Unmasking Protestors – Could This Be A Way To Stop Them

On March 4 in Denver, there was a protest held on the steps of their capitol building. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I saw the video below. Could unwittingly someone have found an answer to stopping protestors? Could the rally officers have actually found a way to forestall demonstrators and lower the risk of violence?

Those holding the rally were pro-Trump and pro-USA, polite with little yelling, reasonable, and none were masked. Then the protestors showed up. So the rally people began to find ways to shout down those who arrived to protest. Second was that there was one protestor being told to remove her mask and later the protestors moved away.

All across the nation, stores, banks, and businesses of all kinds have posted rules about hoodies, sunglasses, no shoes, no shirts, etc — no service. They remove the offenders quickly for safety and health reasons.

Could this be an answer to the demonstrators and activists now creating chaos around the country? At least by arresting the offenders for this reason along with a “mug” shot, perhaps some of the liberal idiots will get the message and think harder about taking part.

I have no doubt that those masks embolden the actors but if they are forced to follow the law or be arrested then have their pictures show up splashed across the news, perhaps the consequences of their actions will fall like anvils from social media to employment. Masks are for cowards and criminals to hide behind. Remove them and stand up for your principles or be arrested sounds pretty good to me.




Denver PD says ‘NO TO MASKS” at Capitol Pro-Trump Rally on March 4, arrests for wearing.
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Published on Mar 11, 2017
**The whole video is worth watching, even after my edit point** The Denver Police Department DPD, says NO TO MASKS at the March 4th, Pro-Trump Rally at the Denver State Capitol Building. Doing an excellent job of not letting the ANTIFA Thugs interfere with the peaceful; celebration, even arresting one anti-protestor who snuck into the crowd.

All video with Permission from USA in the RAW
Thank you for covering the event and sharing your videos


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6 Responses to Unmasking Protestors – Could This Be A Way To Stop Them

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  2. GunnyG says:

    I once yanked off a mask from some punk at a counter protest and he ran off like a little girl.

    • Uriel says:

      Lol Gunny that’s what I’m talking about. The sissies can’t be unmasked Or they run away! Hahaha

  3. vonMesser says:

    Anyone who is scared to reveal their face, is scared to be identified, and ther4efore is probably plotting riot, insurrection, or some other crime.