most perfect way to stop the “Invasion” of Illegals. I may have the figures backwards; however, you WILL get the point.
    IF you house an Illegal, the fine will be $25,000 per Illegal.
    IF you HIRE an Illegal, the fine will be $50,000 per Illegal.
    This idea could be adopted by other states.(a liberal Juddge shot down the Governor’s Plan. I sent him a message by email as well as snail mail: “Remove that judge from the bench!

    Personally? What I don’t understand is why they wouldn’t want to be a real Texas Citizen. Go to class, past tests to be accepted the LEGAL WAY.

    I don’t EVEN want to hear about “E-Verify.” Why? Employers want that cheap labor cost.
    I know this idea sounds Idealistic; however, I am gonna tell you anyway. IF they really wanted a better Mexico…do what the Southern States did. We fought in A Civil War against the North.

    Fight for your own Country and build it like they want it to be.

    • Uriel says:

      Exactly my point as well. Not only there but the Mideast

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome to Hardnox Elaine. The governor of Texas has his hands full on all sides especially when Austin says it’s a sanctuary county. AND Mexican cartel gangs have such a hold. Kudos to him.

    • vonMesser says:

      My idea on hiring illegals is that you are fined 1,000% of the total wages (and benefits if any) that you paid the illegal.

  3. SafeSpace says:

    Sessions’ actions may provoke California to secede. Now we all know that the Dhimmicrats cannot let that happen; they’d lose 51 electoral votes. And if it did indeed come to pass, I can see California forming an alliance with Mexico, complete with no borders between the two.