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CHESAPEAKE, VA – Police say three men tried breaking into a home in Chesapeake last month and were confronted by an armed occupant and shot were fired by the oocupant and the thugs.  An 18 year old thugly was DRT (dead right there), and now police are looking for the other two men.

ST. Louis, MO – A 16-year-old boy remains hospitalized in critical condition after being shot while attempting to rob a store. The teen’s gun turned out to be a fake.  According to a spokesperson for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, the teen walked in the Galaxy Balloon Shop at around noon pretending to be a customer.  The teen walked up to the counter with merchandise but instead of pulling out his wallet, the store owner said the teen opened his jacket, displayed a gun, and asked for money from the register.  The store owner pulled out a gun from behind the counter and shot the suspect.  The thugly is in critical condition.

Lake Athens, TX – A couple selling dogs invited two thuglies into their home under the pretense the two men were there to purchase some pups.  The thugs returned afterwards and assaulted the couple and tied them up.  The homeowner, then seized the opportunity to get his firearm, and DRT’d both intruders.

Moncks Corner, SC – A man defended his family Tuesday by fatally shooting a masked man who broke into his home carrying rope and a pistol with a laser sight, authorities said the next day.  30-year-old Elijah Akeem White Jr. of North Charleston was DRT by the homeowner. Investigators said a woman who acted as an accomplice in the home invasion by White was arrested. Juanita Marie English, 28, faces charges of first-degree burglary and criminal conspiracy.  Chief Rick Ollic of the Moncks Corner Police Department said the rope found on White was a chilling sign of the burglar’s intentions. A man, his wife and two small children were home at the time, Ollic said.  “It’s believed that he was going to tie up the residents,” Ollic said Wednesday. “There was no doubt he was there to do some serious harm to this family.” White’s criminal convictions include burglary, weapons and drugs possession and prison rioting.

Las Vegas, NV – Police said three thuglies entered the home and tied up a man and woman. The man was able to break free and grab a gun, shooting two of the robbers.  One was found DRT inside the home and another suffered gunshot wounds to the lower back.  The other thug hauled ass.

Sent in by Adrienne:

Los Angeles, CA – A group of four people were leaving the Denny’s and getting inside their car when the man, armed with a gun, robbed them, Goetz said. As the gunman tried to get away, a male victim ran him down with his car and the gunman accidentally shot himself, Goetz said.  Officers discovered the gunman with injuries so severe that it wasn’t clear at first if he was shot, stabbed or sustained another type of injury.  The thug is in critical condition. (Click on the link for the video.  It’s pretty funny.)

Sent in by Terry:

Rockford, IL – A thug attempted to rob a bank when a security officer DRT’d him on the spot.

Stay frosty friends, they are everywhere.

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  2. clyde says:

    Great stuff everyone.

  3. Adrienne S says:

    Great video. Obviously the guard has been hitting the range for target practice. He can take a break this week.

  4. Gillian TJ says:

    People are defending themselves. Quite right!
    Sorry – off subject, does anyone know about the alleged drug bust of Obanana. I
    came across the video on your website dated 18th March 2017: Obama goes into hiding after huge drug bust on his Lady Michelle vessel on island of Saint Vincent in the Caribbean. Then went back there today & its been taken off your site. Just curious. Any thoughts on this?

  5. Terry says:

    Another good week in DRT land. I love the Fresh & Fruity Rootie-Tootie thug shooting himself in the face ! Bwahahahahahaaaaaa….