Comey’s Oh Crap Moments at March 20th Grilling

In case you missed or chose not to see the entire rounds of questioning of Comey, here are few highlights you might be interested in.

Watching a master “Grill Sargeant” at work is always interesting. This is a montage of Gowdy’s sessions with Comey. In this, Comey admits to beginning a FBI investigation on Trump’s political team in JULY 2016 and also there is an Ongoing investigation which means he can’t say anything except in closed session. Paying particular attention to Comey’s eyes and facial expressions give his “oh crap” moments away.

However, now we have a newbie that with maturity may actually be a formidable examiner. Pay careful attention to Comey’s face in the first minutes as he realizes he has put himself in an “outhouse” position.

  • First because he admits that the FBI has made it a regular procedure to report to top congressional leaders, NSA, and the President’s National Security Council quarterly
  • Second she reminds him of his comment on July investigation and that DoJ had continual access to investigation 
  • Third she grills him on why he waited six months to inform congress leaders for the first time if he was supposed to do so quarterly.
  • Fourth she has him stumbling over who he is supposed to brief –ODNI was Clapper who was in place until Jan. 20. There was ample time and significant video of congressional response from Clapper that supported he HAD been briefed frequently and fully which means so had Obama since that is part of his job.

Her inexperience may have been to blame for not turning that spit though after that point. Surprisingly NO one else called him on the issue.

Congressman Conway adds another “Gotcha” moment in his question about a December 9, 2015 Washington Post article and its similarity to the January 6th response(10:00) before Congress. Also incidentally Nunes at the beginning actually seems to twist Comey a bit in the wind because Comey had asserted from July forward that there was an investigation in which Russia disseminated information from the Clinton campaign.

Without doubt Liberals will abhor the videos I have placed here because they do not fit within the meme they have chosen.  That is fine. But these point not to a particular party — they point to national security and the trust we have placed in our intelligence community to perform their duties, keep our country secure, and do it in a NON-PARTISAN and as much as is possible an unbiased way.  

We trust that the information flowing in the United States except for criminal or other specific investigation is not gathered or stored for any more time than it takes to determine its not relevant to the specifics of said investigation.

We also trust that the normal use of communications is not weaponized against our own citizens for ANY reason in particular to advance some political agenda. 

Above and beyond even that, we trust that our intelligence and security communities maintain a code of honor, that they respect their positions, and that they realize the rights we should all share constitutionally requires us all to strongly defend our guaranteed rights even from the highest elite or Presidential wrongdoing.

Yet clearly under the intelligence and fact gathering leadership in these communities for the last eight years at least, these canons of trust have been breached. One of the most unforgivable transgressions to me is that a person lie and sell out our country in particular under oath in order to hide culpability.

As it stands now, trust has been broken which may have ramifications far into the future. Ideologies have been allowed to infiltrate our ranks so that we can no longer at this point be sure we are safe again from outside, socialist or radical interference in our lives. Worse is the actions by some of our own citizens as prostitutes in these betrayals. Those we have entrusted our security to have been tarnished if not hobbled by the actions of top ranking elected and unelected members of government. If nothing else the years since Clinton took office but specifically the last eight years under Obama have destroyed that.


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6 Responses to Comey’s Oh Crap Moments at March 20th Grilling

  1. clyde says:

    WHY does Pres. Trump keep this partisan hack around? Does Comey have photos of him with small farmyard animals? Way past time to shitcan Comey. AND start pressuring the idiotic R’s into getting the rest of tha appointments made.

    • Uriel says:

      Agreed Clyde. I am not sure because I have never seen an entrepreneur who didn’t ditch prior employees–except a few. Those kept them on for a short time to transition and consider their worth. Trump has had ample evidence of Comey’s perfidy in the years before.

  2. vonMesser says:

    1. Find out who did the release.
    2. Nail their balls to the wall.
    2a. Set the wall on fire.
    2b. give them a dull butter knife.

  3. Peppermint says:

    Like Clyde, I keep wondering why Trump has not fired Comey. Comey showed he was a Hillary apologist when he said “no prosecutor would take the case after he laid out all of Hillary’s breaches of national security through her server and other things.

    That showed me there was no reason to trust Comey any longer. If I were President I would have gotten rid of him when I took office. So Trump’s actions are a mystery to me.

    I heard someone on Fox business news describe this type of surveillance an E-Stasi Berlin tactics as a police state during the cold war.

    I will be writing my Senator Rand Paul to not authorize this kind of broad surveillance that scoops up citizens and unmasks their names. Nobody is safe from this kind of overreach not to mention it violates everyone’s 4th amendment rights.

    • Uriel says:

      Exactly Peppermint I am extremely worried that these people have done this. It’s more what I expected from a socialist state.