Serious Crimes Committed By Illegal Immigrants

Get the flock out.  Build the wall.

We are sick and tired of this shit.  We have enough of our own criminals.

The left is on the wrong side of every issue that would safeguard Americans.  In all cases the Left advocates for issues that harm Americans.  It’s time we consider deporting Leftists.  Truth is, they don’t like it here anyway and claim they will leave but never do.  We’d be doing them a favor.

~ Hardnox

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Constitutional Conservative that Lefties love to hate.
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12 Responses to Serious Crimes Committed By Illegal Immigrants

  1. Shoot them all~! No one will miss them and we’ll all be safer for it. Sounds harsh, maybe. But the truth is, no “sane” administration would tolerate this crap for a second.

    • Popular Front says:

      No problemo. Give me a small squad of like-minded operatives and I will clean out your Death Rows coast-to-coast. Likewise all those with a ‘no chance of parole’ sentence get necked too. People forget that those assholes sentenced to 400+ years have now become a permanent strain on the taxpayer for the rest of their natural. Fuq that. Shoot them swiftly and send their worthless carcasses to the fertiliser works to be crunched up into ‘Blood ‘N’ Bone (great for gardens!). If an innocent one occasionally gets terminated by mistake, hey shit happens.

      • I agree with you 100% and have since I can remember. Anyone with a sentence of more that 50 years should go and kids, over the age of 12, committing capital crimes, should tried as adults.
        We all mourn the loss of a life but at what cost do we try to rehabilitate those who are sociopaths, psychopaths or the criminally insane, only to release them back into society and have them endanger others?

  2. Felinity says:

    Pop Front…YIKES! While I share our group’s disgust in supporting countless illegal aliens/related issues, I’m sure I’m not the only reader who winced upon reading your “fertilizer works” suggestion. It’s a known fact that Nazi Germany sent thousands of Jewish, Christian and Gentile victims to such fertilizer works — in addition to perpetrating myriad other pre- and post-death atrocities.

    Read this — — before giving the Left real, valid ammo to call President Trump the next Hitler. Thank you!

    • Popular Front says:

      Hi Felinity – yes I know it sounds rather extreme but I look at it as retrieving any benefit to society, no matter how slight. Bury them? A waste of good ground. Cremate them? Requires large energy inputs to do so. At least turning their carcasses into fertiliser provides benefits for agriculture.

      I am of course aware of Nazi atrocities and methods and never trivialise them. A couple of my Sicilian relatives ended up in Mauthausen camp in Austria in 1943; they did not survive.

      • Before we go judging another’s statements we should remember that HaShem ordered the Israelites to kill every man, woman and child, living in Canaan, along with their livestock. There was a reason for this – leave nothing behind to taint the righteous.

        • SafeSpace says:

          Yeah, but HaShem is YHWH is the Lord God. He can make such calls, but they are above our human paygrade.

          • Granted. But leaving an enemy behind is to only postpone your own demise.

            • SafeSpace says:

              True that. As a practicing Calvinist Christian, this very issue causes me more mental struggle than any other. Judging “the other” is acceptable to the Lord as we understand His word, but we are also warned several times that judgment is His. Sun Tzu agrees with you, Hadenough, and when I read about the progressive/muslim/tribal savage alliances in the USA and Europe, I agree too. But it is not with an easy heart.

              • SafeSpace says:

                I meant to write “final” judgment is His.

              • It’s NOT easy. I’ve always hated violence and would rather talk my way out of a situation than have to resort to fighting. But I’m also prepared to take it to that level if there’s no alternative.
                Scripture says this would be a “time of tribulation”. That doesn’t mean just quarreling or fighting but, also, perplexity; that inner struggle of right over wrong and taking or sparing life.
                Remembering one thing, “G-d hates evil”, is what we should keep at the forefront when confronting it. If it poses no mortal danger, walk around. If it does, defend yourself.

  3. Felinity says:

    The current administration and We the People do not constitute the Lord Almighty.

    I appreciate Popular Front’s response to my initial comment.

    God bless America!