Betsy DeVos: One Of Us? Or Not?

Since President Trump announced his nomination of BetsyDeVos as Secretary of Education, many on the right have spoken out about DeVos’ long-range intentions for America’s government school system.  True, DeVos has spoken loudly over the years about school choice, to help parents sidestep underperforming, union-agenda-driven schools.  But DeVos is also on record as a supporter of comprehensive federal standards for public pre-college education.  She carefully avoided use of the term “Common Core” during the hearing process, but it’s known that DeVos (with Trump’s apparent agreement) will push for some form of national intervention, disguised with a less-toxic label.

Now we discover that, at the first opportunity to stand up for common sense and protection of the most vulnerable people in the school system — young female students , YOUR little girls — DeVos caved to the LGBTQWERTY bunch, adopting the pathetic language of progressives in the process.  Read this and weep:       

(by Steve Deace, 25 Feb 2017, Conservative Review)

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7 Responses to Betsy DeVos: One Of Us? Or Not?

  1. vonMesser says:

    I, too, believe in comprehensive federal standards for education. I want a MINIMUM set of requirements to move from Grade X to Grade Y. Too often I have seen kids from one area (usually the “South” who move to another area (in my case the Northwest) who are NOT at all ready for the grade they just left, let alone the grade they were advanced to. Usually this is because the school system they just left is in the bottom of the bottom, and the standards for advancement were pi$$ poor. A teacher getting a student from another area should be able to expect that student to meet minimums.

    That said, Common Core SUCKS GREEN HOTDOGS. (and you ex sailors know what that means). A decent set of standards, and inspection to ensure that those are met. For me, that means an office of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare of 150 people in Washington DC, and 25 in each state.

    • SafeSpace says:

      vonM: Standards are a challenge. There is little historical evidence that the federal government can enact national standards for ANYthing without immediately taking control of the implementation process.

      Why not mimic the approach being proposed for healthcare: Basic national standards evaluated in terms of uniform grade-level achievements tests, implemented and managed at the local and state level. The goal (as with medical insurance) should be transferability and uniformity of results across state lines.

      I refuse to accept the argument that schools in any one region must necessarily perform below the levels of schools elsewhere. Brains and IQ follow the standard distribution curve across this country, except in blighted areas, and in elitist enclaves. Redneck Union County Georgia has the top-performing high school in the entire state of Georgia, for example.

      Inner city schools can be rapidly brought up to par if the students are treated to a few years of serious remedial education. I envision teachers and administrators who think more like Marines than education functionaries.

      Enforcement of any new approach, even by withholding federal funds, will be nearly impossible as long as the NEA remains in control of what actually happens in most public schools. Their power needs to be trimmed, and their attitude that teacher salaries trump student achievement needs to be changed.

      • vonMesser says:

        I graduated The Evergreen State College with a BA in education (among a couple of others) and taught middle school for a while. Speaking from personal experience, kids from Alabama, Arkansas, and Georgia were not ready to move into grade 7 in Washington. They lacked basic comprehension of a number of “functions”. Their reading skills were ok, but the ability to think and reason were lacking sadly. And these were not dumb kids. Their parents were active duty Army and interested in the kids education. It was, literally, the school system. Do I have the total solution? No. But I truly think that minimum national standards need to be in place. And I have a shite-load of ideas that I would like to see tried out in various places. I think DeVos may be a very good thing ibn the long run as she is interested in “different” things.

  2. Uriel says:

    Wonder if Trump will say “you are fired” to her before the ink even dries on her confirmation?

  3. Hardnox says:

    Time will tell. It may be too early to raise a red flag just yet but this isn’t looking good. Trump has declared that he opposes Common Core. With regard to bathrooms, these laws and standards were enacted to protect girls and women. That seems to be forgotten. Trans people are less than one tenth of one percent of the population so why is this an issue? It should be a non-issue.

  4. Dynalady says:

    I applaud you & thank God for all you righteous American men here willing to stand up & acknowledge that bathroom/locker room privacy is to protect girls & women–it IS! But, men & boys are entitled to privacy too. If you doubt that it might happen the other way around…

    Some of you may be too young to remember the 70’s when Feminist new-to-the-business women tv sports reporters won the right–just like their male colleagues–to enter the locker rooms of NFL teams in order to get the all-important immediate post-game interview. The biggest, strongest, most muscular-bodied men in America–NFL athletes–screamed bloody murder bc they did not want females With TV cameras in their locker rooms while they emerged out of showers & changed into their street clothes. Entirely understandable.

    Notice how, these days, all but immediate on-the-field post-game interviews take place in a designated central press room after the athletes have changed clothes in private. The answer to the players’ objections to women reporters in the locker room was that the men were entitled to privacy & NOBODY got to go into the locker room any more. Would that our courts and SCHOOLS were so sensible-thank you, Pres Trump! Troubling indeed that Ms DeVos might not be on board.

    Someone should point out to these sports organizations the elitist hypocrisy of them threatening not to hold their games in cities/states trying to pass so called ‘bathroom bills.’ Why don’t they let the female reporters back in their own locker rooms, then?