President Trump’s Weekly Address

This is called winning.  How nice it is to have a president that is pro-American and actually works for a change, unlike the last one.

~ Hardnox

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29 Responses to President Trump’s Weekly Address

  1. To say his words are “refreshing” is far too limiting in my appreciation of what he’s doing for this country yet it’s the only word I can come up with that’s all-encompassing. I’m sure it’ll be used ad nauseum throughout his tenancy.

    As to his “working” for a change….I really don’t think he’s “working” at all. He may be from our standpoint but, to him, this is “fun”.

    I truly think he’s enjoying what he’s doing not only because it’s fixing the wrongs of the past but, simply put, he’s having a blast doing what he’s always done – fix what’s broken, polish the tarnished and sell it for a profit as “slightly used, refurbished and remodeled” just like an old Irish “tinkerer” – remember those?

    And if not for those who do their damnedest to disrupt his itinerary, we’d be even further along on our road to recovery. I sincerely hope the mid-terms have “consequences” similar to those of last November. If so, the following 2 (hopefully 6) years will present an entirely different portrait of America’s landscape.

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  3. Brittius says:

    I only want to see Constitutional Carry and 2A restored.

    • Hardnox says:

      That in itself would solve a lot of problems wouldn’t it? 🙂

    • Elaine Morris says:

      We do have that here in Texas. I lost my email address due to a hacker. The police here in Texas said, “If you cause problems for legal carriers of guns, we will arrest you.

      • Effective Jan. 1, Maine has Constitutional Carry; concealed or otherwise. Fireworks have been legal for over a year and now we’ve just legalized recreational marijuana.
        Slowly but surely, we’re getting our rights back. Speaking for those in my region, we’re responsible enough to take care of ourselves and own up for our mistakes; unlike those liberals below Bangor.

      • Brittius says:

        God Bless Texas.

        • Elaine Morris says:

          Move here! You’ll love it…except, don’t move to Dallas, or Houston.
          Move to McKinney, Wylie or Murphy Texas is where you would like. People are friendly. They don’t try to get into your business of living like you want to live.

          • Brittius says:

            About 35 years ago, I was going to change jobs and become a deputy in Texas but my wife refused to move from New York. I have family in Texas. Worst thing about Texas is the trip back to New York. I also came close to working in Dallas a few years ago, to the point that I started looking at homes for sale. Again, the wife absolutely refused. Same story, I call it “cow mentality”, they only know the one meadow.

            • Elaine Morris says:

              I was in NY for a visit. I am soooo glad to get back home to Texas. I think you’ll love this. I had opened up a new nightclub (in my younger years)…DFW airport had been built…we had a LOT of Yankee(s) move here. They ASSumed we were dumb because we talk slower. I whipped back to say, “Yeah, well, you guys talk fast to keep your lips from freezing.

              • Elaine Morris says:

                I forgot to tell you something else. I was in the nightclub busines as I mentioned. This idiot from Detroit moved down to Texas to work on the new DFW Airport (shhh, yes, I am old). He was talking about how “connected referring to the Mafia.”
                He started getting reallly loud. I told him, please, it isn’t necessary to yell. He kept it up. Finally, I said, “Do you see this little finger (meaning my dialing finger)… With this finger I can call the cops to take you out; and I am stronger than God, he can’t get you out!

                LOL…he did quieten down.

              • Brittius says:

                I looked around Texas. Love the Hill Country. Dallas was nice but the crime is high. Had almost bought a house in the Munger Section, but the job fell through when they wanted a younger person. Would love to fish the Rio Guadalupe again. Channel Catfish.
                When I owned property in Upstate New York, on days off from work, either working on the big old house I used to have (built in 1911, two fireplaces and a wood burning stove, sat on half acre) or, would go upstate to relax and get away from the lousy rat race. Too many rats, not enough race. Know what I mean?

                • Elaine Morris says:

                  Come to North East Texas. McKinney, Wylie, Murphy.

                  I lived in Dallas for a long time. My daughter started her teens and almost drove me nuts. This is a quieter area. The towns above…you’d like them.

            • It’s one thing to love someone so much that you’ll forego your dreams. It’s another to sacrifice those dreams without reciprocity.
              One should never go through life with regrets as this only leads to resentment and that’s not “living”, that’s existing.
              Follow your heart and if she loves you as much as you love her, she’ll follow.
              And, if you have kids, don’t fall for the “it’s for the kids” line. Kids are malleable and will adapt. If they’re old enough to fend for themselves, how will you justify your need to hold their hands?
              But that’s just my opinion…

              • Brittius says:

                Had that thought. Now, too old. I basically have little contact with people because they think so strange and think there’s something wrong with me. I retired (in the 20th century – where I belong) as a Detective Sergeant. Never should have retired. It was something that kept me going. I hardly even shoot anymore or hunt. The entire state is overrun by liberal Marxists. I did find a couple places in Florida, but the same story. She likes snow. “Snow”? I went up to Maine and fell in love with one place, 86 acres. “Too much snow”. Too much snow. Found two places in West Virginia that were nice, but you guessed it. Now the complaint is my King Ranch truck, because it looks “So Big and Out of Place”, because after the flood of 2012 that we went through, all the old families moved and yuppies bought the homes around here in this waterfront community, and all you see now are Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo. The peasants, drive Japanese cars. I like American Iron.
                Maybe if I ever hit the Powerball…

              • vonMesser says:

                Moving to Texas IS for the kids. They can grow up in a safe place where they are expected to act their age and not worry about being mugged, raped, or (pick a crime)

  4. bigbadblade says:

    Three cheers !!!!!!!!! Nice to have a old white man that LOVES America in charge again.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Yeah… that and a hot wife. 🙂

  6. Terry says:

    Another great episode of my new favorite show. Thanks Nox.
    Amazing how we have gone from ‘Rosie The Riveter’ to ‘Rosie (O’Donnell) The Repugnant’ in the last 70 years. That’s fixin’ to change.