Another Obama Regime Screw-Up That’ll Cost You & Me Big Bucks

Be thankful for Judicial Watch!  Here’s a timely report, coming as it does during the debate over government-managed health care.  You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the student loan program, federalized by the Obama Regime, is upside-down financially.  You may, however, be surprised when you find out that King Putt’s minions made a “coding error” that masks the failure of a majority of borrowers to keep their loan repayments current, and conceals the true magnitude of the multi-billion dollar loss now confronting American taxpayers. 

Y’see, the Puttster could mask information that might damage HIM … but he deliberately failed to mask info that might damage his opponents, including PATRIOTS like Mike Flynn.  Here are the details:

JW Sues over Obama Student Loan Scandal

President Obama wasn’t content to take over the health care and finance industries – his administration and his allies in Congress also nationalized the student loan industry.  And sure enough, big government corruption followed.

To get the truth about this potentially expensive scandal for taxpayers, your JW sued the U.S. Department of Education seeking records relating to then-Obama administration’s “coding error” that resulted in masking that most borrowers are failing to pay down their federally-subsidized student loans (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Education (No. 1:17-cv-00501)).

The Obama administration’s Obamacare legislation also included provisions that resulted in the federal takeover of the student loan industry, which radically increased taxpayer subsidies of higher education loans.

The Obama Education Department acknowledged in early January that the coding error resulted in wildly inaccurate College Scorecard repayment rates. The significance is substantial, according to The Wall Street Journal:

‘The department played down the mistake, but the new average three-year repayment rate has declined by 20 percentage points to 46%. This is huge. It means that fewer than half of undergraduate borrowers at the average college are paying down their debt.
Last month the Government Accountability Office (GAO) projected that loan forgiveness for borrowers enrolled in the plans could cost upward of $108 billion. GAO rapped the department for underestimating the costs due to “insufficient quality controls” and “unreasonable assumptions.” It’s possible the putative “coding error” is connected to this ill-management.’


As the Journal notes, ‘The other scandal is that the Obama Administration used the inflated Scorecard repayment data as a pretext to single out for-profit colleges for punitive regulation.’

We filed our lawsuit after the department failed to respond to a January 29, 2017, FOIA request for:

  • Any records concerning the coding error in the calculation of repayment rate data contained in the College Scorecard, as disclosed on January 13, 2017. . . . Requested records include, but are not limited to, records identifying causes of the coding error and steps taken to correct the error, communications within [the Education Department] regarding the error, communications with third parties concerning the error, and records relating to the public announcement of the error.

The government-run student loan racket is a disaster for taxpayers and has been abused to target for-profit competitors of liberal-controlled “public” universities.

The Trump administration should quickly respond to our FOIA lawsuit about this scandal.  The Trump administration has an opportunity to drain the swamp in higher education by exposing the truth about their expensive taxpayer subsidies.

Source is the second story at this link:

Folks, let your elected so-called representatives in DeeCee know that you are wise to their total fiscal incompetence.  Tell them to go back to their lavishly-furnished offices and rewrite the new healthcare legislation to get the federal government out of America’s healthcare system.  Let them know that you are aware of their superb management skills with Medicaid … at the Veterans’ Administration … and now, in the college loan program. 

Paul Ryan, Smidge McConnell and the other weasels on the Hill better get on their knees and thank the Lord that they were elected and not hired for their positions … because if they were employees, Donald Trump would be yelling “You’re FIRED!” at them right about now.

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