DHS Locked Out of Computers – CyberSecurity Attack or Something Else?

On January 20, 2017, Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly was confirmed to head up DHS. From the moment he reported to work, he has been hitting the ground running trying to get an overview and size up the enormous problems to correct or realign to meet Trump’s goals. It must be tough to have someone steeped in military process and command to have to deal with civilians and their attitudes.  

I definitely do not envy him especially given how the top tier and their aides have been such an extension of and strong arm for Obama.  We have had eight years to observe the infiltration and subversion of an agency which by all rights should never been allowed the lattitudes and scope of authority of this one.

Every department head who finally takes office is walking into a bomb read to explode. Before Obama left, he made sure to shove into position many who he believed to be loyal and often they were Muslim brothers and sisters. A few have left on their own but more needs to be culled if the new management in every department hopes to stop the outright rebellion and destructive tendencies left to undermine their authority.

Since Kelly took office he has had to gain intelligence on the bloated and obstructionist group known as DHS. This has been an executive department run exclusively by a top management group who were extremely loyal to Obama and his globalist agenda. At every turn if we read carefully between the lines and considering the track record, Kelly would be expected to have a fight on his hands. Obviously, this has played out just that way. The following has certainly not been reported in MSM sites, one wonders why not?

Report: U.S. Homeland Security Employees Locked Out of Computer Networks

Fox Business News
Reporting by Dustin Volz
February 21, 2017

U.S. Department of Homeland Security employees in the Washington area were unable to access some agency computer networks on Tuesday, according to three sources familiar with the matter.

It was not immediately clear how widespread the issue was or how significantly it affected daily functions at DHS, a large government agency whose responsibilities include immigration services, border security and cyber defense.

Employees began experiencing problems logging into networks at 5 a.m. ET (1000 GMT) on Tuesday due to a problem related to the personal identify verification (PIV) cards used by federal workers and contractors to access certain information systems, one source said. At least four DHS buildings were affected, the source said, including locations used by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Another source said the cards did not appear to be responsible. DHS did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

President Donald Trump vowed to make cyber security a priority during his administration, following an election marred by hacks of Democratic Party emails that U.S. intelligence agencies concluded were carried out by Russia in order to help Trump, a Republican, win. At a White House event last month he said he would “hold my Cabinet secretaries and agency heads accountable, totally accountable, for the cyber security of their organizations.”

Trump had planned to sign a cyber security executive order last month but it was put on hold to allow more time for review.

Fox Business


In the last few weeks, a lot of DHS turmoil has surfaced in the news. But as expected mainstream media is deliberately “blacking out real news” in order to attack Trump and every move he makes. They are determined to side with the overthrow of this duly approved president and stop any move that would lose ground for the socialist plan for our country.

Trump needs to understand that now of all times having his department secretaries know they can count on their under secretaries and their group leaders is an absolute necessity.  Our way of life is directly and overtly being challenged. If possible each needs to be able to bring onboard those most loyal to them. Otherwise, there is going to be hell to pay from distrust and deliberate sabatoge of their authority.

Perhaps, Kelly needs to probe the lower ranks for those who might be patriotic and have a lot of experience then promote them to higher rank.

Recently posts have brought to light why they are doing so – Obama’s move to undercut the current government for whatever purpose. By all rights, his attention and actions should be under investigation and his retirement as well as public standing should be stripped from him.

This particular breach is interesting and leads me to ponder. Who’s cards were specifically blocked and why were they blocked? From what I remember of government employment and admittedly suggested results on movies, it isn’t that hard for an IT specialist to block and create havoc where specific ID’s are targeted. 

Was this a cybersecurity breech or was it something more on the order of an “inside” rebellion?


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9 Responses to DHS Locked Out of Computers – CyberSecurity Attack or Something Else?

  1. R.S. HELMS says:

    I do believe it was an inside rebellion… and the Russian hack? That was a summary made by the Obama heads of departments, and they actually concluded that there was no substantial ‘evidence’ that the hack actually came from Russia… What is Fox News, engaging in fake news?? If it only puts part of the story in reference, and leaves out the part that is the real story … is that not fake news as well?

    • Uriel says:

      Hi RS. Fox I think took the conservative minimalist road. Looks like they didn.t have the sources. Reuters appears to have originated the piece and quoted source information. It appears according to Reuters that it was a simple error of program expired certificate more than anything which could be a lapse in IT responsibility. Reuter’s comment “Some employees were able to access systems through a virtual private network.” kind of worries me more. I personally also find it interesting that Reuters has the contacts at DHS and posted this before and as originating source over any US media.

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Probably the Dems hired more teenage male Muslims, at $150K/year, to manage DHS “security”….

  3. Popular Front says:

    A problem to be sure but one easily fixed. In fact I’ll do it for you if you give me a contract & staff. This calls for Internal Security and a process known as ‘Positive Vetting’, whereby all staff are thoroughly screened to determine their reliability. Those that are clean – no problems, no comebacks, business as usual. Those who are not – well, they must ‘consider their position’ as the euphemism goes.

    The vetting procedure should be performed every two years of an employee’s tenure.

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    How’s this for a vetting procedure?
    Invite the various departments to a luncheon.
    Lunch will consist of a ham sandwich, ham salad and a side dish of bacon.
    Anyone with no appetite would be shown the door.

  5. vonMesser says:

    First, check the IT shop for Clintonistas and Islamists.
    Then look for left-over worms and virii from those who just departed.
    Then check the DI cards – some of the people with them might just not be who they say they are.