Sensing A Nuclear Winter Chill Come Next Election

Every day that Democrats show up (or not) in Congress simply provides another nail in their coffin of obstructionism and waste of taxpayer representation and monies from their home states. What a pitiful bunch of freeloaders these men and women have turned out to be. I would say senility has set in and a need for retirement. It certainly applies to at least a third of them.

If I were a Democrat back home, I believe I would be furious at their childishness and total waste of my time in getting them elected and paying them to live and party in Washington, DC.

Don’t get me wrong, as a conservative and Republican, I also am reserving my own branding iron of ire for those RINOS who are also uselessly taking up space, mocking taxpayer energy in election cycles, wasting state or donor money, and losing voter confidence.

Both Democrats and RINOs are showing just how little respect they have for law, order, and congressional responsibility. They are also showing their globalist and financial backer puppet master ties as their strings are pulled.

According to the latest Federalist Papers Project article, the Nuclear Option has had to be employed three times this past month.

Environmental Protection Agency nominee, Scott Pruitt, was the latest. The Times noted that Pruitt provided “written answers to over 1,070 questions sent to him by committee Democrats, in a 252-page file.” and still the nuclear option had to be used to get his nomination to the floor for approval. Treasury nominee Steven Mnuchin and HHS nominee Tom Price both had the same problem.

Hot Air also brought up an excellent point about these sad little boycotts. The Democrats likely know that their little “boycotts” are futile but that it’s all about making it seem like they are doing something to appease the far left that is pressuring them to mount stiff resistance.

It’s also likely that big Leftist money is behind the pressure as well. The 2016 election made it clear that the far Left agenda was repudiated by millions of Americans, but instead of backing away from it they have instead doubled down, very likely because that’s what the Leftist billionaires pulling the strings want them to do — i.e. George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, etc.


NEWS FLASH – you guys who are coming up for reelection. The incoming money can NOT pull the lever of those voting by itself. In voting manipulation cases maybe, but DO YOU really want to take that chance?

Who would you rather worry about? Someone who lives in your district or the DNC who sends you funds?

All you are really succeeding in doing is disenfranchising your voter base – but hey go right ahead. Stellar performance Pips and Pippettes.

While you are at it thank Harry Reid for his brilliant senate procedural move. I know we may crow now and eat crow later down the road; but, I am betting that our guys won’t be playing pinnocle in a back parlor and stuffing our pockets and pieholes while votes on confirmation for a Democrat nominee occurs. (Odds are definitely not in your favor for that happening again for a long time with your current toxic behavior.)


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11 Responses to Sensing A Nuclear Winter Chill Come Next Election

  1. Hardnox says:

    These asshat lefties never thought they would lose. In fact they believed their own propaganda and thought they would win both Houses and the WH.

    Payback is a bitch. I love it. Wish McConnell would step on the gas.

    • Uriel says:

      I am sitting back and watching. I didn’t think McConnell had an accelerator just a brake. Interesting what a high energy boss can do to his employees lol.

  2. Shar says:

    Me too Hardnox. Pick a day and slam the last what eight people thru. ? do they not have votes in their own party. Trump deserves a full cabinet. After all half of them rode in on his coat tails. Any one that doesn’t show up deduct the days pay. No work, no pay. That will get their attention.

    I wonder how many GOPe are up next election? We need to work on replacements ASAP. NY is solid blue. Down state determines vote.

    • Hardnox says:

      It’s sad you all are held hostage by the asshats in NYC.

    • Uriel says:

      Search on Google says 4 Repub to replace cabinet members. But what is odd is it says ALL 435 seats are up in 2018. I did not think that possible?

    • Popular Front says:

      Don’t you guys have ‘Whips’ to enforce party discipline like the Brits and we Australians do? Their role among others is to make sure all party members attend parliamentary votes and vote in accordance with stated government policy, unless it is a free conscience vote which happens now and again.

      Whips are powerful members in the party room, cross them and you get your arse kicked in escalating forms of severity, often publicly.

      • Uriel says:

        I believe there are “whips” but they are apparently not so strong.

        • Uriel says:

          Similarly, the whip may also be known as the assistant majority or assistant minority leader. Both houses of Congress, the House of Representatives and Senate, have majority and minority whips. … While members of Congress often vote along party lines, the influence of the whip is weaker than in the UK system.

  3. Shar says:

    You could be right Uriel. The House elections are every couple of years. Wish the Senate were short term. We could get rid of the bums. I would start with Ryan.