Sanctimonious Sanctuary Cities – Growing Lack of Accountability For Criminal Activity

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Watch footage of killer who ran over an EMT mom of 5; libs let THIS kind of crazy out of jail 31 times!

Tom Tillison
March 19, 2017

Democrats consistently complain about the inherent bias in America’s criminal justice system, but the real problem is a growing lack of accountability for those committing crimes.

Do the crime and you’ll do the time is little more than a slogan under the progressive policies of today, as seen in the case of a crazed man charged with running over and killing a New York EMT with her own ambulance.

An alleged gang member who has been arrested 31 times and sent to a psych ward at least six times. As for whether he is a citizen or in the country legally, fuhgettaboutit, New York City is a sanctuary city.

Jose Gonzalez, 25, a Bloods gang member also known as “Breezy Blood,” was riding on the back bumper of an ambulance on its way to a call when a passing motorist alerted the EMTs, who then stopped to remove him, according to The New York Post.

A crazed Gonzales overpowered them and jumped into the ambulance and started to drive off, running over EMT Yadira Arroyo. The mother of five was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

A second video was published by The Post showed Gonzalez going berserk on cops after being arrested on February 25 after allegedly robbing someone in The Bronx.

“Jose Gonzalez, 25, was arrested and put in the NYPD vehicle after allegedly robbing someone in the Bronx around 4:30 a.m. Feb. 25, cops said. The purported Bloods gang member nicknamed “Breezy Blood” then kicked and shattered the windshield of the van, parked on West 182nd Street and Davidson Avenue in Fordham Heights,” according to the Post.

Yeah, now y’all wanna act tough? That’s when I’m gonna sue y’all. Ha ha,” he taunted in the video while dressed in a North Face jacket and black beanie. Police charged Gonzalez with resisting arrest, criminal mischief, attempted assault and harassment, but he was released without bail. Police did not reveal details about the robbery. The victim decided not to press charges. Gonzalez’s lengthy history of crime — including 31 prior arrests — has landed him in the psych ward six times, police said.

And authorities keep turning this maniac out on the streets

… the worst part being that, despite the gruesome murder of a mom of five, there’s no guarantee our failed liberal-influenced criminal justice system won’t turn him loose yet again.



Following Up:

CBS:  “Seething EMTs Crowd Courtroom As Suspect Appears Before Judge In Their Colleague’s Slaying”
Mrch 18, 2017

As CBS2’s Tracee Carrasco reported, Jose Gonzalez, 25, is charged in the death of EMT Yadira Arroyo, 44, on Thursday evening in the Soundview section of the Bronx.

Gonzalez lived in an unsupervised residence on Creston Avenue in the Bronx run by Volunteers of America. In a heartbreaking twist, the building happens to be on the same block as Arroyo lived.

Gonzalez faced a judge in Bronx Criminal Court on Friday afternoon, along with Arroyo’s fellow EMS workers.

“He intentionally ran over her again. This was no mistake. This wasn’t, ‘I didn’t see you.’ This was murder,” said Israel Miranda, head of the EMS union.

…”Whatever happened in this case was not intentional,” Fontier said. The EMTs chanted their slain colleague’s name: “Yadi! Yadi! Yadi!”

In court, the prosecutor told the judge that Gonzalez currently has two open cases – one for assaulting a security guard, the other for attacking a police officer.

“The criminal record is not accurate that is being portrayed at this time, and. Gonzalez has only very few misdemeanor convictions and has never been charged with anything more serious that a misdemeanor,” Fontier said.



This is total BS and DeBlasio needs to go to jail himself for aiding and abetting criminal activity as he is the one pushing “Sanctimonious Sanctuary City”.

This guy needs the maximum penalty. How do you tell five children that their mom (who’s only fault is wanting to save people and support her family) is never coming home because some crazed gang member was on a rampage.

In the video at the end you actually hear one man discussing that Gonzalez had pushed a kid back and grabbed his backpack. He apparently slung it on and jumped on the rear of the ambulance. 

The ambulance association needs to join with enforcement and create a mighty stir in that city. New York has been going downhill rapidly thanks to their socialist mayor.

I pity conservative New Yorkers if there are any left there.  Fear walks the streets as the gang activity is so prevalent but to know that those who are in office have made it nearly impossible for justice and law enforcement to clean up the streets is worse even than those who are the criminals.



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6 Responses to Sanctimonious Sanctuary Cities – Growing Lack of Accountability For Criminal Activity

  1. Shar says:

    We in upstate NY are nothing like the cesspool downstate. All our monies go downstate to support the liberals. DeBlasio and Cuomo are both corrupt. The only good that came out of NY is President Trump.

    • Uriel says:

      New York State is really a divided one like Louisiana. I know a few from upstate NY. They are all honest hardworking people more farmbelt than crazy weirdos. I bet if upstate didn’t support the city or it wasn’t The gateway, it would be more like Chicago with no industry any more

  2. Popular Front says:

    You know his name, where he lives and what he looks like. Whack him. Shoot him in the face with both barrels of Double-O buck and leave his body where his buddies will find him.

    • Uriel says:

      True. The asp lawyer defending the guy has no clue we see through him without knowing his record. He had plenty of encounters where he was let go or would not have been so assured he could get away with this. Sneak in cause a major turf war, sit back and watch them eliminate themselves. Problem solved.include DeBlasio and his corrupt government too.

  3. I would support public hanging for this scum, find twelve people and try him and then hang him at noon the NEXT DAY! if we could do this a few times the crime problem would shrink dramatically. I am rapidly losing faith in our criminal justice system and this situation is perfect example of what’s wrong. I can’t imagine a clearer case that actually has video evidence of the crime! This a****e is exactly the kind of scum that deserves a public hanging quickly after sentencing to discourage others like him form continuing their wicked ways.

    • Uriel says:

      Exactly! So would I like to see this idiot receive what’s due quickly! Actions Should have consequences even for top dog elites😡