Ivanka Trump Bakes Purim Pastries With Her Children

From World Israel News

First daughter Ivanka Trump shared a photo on social media on Friday of herself and her daughter, Arabella, and son, Joseph, preparing traditional hamentashen (three-cornered pastries reminiscent of Haman’s hat) for the Jewish holiday of Purim, which began at sunset on Saturday.


Yes…. Not only is Ivanka Jewish…but so are her Brothers! The only two Children of President Trump who are not are Tiffany and Barron. They follow the same faith as Donald.

Is it any wonder why President Trump is so friendly with Netanyahu? Or why he is against anti-Semitism?…. It’s because he has family that are also Jewish ( by birth!). When one attacks the Jews and blames them for all the atrocities of the world….you attack President Trump and his family.

Happy to see Ivanka and her children celebrating Purim. She is teaching her children well and being a good mom!


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29 Responses to Ivanka Trump Bakes Purim Pastries With Her Children

  1. I thought that was a cool post – mother’s, politics notwithstanding, and their kids cooking and baking for the holidays. And no nannies, either!

    BTW: I was looking for a recipe for poppy seed filling (son has my mother’s recipes) and ran across those Hamantaschen. I didn’t make them (yet) but I DID make a few “Machivniks”. Came out almost like Mom’s. Need to cut back on the orange zest in the dough a bit, though…lol

    • Blessed B. says:

      It’s nice to see family values. Mom baking and cooking with her kids teaches them not only the old family recipes and a life skill, but also that they matter and they are loved.

      Those Machivniks sound yummy….. Love poppy seed fillings!!

      • A lot happens when mothers, and fathers, and kids cook together. Folks just don’t realize the bond, and fond memories, it creates.

        Yes they were. I made some smaller versions for samplers and most folks liked them even though they’d never had it before.
        I ended up ordering 10 pounds of poppy seed off Ebay…lol

        • Blessed B. says:

          You know what else happens when you include children in the cooking process….you find they actually will eat most of everything they helped cook! My kids will eat vegetables that other children balk at…..zucchini, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, lima beans….all due to them helping cook suppers at home with us. It cut down on the fights at the supper table immensely. Our rule though is that if they help cook it , they have to eat it….. works like a charm!

          10 Lbs of poppy seeds…good Ghandi! :0

          • Good point but we never gave our kids a choice. “Cold or mold, you’re eating it” was our mantra. “We cooked it, you’re eating it! This ain’t no restaurant!”
            As for the 10 pounds, that’s just 5 recipes. Besides, the price was right…lol

            • Blessed B. says:

              We tried that method….it just ended up with fights at the supper table and everyone getting indigestion! That was how I brought up too, “this isn’t a restaurant”….and when my mom and dad quit fighting with me to eat…..things changed and I started eating more of the foods put in front of me. We decided with my kids to try a different approach after fighting every evening at supper…..let’s get the kids to cook with us, which would give them cooking skills and the stipulation was they had to eat it if they helped cook it. Fighting at the supper table ceased instantly. Everyone was happier and digestion got better.,

              • We gave them NO choice. Either eat it warm or eat it cold 3 days from now. We didn’t care. Nothing else till that was eaten – cold or mold and WE stood by it!.
                It didn’t take long for them to realize food was scarce.

  2. Felinity says:

    Thank you and God bless, BB! I’m forwarding this to my late Mom’s Romanian-born second husband, an amazingly resilient Holocaust survivor who lived in Israel for several years before emigrating to the U.S., where he had a long career with a major international bank. He was disgusted by BHO’s disdain for Jews (and Christians), and for Israel and Bibi.

    SUCH a lovely post…and just in time for David’s 92nd birthday tomorrow! For the record, folks, he is *still* secretary of his temple’s Men’s Club and also volunteers at a huge South Florida outreach organization. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    • Uriel says:

      Wow Felinity Wish him well from us. To see a mom doing such today is a rare and great treat. It speaks well to family strength and ties that we all can admire.

    • Blessed B. says:

      You are welcome Felinity and God Bless you also! I thought folks would like to see this. Not sure if most folks know that most of Trumps children and grandchildren are Jewish.

      Wish David a very Happy Birthday for us and let us know what he thought of the video please. 🙂

  3. Terry says:

    But…but…Trump is behind the the toppling of headstones in Jewish cemeteries, and bomb threats in many synagogues. How could he love the Jews ?? Or even his own family ?? This HAS to be fake news !

  4. Felinity says:

    Methinks David was blushing in South Florida last PM when he thanked me and you folks for your kind birthday wishes and thoughts! He loved seeing those pics!

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