Washington Post – Death of Integrity In Independent, Non-Propagandized Reporting

This is not a thrashing of Washington Post despite what some might think. Over the years, the Post has been a major source of information for the American people. It has been widely quoted and included in many articles written.  Only in the last few years has it shown a major swing toward more progressive socialist type reporting and been more likely to focus its posts with major bias by authors rather than more unbiased reporting.

This is a look at how interrelated and interdependent the media, powerful business interests, and government here (and around the world) have become; as well as, how easily the “one-world” antagonists have infiltrated every continent with their cancerous view of all that is against people living freely, independently with allegiance to their home country and how easily we as a planet are slipping into the future of globalism and a stricter form of socialism.

It behooves us all to know the backgrounds and evolutions of mainstream media as well as where our government places its national security trust of highly sensitive information. The ability to control, disseminate, and propagate ideas is a very sensitive, disturbing use and abuse of media and evolving globalized internet.

We here in the US have a constitution that guarantees media freedoms but what if those freedoms are shackled by a specific group ideology and its plan for dominance? That was never the purpose of allowing media freedoms in the constitution at least as I interpret its inclusion.


In September 2013, Washington Post’s longtime owners, the Graham family, sold the newspaper to Jeff Bezos for $250 million in cash. The newspaper is owned by Nash Holdings LLC, a holding company Bezos created for the acquisition.

Bloomberg: Nash Holdings LLC offers investment services. The company was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Seattle, Washington. Nash Holdings LLC does not have any Key Executives recorded.

Wikipedia: Bezos currently ranks as the 5th richest person in the world (excluding royalty and dictators), with an estimated net worth of $71.8 billion USD as of January 2017. As of March 2015, Bezos was among the largest landholders in Texas. Bezos was one of the first investors in Google, investing $750,000 in 1998. That $750,000 investment resulted in 5.3 million shares of Google stock now worth about $4,308,900,000. He is also a member of the Bilderberg Group. He has participated in or funded many cutting edge science-oriented projects such as space exploration, robotics, quantum programming and more as well as typical liberal items like same-sex marriage. He has received many awards and considered one of fifty most powerful leaders in the world. Forbes listed him as third wealthiest in the world in 2016.

Wired: June 8, 2013 “Amazon’s Invasion of the CIA Is a Seismic Shift in Cloud Computing” reported Amazon is providing cloud services to the CIA. But what’s most intriguing about the multi-million-dollar deal is not what Amazon is doing, but how the company is doing it — and what that means for the future of that thing called cloud computing. The deal was big news across the web. Amazon, pundits said, had stepped up its effort to challenge old-school giants like IBM in an area the old guard had long dominated: federal contracting…the GAO ruling on the matter reveals that the contract involves Amazon building cloud services inside CIA data centers…with the recent revelations that the NSA, another intelligence agency, is now lifting data from public web services, concerns over security and privacy online may only increase…According to FCW, the CIA contract is worth $600 million to Amazon over the next ten years.

So what happens if, say, the Washington Post wants to report on something that CIA or other intelligence agencies might not like?  Or CIA, NSA, or other governmental groups who have contracts need public cloud-based information?

FAIR.org (progressive investigative service protecting reporters and media):August 2013, “Amazon, WikiLeaks, the Washington Post and the CIA: “After the publication of the State Department cables, WikiLeaks was booted from Amazon‘s webhosting service AWS (Guardian, 12/1/10). So at the height of public interest in what WikiLeaks was publishing, readers were unable to access the WikiLeaks website. The decision came right after politicians like Senator Joe Lieberman called for action to retaliate against WikiLeaks. Amazon denied it had anything to do with politics. The company’s statement stressed that the decision was theirs alone–WikiLeaks had violated the terms of service agreement, since “WikiLeaks doesn’t own or otherwise control all the rights to this classified content.”

IPA: December 18, 2013, “CIA Cloud Over Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post”.
McChesney said today: “When the main shareholder in one of the very largest corporations in the world benefits from a massive contract with the CIA on the one hand, and that same billionaire owns the Washington Post on the other hand, there are serious problems. The Post is unquestionably the political paper of record in the United States, and how it covers governance sets the agenda for the balance of the news media. Citizens need to know about this conflict of interest in the columns of the Post itself.”

He added: “If some official enemy of the United States had a comparable situation — say the owner of the dominant newspaper in Caracas was getting $600 million in secretive contracts from the Maduro government — the Post itself would lead the howling chorus impaling that newspaper and that government for making a mockery of a free press. It is time for the Post to take a dose of its own medicine.”

The author of several books on U.S. news media, Solomon is co-founder of RootsAction.org. He said today: “This is a test of journalistic integrity that the Washington Post is currently failing. Full disclosure is the least that readers of the Post’s coverage of the CIA deserve. Yet almost every day, the Post is publishing articles that cover the CIA without any indication that the Post’s sole owner is in business with the CIA to the tune of $600 million, while clearly seeking to expand that business relationship even further.”

Solomon added: “We should keep in mind that hundreds of newspapers around the country routinely publish articles from the Washington Post, and those articles are also widely read online. Most days, millions of people are reading Post stories about CIA activities that do not mention that the Post’s sole owner is in a business relationship with the CIA via his company Amazon.”


I am not against someone fulfilling dreams of expansion but seriously how much, how many, how far they go in their quest for power and control does bother me.  

There are several powerful internet moguls, financiers, and interests around the world that have banded together to decide how to handle the world and all according to a vision which seems to exclude personal freedoms and growth for individuals.

In some cases it is simply a need to achieve, to do something that is of interest but the oldest maxim is correct – power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The shadowy interests of a few would have countries denying their history, heritage, and rights in order to provide a global way of life where all fall under one heading.  How is that acceptable and even possible?

When government, as we are seeing play out here in the US today, shifts from local to federal control then something is lost and corruption is more prevalent. The powerful at the top only gain while those living below them are lost in the anonymity of the masses.

Between the September sellout of Obama on internet addresses and the threat looming of intelligence power overreach, where does that leave the rest of the world? Basically exactly where the globalist governmental cancer wants us — getting news they want and with them having unfettered access to ALL intelligence worldwide so they can manipulate and orchestrate their own world reality.


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  1. Lunaticfroma says:

    The Washington Post is a useless rag!! USELESS!! I have a friend who uses it out of recycle bin, to train his pup! Thats all its good for!

    • Uriel says:

      Lol. Roll it tight along with a small bit of lighter fluid it beco A firelog that lasts a long time in a campfire