‘Day Without a Woman’ supporters got $246M from Soros

Fox News:

George SorosBillionaire George Soros gave $246 million to groups behind Wednesday’s “Day Without a Woman” protest, according to a report by a conservative think tank.

Wednesday is “International Women’s Day,” and schools in at least four states canceled classes so teachers and staff members could participate in “Day Without a Woman” demonstrations.

While movement organizers say the demonstration is meant to spotlight gender inequality, critics say it is intended to protest President Donald Trump. The strike was created by the same organizers of the historic Women’s March on Washington in January, which drew hundreds of thousands in protest of the president.

A report released Wednesday claims that Soros — whose net worth is $25.2 billion and who champions liberal causes — gave millions to groups behind the demonstration.

Of the march’s 544 partners, 100 groups received funding from Soros that totaled $246 million, according to the conservative Media Research Center. Such groups included Planned Parenthood, the Center for American Progress and People for the American Way (PFAW), the report claims.

“Those donations represent just a fragment of Soros’ massive global influence,” the Media Research Center said on its website. “His Open Society Foundations have given away more than $13 billion to push his globalist, anti-American views.”


Other than protesting Donald Trump, what were they protesting and marching for?  I noticed their major aim was pro-abortion but not a peep about the women being abused in muslim countries.

Soros is a scourge in America and must be stopped.  While there is nothing wrong with philanthropy, financing violence is sedition is another thing altogether.  Soros is financing every nutjob hate group out there.  In my view, cut off the financing and the hate groups go away.

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6 Responses to ‘Day Without a Woman’ supporters got $246M from Soros

  1. clyde says:

    Since Soreholes owns the democrats and a LOT of the RINOs, sadly nothing will be done to the scumbucket.

  2. Popular Front says:

    Whack him. How hard can it be?

    • SafeSpace says:

      Or capture his little social gadfly son, at one of his high-roller hangouts in the Hamptons.

    • I could never sanction the killing of another human being, but if the person who shot him didn’t ask me I wouldn’t be bothered by his passing. Would I shoot him if he was in my sights and I thought I could get away with it? Hmm, best you don’t ask me!

  3. SafeSpace says:

    Surprise! Even Fox News bought the propaganda, calling last January’s women’s march “historic”. It was historic only in the sense that never before has so much stupidity been on public display in one place at one time. Rants about vaginas; pink pussy hats; screaming proudly about being nasty women… This ranks as “historic”?

  4. Terry says:

    I’m sure most of that money went for paying the “protesters” who normally would stay in the basement playing ‘Grand Theft Auto’ on their gameboxes.