Raw Truth From A Victim of Pedophilia, Sex Trafficking, and Pizzagate Activities

This is a follow-up to my just released blog “Liberals continue to turn a blind eye putting our children at risk” and is in keeping with several posts here at Hardnox over the last six months on Pizzagate, missing and abused children, and the immensity of the problem.

Pimps on the street are often fairly easy to spot but not those who are the money-people financing them. Every day men and women with powerful allies and huge personal wealth are abusing and in cases murdering people who investigate or bring to light all of their darkest secrets. The more we are seeing lewd satanic-type rituals being brought into the open and the more warped views are allowed to flourish without bringing them to justice, the faster and greater we can expect this behavior to become the norm and people to harden themselves emotionally to the horrific acts.

The more pressure brought to bear, the more light shed in all those dark disturbing corners–the better. In the last week alone on my Facebook feed I have seen six groups of desperate families pleading to find their missing children from all across the nation. Two of them were about children missing within 500 miles of where I live. If keeping this in the viewer’s eye helps save even one child from the fate these have endured, then I have done all I can.

If you believe this is NOT political or overdone–so be it…but this is an important point that deserves being drilled into our brains. Those monsters in high and low places need exposed and gutted. Three years ago an acquaintance in California had her own child almost involved in a child pornography ring. It was only through the her stubborn refusal to drop the topic and a trafficking sting reaching from Denmark across the world that a local coach was apprehended and sent to prison.

Warning, if you are the type that cannot handle truth and the realities of today’s immorality and its consequences, please do not view the videos. The information in the video is so important and shocking to the average American that it needed to be heard.

First thing to know is that children used in sex slavery actually divide themselves into two groups according to Dr. Phil’s video. According to the girl on Dr. Phil’s show the children all recognized right away which group the youngsters fell into when they crossed paths.

There are the ones “born” into the business who have birth parent or parents that sell them at birth to these monsters. From the time these children draw breath they know no other life and are constantly being brainwashed into believing this is the way life is for them. Then, there are children who had homes but for one reason other were kidnapped and forced to enter the business.

As Dr. Phil explains in the 43 minute film recently uploaded, most hearing the segment would be inclined to say it was all false and a bid for ratings. But–if you really listen during the interview, even without assurances from two experts, it isn’t difficult to tell that this is the raw truth and the young woman is in immense pain and anguish.

A 2010 two-minute clip below from CNN is first in order to understand how prevalent prostituting young girls and sometimes boys is in the US. In these cases though most of them are not into the deeper, darker side of the satanic world of pedophilia and Pizzagate. They are abused, drugged, frightened, and forced into daily production but hopefully, maybe, not to the extent noted in Dr.Phil’s segment.




Trust me from personal experience, even less traumatic events along this line can haunt people throughout their life even when they have managed to survive and then thrive. The comment from one of the video viewers below also helps bring this truth home.

YOU ARE DEAD RIGHT!!!!! I hate that I have to talk about me, but I’ve been kidnapped and raped and almost killed, in my mid 20s, trust me this girl is TRAUMATISED! THIS IS HOW TRAUMA WORKS! I went through it and still going through it and what I went through is NOTHING compared to these poor little darling innocent children. Truly, my heart breaks, and totally messes me up. I would go through what I did over and over and over again, until I died, if it meant even ONE baby was saved and a piece of shit locked up. People need to understand the severity of this. She is totally broken. You seem like you really get things and people xxx. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it and I’m sure others too.

… like I went and started a new job a week after I was saved by detectives etc…It did not hit me until about 2 years later, and something traumatic actually triggered it off and everything I had ever gone through, all the abuse I’d ever experienced from a child til now, just hit me in one big wave. This poor girl is going to need all the help, love, support, patience and safety she can get. Thank God she is in good hands now. I pray she stays. I just can’t stop thinking about all those children. The ONLY things that mean anything to me in my life are my dog, animals, children and my family. This has hit home hard.”


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12 Responses to Raw Truth From A Victim of Pedophilia, Sex Trafficking, and Pizzagate Activities

  1. vonmesser says:

    I am firm believer in castration as first offense and execution in public for second.

  2. Hardnox says:

    My disgust over this is beyond my ability to articulate politely. Those guilty of this deserve retirement to the ninth level of hell… and soon. I will gladly help in facilitating it. No child deserves this.

    • Uriel says:

      I thought long and hard about posting this Hardnox. The depth of depravity needed is far beyond my comprehension. This deserves machine guns blazing and I am not really a violent person.

  3. Uriel says:

    The really sick part of this story is that these are the so-called elites. The ones that are filthy rich, responsible for businesses and paychecks to thousands, the ones heading up organizations and governments like the UN all the way down to those who enforce the laws from local to international. They sit in their ivory towers and decide who in the masses are to live or die or be imprisoned for life. Yet all of their sick deviant behavior is supposed to be ignored and accepted? It takes millions of dollars to be able to support their lifestyle and yet the average person is treated as fodder for their depravities and boredom. My God what arrogance and what their behavior says for how satan has taken control of this world.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      I hope Kendall starts looking at mug shots and naming these creeps.
      Kudos to Dr. Phil McGraw for airing this. I hope he sets up a “go fund me”
      or other avenue of contribution to Kendall and offers a large reward for arrest and conviction of the “solid citizens” she encountered.

      • Uriel says:

        Me too. IF this lady remains positive and seeks further assistance (not murdered or suicidal) she is going to need all the help financially she can get.

  4. Peppermint says:

    Uriel, I would like to take a machine gun to these people also. It’s disgusting how the elites get away with this. Just like with pizza-gate, no one is going to touch the elitist pols who are involved in this. I read an article a few days ago about the NYPD chief wanting to file charges against those involved in pizza-gate but I doubt it will ever happen because of the people involved.

    Being a survivor of sexual abuse myself I know these girls are going to need life time care. I did not suffer their abuse but my own required me to spend many years in therapy with a psychiatrist. The scars never go away. One can learn ways to cope with it and relieve some of the aftereffects of the trauma in a healthy way, but it takes a very long time. And there are PTSD symptoms that never go away.

    I can’t say enough how awful I feel for these girls and the suffering they are enduring and will continue to endure.

    • Uriel says:

      How right you are Peppermint. At the very least everyone found involved and not charged should be on a master watch program smeared across media as unindicated or alleged participants for the world to see and decide by public opinion. It’s horrible enough to know that children are kidnapped or forced BUT those found to be baby factories should be first be forcibly castrated or neutered so they can never again take part and brought to trial for the death penalty.

      • Peppermint says:

        I suggest the death penalty for these people. I have no patience for putting these people in jail so they can get out again. So I agree with you.

  5. SafeSpace says:

    Have y’all noticed that Pizzagate stories have nearly disappeared from the MSM? Even Alex Jones has little to say about it these days. I did find some recent good videos on YouTube, all posted by someone called Ron Johnson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp748gJIrds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eESaM1PVJzw

    • Uriel says:

      I have SafeSpace. MSM got their walking papers warning on this I think. Social Media and Google are straining our accounts through their liberal sieve more every day.