When Liberals Inflict Liberalism On Themselves

we should point our fingers at them and laugh like Hell! Like they’re a bunch of stupid spoiled toddlers caught playing with their own feces! 

EXCERPT:  “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money” said Margaret Thatcher. If only she could comment on what is happening in Seattle as the costs of ST3 are coming crashing down on car owners and property owners who thought someone else was going to pay the $53 Billion!

Yes, Seattle voters are getting the message that you can win an election, but lose big when you close your eyes and vote for every well-funded initiative on the ballot. They are now up in arms about increases of 300% for car tabs (based on MSRP car values). Seattle voters are shocked to see that their property taxes (which will also show up as rent increases for apartment dwellers) have taken a huge jump. 

It’s gotten so bad that King County is using taxpayer money to take out ads on Pandora and other radio outlets reminding people that their taxes are going up because they voted for them to do exactly that!  How embarrassing!

Yes, Seattle, when you keep voting for tax increases, eventually, the tax man cometh!”


EXCERPT:  “Sound Transit 3 passed in November on the strength of support in Snohomish and King counties. Voters in Pierce County rejected it.

The plan calls for adding 62 miles of new Link light-rail line, including an extension to Everett Station by 2036, via the Paine Field industrial area. Other new light-rail destinations envisioned in ST3 include Tacoma, Ballard, West Seattle, downtown Redmond, south Kirkland and Issaquah.

To pay for the upgrades, the sales tax is going up half a percent within the district. There’s also a new property tax assessment of 25 cents for each $1,000 of assessed valuation. And car tab fees went from 0.3 percent to 1.1 percent which is adding the equivalent of $80 for every $10,000 vehicle to one’s bill.

The hike in the car tab fee took effect March 1. Some owners are opening their bills to find they must pay two or three times as much to Sound Transit as they did a year ago. They are calling the state Department of Licensing, Sound Transit and state lawmakers to complain.

“We’re definitely starting to see it,” said Sen. Guy Palumbo, D-Maltby. “The reality is that it is sticker shock and there may be some buyers remorse.”

Oh, and one more reason to thank GOD that The Donald was elected.

EXCERPT:  “SAN FRANCISCO — The engineers of Silicon Valley are fine-tuning driverless cars, building robots designed to replicate the human brain and shaving milliseconds off internet response times.

Their trip to work, however, can be a throwback to the predigital age. The region’s commuter rail line is saddled with aging, smoke-spewing, diesel-powered locomotives.

For more than a decade, the managers of the Silicon Valley railway, known as Caltrain, have been planning to upgrade to faster and less polluting electric trains.

But those plans are now imperiled by the Trump administration’s decision in February to withhold a $647 million federal grant.”

The absolute stupidity of liberals is on full display here. Electric trains to replace “aging, smoke-spewing, diesel-powered locomotives?” And how does electric happen? Like Bernie Sanders thinks?

Image result for bernie sanders electricity

No. It comes from electric power plants that burn coal, or natural gas, or is generated by water i.e., Hoover Dam. And since the enviro-nazis in Kalifornia oppose building ANY new power plants, apparently they think the electricity to power their trains and Chevy Dolts will magically appear like manna from Heaven! And BTW, WHY should President Trump give ANY Federal money to a sanctuary state and one that wants to secede from the USA now that they lost their Magic Negro?



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8 Responses to When Liberals Inflict Liberalism On Themselves

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    I passed through the Seattle area on the way to Vietnam. I always thought it would be a cool place to live or at least visit. Well, I haven’t been there again and I guess it’s all ruined anyway. So why bother? Maybe the liberals will all sneak across to Vancouver and stay in Canada. Trump should issue an executive order to make all passports for lefties as good for one trip outside the USA with no return privileges.

  2. clyde says:

    No question. Liberals = morons. Too bad these dumbasses have ZERO clue about how REALITY works.

  3. vonmesser says:

    I live 60 miles south of Seattle, and am looking at moving to Texas in the next 2 years. Seattle is psycho. And I have a number of liberal friends the4re who can’t understand the problems. One of them was recently priced out of her apartment and into as “old people low-rent pod”. She is pissed that the Republicans have thrown her – a poor cripple (and she is crippled) out of the only place she has lived since her husband died in 2008 and she lost her house due to Republican greed. She can not understand that Seattle has been completely controlled by Democrats with their last Republican mayor leaving office in 1956.

    • Dynalady says:

      Vonmesser–come on down! You’ll be 1 right-thinking person to emigrate from the Left Coast. California libtards ruined their own state, then come here w/all their stinkin’ thinkin.

      TX has: no state income tax. Military bases. oil & gas (& now 1000’s of blasted windmills) Our own power grid. Right-to-work state = you don’t have to belong to a union ie no ‘closed shops.’

      Environs are a bit different–our mountains are on the west side, our coast–east side; separated by about 800 miles. Your ocean is deep, cold & blue-ours is shallow, sedimentary-brown (near the beach), & about 75degrees. Some places it smells like oil & gas–bc there’s o&g there; we refine it here, too. Your international border is to the north, with Canada. Ours–south. With Mexico. Marijuana still illegal, but the legislature is in session this year. And you can visit Austin for re-emersion in ‘psycho’ if you miss it-there’s a music scene there, too.

      Unfortunately, as the Gunny describes, my area tends to pass the bond projects too–voted for mainly by people who will never have to pay the taxes for them. Our Dem-entors don’t yet have the imagination for REALLY big ticket items like lite rail–yet. Shhh–don’t tell them.

      • GunnyG says:


        We get the same idiots up here and the reside in East Anchorage. They vote for every bond issue and then whine that their property taxes are sky-high!

      • vonmesser says:

        I’m looking towards 50-75 miles from Irving. There is a branch of my church there (Ruthenian Catholic).

        • Dynalady says:

          Not familiar w/that area, but is probably wooded & still fairly rural. And beautiful. Thanks for the word re: the Ruthenians. Never heard of y’all b4, so looked it up. Very interesting, esp bc my husband’s family originally came from eastern Hungary (but not the Carpathians, where wikipedia said this group originated).

  4. RE says:

    Ah a classic barky the magic neeegroid.