Demonstration Fails In Portland OR; Lesson for Demonstrators – Law and Order Will Prevail

#Notmypresidentsday protest arrest compilation

Published on Feb 21, 2017
These are the clips of the arrests made by Portland Police captured on Presidents’ Day in Portland. The protest was led by Don’t Shoot Portland (which didn’t have a permit). Most of the arrestees were members of Don’t Shoot Portland, including some of their kids. In total, 13 people were arrested and now there word of a another march in protest of how the Portland Police dealt with this protest… @demster101

Funny Saturday cartoon clips!

Parents who take their children to this crap should be arrested. Teens who are arrested need to have their parents pay a hefty fine for not having raised more responsible young. The teens and college students need to be put into some kind of community service like garbage collecting and cleaning up areas where there is a lot of pollution. At least that way the city gets a free clean up crew and the kids have less time to protest. Older adults need several days in jail and a fine.

Not profiling exactly or maybe I am, but did anyone notice in these clips how few if any Blacks are at these rallies? Is it because the Black ranters and protestors have disdain for the whites? Or the whites are too soft and less militant? Or are the Black special interest employers hiring them for the second shift late night hate rants where they get paid more and get more in harm’s way?


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27 Responses to Demonstration Fails In Portland OR; Lesson for Demonstrators – Law and Order Will Prevail

  1. The Night Wind says:

    You don’t see any Blacks at these protests because there are hardly any Blacks in Portland to begin with. It’s mostly a city full of White NIMBY Liberals who protest like this to prove they aren’t racist.

    I saw a BLM rally in Portland last year and the only Black guy in the crowd was the speaker—and he was from California.

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome to Hardnox Night Wind. — seriously? Wow and double wow. So not only are these guys fake protesters but seem pretty bigoted to me. Rather a bit lofty of them to stand with others for BLM and such. At 2015 stats say just about 2% is Black there. Washington state only has 4%. This seems to be a “do as I say, not as I do” moment. Thanks for the tip on this.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Uriel! You MADE my morning and I haven’t even finished watching it all.

    I believe in the right to protest, PEACEFULLY. That said, if I were those cops, I’d go full “Night of the Long Knives” on them, batons-a-flyin’.

    Anyone wearing a mask, of ANY kind, or running their mouth on a megaphone, would be subject a beat-down of epic proportions, a public unmasking and, literally, THROWN into whatever vehicle was headed to jail.

    Time for “gloves off” and “asshole control”.

    • Uriel says:

      😂Hadenough. Another that enjoys Shakespearean comedy – your welcome. I agree if you wear a mask then you should be arrested right off the bat. Apparently those wearing a red hat or bandanna are part of a bigger “organized rioter” group and without doubt funded down the line from Soros and his group.

    • Popular Front says:

      Totally with HadEA on this one. Give them plenty of truncheon and throw in a volley of beanbag rounds, a cloud of tear gas, water cannon and maybe a charge of mounted police to really scatter them and keep them running.

  3. Dynalady says:

    EVERYONE on the street, esp in cars, prevented for any length of time from getting to their destination should sue all these ‘protestors’ in civil court for illegal restraint, unlawful detention, false imprisonment, assault & whatever other legal theories can be pressed in court. Come on all you ambulance chasing lawyers–get a class action going–Portlanders like these are flush with personal assets. Its a criminall enterprise what they’re doing. These people should have to pay damages for violating people’s right to free movement, not be allowed to just run away when the cops show up. Attn AG Sessions–RICO–It was done against ProLifers back in the 80-s who were supposedly blocking sidewalks ‘denying access’ to women wanting to go to abortion clinics. Time to dust off those old pleadings & briefs & go before all the liberty-loving, civil rights protecting, stalwart protectors of Freedom fed judges for some relief–you’ve got the precedent!

  4. Uriel says:

    Welcome to Hardnox Dynalady Good rant! I agree. In one article though it mentioned the protesters walked free. I guess to hold down desk report time. At a minimum they should have at least a hefty fine to help them “remember”. That tactic of catch and release is nothing more than a temporary fix and encourages more, worse behavior without punishment.

    • Another good call~! Let the PD’s start handing out “disorderly conduct” summonses to those impeding traffic, the flow of commerce or unlawful detainment.

      The gloves need to come off if this is ever to come to an end. Anything less will only lead to complete chaos and, ultimately, martial law. And we don’t want that.

      • Uriel says:

        They definitely do Hadenough. Whittle down participation to hard core from cracking down then slam hard core with stronger measures

        • In all honesty, if they just enforced the laws already on the books, and the politicians stepped out of the way and stopped their political interference, this would have ended before it started.

          But the liberals can’t do that. They’re too busy pandering to special interest groups that foment chaos, only to promote their self-interests, and potential re-elections, rather than doing the “right thing; protecting what the SWORE to uphold.

          They make me sick!

        • To defeat evil, one must be more determined and completely unyielding. Compassion for those who surrender, relentless on those who don’t.