Lapdog Media Laps Up Bogus Pastor’s Lie

In my post on Thursday ‘Pastor’ And Young Daughter “Traumatized By Trumpers” you met ‘Pastor’ Joel Tooley. He was horrified by the “demonic” actions of Trump supporters at a Melbourne, FL appearance by President Trump. So much so, that he just had to write a long, descriptive, and totally BS narrative and post it on FaceBook, much to the delight of the desperate leftie lapdogs. This fake news lying ‘pastor’, smug-grinned Glenn Beck lookalike, couldn’t wait to get some national attention, and fake news spreader CNN couldn’t wait to have him on.


“Pastor” Tooley you are a shameful lying SOB. What you REALLY wanted to “take away from this event” was exposure and contributions for your Nazarene Centro de Refugio scam that provides legal services for illegal aliens. They really love you, as we can see from this video a group of them made to wish you a Starbucks $6 latte fueled  “Happy Birthday”!

I wonder how much of those contributions actually make it to these poor little ILLEGAL ALIENS? Probably about as much as the Haitians received from The Clinton Foundation.

As you expressed in your bogus letter -“May God Have Mercy On You.”


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7 Responses to Lapdog Media Laps Up Bogus Pastor’s Lie

  1. upaces88 says:

    I have lived in Texas all of my life. AND, I am sick and tired of hearing about the Poor little Illegals who INVADE our country. They want the American Dream. Yes, I do understand; however, they buy TWo BRAND NEW CARS; A NEW HOUSE then they file for Welfare.
    While this was going on; over two billion dollars ($200,000, 000 of food stamps were given to the Illegals and the Black Population.

    There are two issues I would like to address:
    Why don’t they study at a local high school to learn about our history; take a test to become Texas Citizens? OR…
    IF they don’t like Mexico…why not do what we did. We had A Civil War; and we won.
    They want to live in a land of FREEBIES vs. earning it..Oh, yes! They do work hard. That’s not the issue. IF they work so hard, why is it they file for Citizenship?
    Too many people aren’t standing up!

    Our Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had a plan that would work. I may have the figures backwards; however, you will catch my point.
    IF you house an Illegal, there is a $25,000 fine per Illegal.
    IF you hire them, it is a $50,000 fine per Illegal.

    • Terry says:

      I hear ya Upaces ! These scum are being handed more $$ to come here illegally than I get from my retirement check that I worked 50+ years to get.
      I agree they should learn our history, take a test, and how about this : LEARN OUR LANGUAGE !

  2. lunaticfroma says:

    Time to match the nastiness of these liberal assholes…i hereby declare the 1st day of each month “suckerpunch a liberal day”
    Find a nasty liberal and put all your weight into a solid punch to the face!

    • Terry says:

      As much as I would love to do that Lunatic, that would play right in to their scheme.
      However, if you can make it look like a muzzie did it……

  3. lunaticfroma says:

    Gov Abbott, of Texas has some really good ideas on dealing with many of this countys problems, i do not understand why he isnt a more prominent figure in politics. He is the type of no bullshit leader Washington will need after Trumps 8 yrs (yes he will be a 2 term president) and i hope Abbott puts his name on the ballot in 2024!

  4. lunaticfroma says:

    Oh ya, excuse me while i stand outside this ladies room, guarding, while my 8 yr old daughter is peeing….im afraid some liberal transgender might try to rape her!! Cant even use a public rest room without some liberal moron complaining he wants to pee next to my daughter!!

    • Terry says:

      I like the plans Upaces mentioned above, and I’m sure Abbot has plenty more.
      As for the rest rooms….PresidentThe Donald is working on that mess too.