Suffolk County, NY Top Cop Shares Warning about MS-13 Gangs

Police Commissioner for Suffolk County, NY provides insight on MS-13 gangs.

We have these troglodytes in Virginia too and are a scourge on society.   They need to be removed, one way or the other.  Talking with my LEO friends , MS-13 is coast to coast and are the main conduit for illegal drugs in the USA.  Without the legal protections from the Obama administration removal can finally commence.

It is stunning how the entirety of the left can coddle these bastards all in the name of ‘diversity”.  They are illegal and they are criminals.  It’s a no-brainer what must be done.

~ Hardnox

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6 Responses to Suffolk County, NY Top Cop Shares Warning about MS-13 Gangs

  1. clyde says:

    Like any other vermin, these should be shot on sight. Especially if their tats are screaming it.

  2. Brittius says:

    It’s baloney. The Suffolk County (NY) Police, a/k/a: “The Glamor Boys”, are the highest paid cops in the nation, and are slackers when it comes to real street crimes. MS-13 has been almost ignored since the mid-1990s. So the gang expanded into all avenues of crime, from kidnap, murder, burglaries, prostitution, narcotics, everything. Even with a new police commissioner, it’s all lip service without any muscle. We pay the highest real property taxes in the nation, and have the highest paid cops on earth, and crime flourishes. All crimes are down graded, to protect politicians because nobody wants to hear about crime in their areas. If SCPD ever got tough, the criminals would whine, and the lizards protecting them would cry to the judges and bring lawsuits against the SCPD and cops. The political motto here is, “Don’t rock the boat”. Even when I tried to get backing from my own political party (Conservative), there was no interest in my run for county sheriff, because everything was predetermined. The Liberals and Democrats run the show in Suffolk County (NY), and the GOP are the Yes Men.
    You want to really stop crime? Then push for Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground, but legislatures only think of what voters want, for any re-election hopes. TOTAL FARCE/TOTAL FAILURE.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks for weighing in Brittius. That’s interesting. The cops down here want to wipe them out without quarter.

      • Brittius says:

        Where I am, only a couple miles away, it’s turned into a war zone, especially at night. The news media ignores everything except the “Poor”, “Disadvantaged”, nonsense. In fact, Syrian refugees are now inserted into Black/Hispanic ghetto areas, and suddenly, burglaries are up, assaults are up, robberies are up. Streets are teeming with Arabic prostitutes. They will soon link up with, or convert, the MS-13 people, and then what? If it weren’t for my wife’s insistence to remain here (almost $11K taxes on 60’x100′ property 1100 sq.ft.), I would rather be in West Virginia. The evils of NYC thirty years ago, are right here in 2017.

        • Hardnox says:

          Wow. That’s awful on all counts. You need to lean on your wife some more. You could live well elsewhere and be safe. Hell, I don’t even lock my doors or my truck and i’m in VA.

          • Brittius says:

            It’s pathetic here. Unless you belong to either the liberal elite class, or the welfare class, it’s horrible. Maybe this year (I hope), I would like to start doing a few road trips to WV, and look around for a small piece of property as a getaway and reason to go hunting, or relax for a few days, and maybe drag the wife to where life is, better (in my opinion). If not, maybe I will do some road trips anyway just to get away from traffic, horns, street corners filled with day laborers. I don’t belong here.
            Take Care.