MSM Losing Ground Daily on Public Respect and Reporting More Than Fake News



Bay Area storm damage leads to Morgan Territory Road closure – The Mercury News


While MSM is in a full meltdown mode on Trump, here are actual news items that are not being covered. Pitiful reporting by mainstream news. Looks like the out-of-mainstream groups are carrying the load on these and more. Only ABC, Fox and in a few minor instances some of the other supposedly top liberal slanted media sites reportings can be found.

1- Lake Oroville Dam – so far holding but definitely still major concern
2- A powerful Pacific storm blew into Southern and Central California on Friday with wind-driven heavy rains, triggering rescues, calls for evacuations, toppling trees and power lines and disrupting travel and outdoor events. (Feb. 17) AP
3- Los Angeles and most of California under flooding and damage from high winds, a few main roadways reported under 5 feet of water
4- Sinkhole in Studio City area
5- Bracing for severe weather and flood conditions
(a) Southeast Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming snowmelt and ice jams floods increasing likelihood (b) Blowing snow and high winds advisory Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado
6- Military man sentenced for bribery
7- Changes in national debt and its significance, trade deficits and financial status
8- Anti-Trump protestors at several townhalls and what is being done to stop them or protect congress members, who they are and where they come from, links to Democrat and funders
9- Military making marked headway in Iraq and Syria
10- “The Town Hall Project”. The group is run by a Hillary Clinton staffer named Jeffery Dahman.
11- Obama, his activist groups, and his legal group now interfering with government along with his “strategic” outings to keep himself in the news
12- The efforts by Democrats to deliberately hold up nearly 2,000 post recommendations by Trump
13-Escalating tension from China’s South Sea expansion
14- Successes or failures of new confirmed executive branch secretaries
15- Border may be seeing turn around and slowdown now coinciding with stricter border management

So what is MSM mostly focusing on?  DNC news taking center stage; Trump trashing; “leaked” White House or government agency finds; bowing and scraping in their efforts to be relevant to their crowned king and “head of all things truth”-Obama; and, horror of horrors screams of outrage when Trump and his group actually calls them out for their LACK of reporting skills. Imagine if these shills actually reported real breaking news that actually affects people across our country…

“EXCLUSIVE FBI refused WH request to knock down recent Trump-Russia stories
The winner of the worst movie goes to …
They sheltered Snowden and now live in fear
Parents die. Teen wants to be sister’s guardian
Tracking device exposes marathon cheat
Widow of slain Indian man in KS had asked him about leaving US
Arrest made in ex-beauty queen’s cold case
Confederate flag snatched on live TV
Glenn Beck: Conservatives turning blind eye”

Trans Students Face ‘Detrimental’ Health Effects Without Fed Protection
Liberal Activists’ Prank Had Some at CPAC Waving Russian ‘Trump’ Flags
CPAC 2017: Activists Say Trump’s Victory Solves Everything — For Now
At CPAC, Winning Solves Everything — For Now
Muhammad Ali Jr. Detained at Airport, Asked About Being Muslim: Lawyer
Lawyer: Muhammad Ali Jr. Profiled at Florida Airport
North Korea Warned to Cooperate over Killing of Kim Jong Nam With Nerve Agent
N. Korea Told: Cooperate over Poison Killing or Face Arrest
GOP Draft Health Care Bill Cuts Medicaid, Insurance Subsidies
Prisons Experiment with Cell Blocks for Military Veterans
This Ping Pong-Playing Robot Makes Forrest Gump Look Lazy

Trump Launches New Attack On The Media
U.S. Turns Attention On ISIS’ Strongholds
Former President Obama Spotted In NYC
7 People In China Arrested In Connection To High-Rise Hotel Fire

ABC(I give them higher marks – at least they are attempting to get out real news)
8-year-old fatally shot after car crash
Kansas community tries to heal from shooting
Obama and daughter Malia attend ‘The Price’ on Broadway
Chicago police arrest 81 in overnight raids
Mexico rejected plan on 3rd-country deportees
Fire at Florida mosque being investigated as arson
Pope quietly trims sanctions for sex abusers seeking mercy
Too few flushes get candidate thrown off ballot
Former gymnasts accuse doctor of molesting them
Youth at the Heart of the Standing Rock Protests

Democrats vote on new leadership
Ryan, Trudeau face off on hockey, as border-adjustment tax, ObamaCare head to overtime
Trump electrifies CPAC crowd, vows aggressive agenda
Trump rejects DHS intelligence report on travel ban
Trump boasts successes first month in office
Sanders trolls Trump on Twitter with inauguration crowd-size photo Trump administration makes first tangible step to building border wall Witches cast mass spell with hopes of removing Trump from office
Trump’s national security adviser reportedly says label ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ not helpful
Oklahoma quarterback arrested for public intoxication, resisting arrest
Woman thanks cops for giving husband seat belt ticket
Remains of Marine shot down during Vietnam War heading home after 48 years
Germany: Man hits 3 with car and flees, is shot by police
Conditions deteriorate in west Mosul as Iraqi advances slow
Dealership taken for a ride when $150k Maserati disappears

Nothing said so far by a soft-spoken, chastising Trump at that now infamous news conference has proven to be inaccurate on either the veracity or the hateful rhetoric of some of the MSM.

I would think all that energy could be put to better use actually telling the truth not slanted by personal liberalist opinion. Maybe their voices could highlight and cause real issues to be solved FOR A CHANGE. Things like sex and slave trafficking, drug cartels, gangs, environmental disasters, successful means of protecting habitats and people, congressional malfeasance and corruption, stopping illegal abuses of social services by professionals as well as recipients, or the deplorable state of our infrastructure from lack of attention, stewardship and greed.

But then, that would mean MSM would lose some of their so-called reporters and commentators because they are generally airhead muppets who receive their “speeches” from management who in turn receives them from liberals on and on back to main anarchist players and funders…rather than use their own abilities to research, develop, and report on topics.

What gets inflated either loses its air slowly or develops huge gaping holes…

Guess this science and business maxim is one of those lessons not learned by MSM outlets who are beginning to receive their just rewards after stomping on and destroying others on their climb to the top of the news heap. Arrogance and the mighty are ugly splats when they hit the skids and fall.


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  1. Hardnox says:

    The MSM is shrinking by the second and becoming irrelevant. I am so disgusted with these assholes as they pursue the trashing of America with their “bread & circus” memes.