The Scourge Of America


Thirteen months ago there was a news report of fire at a home about 16 miles away from where I live. The fire was intentionally set and the details got worse as the story unfolded. A man and woman in their 60s were at their residence, duct taped and immobilized while two intruders, who were known by the couple, ransacked the place. They stole a flat screen TV and various other items plus some checks. The checks were forged and cashed so it didn’t take police long to arrest the boyfriend of the couple’s daughter. The girl, in her twenties, was named Michelle who had not been seen since a day before the fire.

They put her picture up on the TV screen.

I said to my wife, “I’ll bet it’s drugs.”

The rest of the story

The girl’s mother managed to get the duct tape off enough to summon help from next door neighbors while the fire was spreading and her husband remained inside, too restrained to move to safety. He was found alive on the stairs when the firemen arrived to extinguish the blaze. It took him a while to recover from burns and smoke inhalation but his wife got away with relatively minor problems.

Investigators searched the shack about 20 miles north of town where the perps lived.

They claimed not to know the whereabouts of the missing girlfriend, but were both arrested for the arson and robbery. Blood stains were found on the car owned by the boyfriend that later proved to be the DNA of the missing girl. “We were out target shooting the other day with her, but don’t know where she went.”

Searchers and friends of Michelle started combing a wide area around the rural mountains without success. It was winter with some snow cover and after a month of driving and walking the tough terrain, no body was found. Several weeks later a couple was driving along a more distant dirt road next to a stream. The woman riding in the passenger seat saw something along the banks of the stream and got out to have a look. They found Michelle’s body that had suffered a shotgun blast.

The Aftermath

The killer was sentenced to 63 1/2 to 153 years. That was just for the arson, theft  and forgery.  He got life for the murder. The judge said if the parents had been killed in the fire he would have gotten the death penalty. His accomplice has yet to face the judge. The two of them were on a week long binge of cocaine and meth when they decided to commit a crime to enable the purchasing of more drugs. I haven’t seen a toxicology report on the deceased but I can speculate it would show she was involved with mind altering substances too.

The Moral

Drug use is widespread across our land and no community large or small has totally escaped it. We all have to deal with the costly, and sometimes deadly consequences. When President Trump asked the police what percentage of the prison population are in jail for drugs he was told 70 to 80 percent. It disturbs this writer to no end that states are allowing the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. The first step on that slippery slope is medical marijuana legalization. Once it gets abused you will notice people getting it who have “the look.” Next, the governments throw up their hands in surrender and figure it’s better to allow it and tax it for some income. Those revenues don’t come close to covering all the damages that will eventually result from growing a new crop of addicts looking for a stronger high. I sincerely hope that our new President carries through on his plans to build the wall to secure our southern border and that it puts a real crimp in the trafficking of drugs to our neighborhoods. It is what we need or we will never make America great again.

I submit the following testimonial gleaned from a different forum comments section.

Mark C22 hours ago

“Waaaaste” I really don’t think so, let me explain. Many years ago and long before I knew better I smoked weed (I quit decades ago) and I’ve seen a lot of it, one time a friend gave me a small sample of this super dark weed and he told me NOT TO SMOKE IT BEFORE I GOT HOME (it was 20 miles home) he said “if you do you won’t make it home” well he was right! You smoke some of that and you couldn’t walk! I’ve seen red bud, seedless, Gold, Black, the dealers in the day had hay bails of weed from the richest pot plantations around the world. Now I want to be very clear! I gave up all my drug days back around 1982! and for good reason! “High Seekers” are the main crowd around pot smokers and I’ve seen way too many friends, family, and neighbors lives destroyed by the “High Seekers” Here is Huntington WV there are 3 to 7 OD’s EVERY DAY!! It makes me sick to look at my 42 year old drugged out of his mind stepson!. to see his two teenage children with nothing but two drug addict parents, they lost their home, their jobs, their cars, and their kids! to see my nephew spend 5 years in prison for death due to a DUI, his girlfriend (mother of his daughter) was killed in the car HE was driving! My neighbor lost BOTH of her sons to drug overdoses a couple of years apart. My wife has an elderly friend (a woman) and her drug addict adult children rob her of her OWN medicine, food, and money! these are just a few of the examples of drug related issues going on around me. That grip that drugs have is to strong on its own, its HAS GOT TO BE A EVIL SPIRIT BEHIND IT!!!! “High Seekers” glorify the next better high and that draws other people into even a BETTER high from this drug or that drug!! This EVIL is a thief, its stealing our families, and degrading society, its depleting city resources, do you know those shots they give to revive a person who OD’ed is $600.00 per shot! the EMS services in our area are often times called out two to three time for the same person. They keep finding stalled automobiles with children strapped into their car seats in the back seat and both parents dead of an OD in the front seat!!! There was a case the other day where an infant was found starved to death in its bassinet after the parents died from a drug overdose!!!! days before!!!! If ANYONE IS DOING ANYTHING FOR JUST THE HIGH OF IT (high seeker) and can STOP and don’t is nothing but a FOOL. PLEASE PUT IT DOWN AND RUN!!!!!!!!! ITS PURE EVIL!! God In Heaven PLEASE help them for they really don’t know what they area doing!!!!

A Final Word

I am not interested in nor will I respond to any claims that marijuana is harmless and/or that it is not addictive. That is too wide a generalization. It is still classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance by the federal government.

And you know that Donald Trump has never used drugs in his life and will have no trouble cracking down on those who break the laws. That may be one of the reasons the lefties want to bring him down.

~ I.R. Wayright

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17 Responses to The Scourge Of America

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good post. In this day and age when everything is treated with a pill is it any wonder why drug use is so rampant? It’s systemic.

    I don’t think the chickens have come home yet on this issue. When Trump throttles back the spigot to illegal drugs the situation will get real dicey. It needs doing.

    Yes, the left will go batshit crazy.

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Glad to see you back, IR! Your narrative is dead-on correct. Since my mid-60s college days smoking weed, pot has gotten much stronger, and is frequently “treated” with other drugs to increase the bang — and to create addicts, so as to fund the pusher’s annuity. My brother, age 61, smoked home-grown stuff for at least 25 years. He never smoked a cigarette in his life — and now he has a serious case of COPD. That is another problem associated with marijuana that is rarely spoken about.

    Having “been there, done that” I can state with certainty that drug use is more about self-gratification than anything else. All the user talk about “social toking”, “stress relief”, “I can quit anytime” is just so much bullsh*t. Drug use fits the same personality profile as excessive Facebook / Twitter use IMHO: All components of the “Look At Me, I’m So Special” crap that is destroying American culture.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      A long time ago I decided that life is tough enough without alcohol, tobacco or drugs. It is one thing to learn from your own mistakes but it is much easier to take lessons from those you observe around you.

  3. Dynalady says:

    Thanks to all for telling the unvarnished truth about marihuana! The young people these days are brainwashed & believe every lie. Even my squeaky-clean Sunday school Christian Jesus loving nephews think its just a ‘natural’ substance that some of their friends choose to use. Big Dope lobbies very successful lying about it.

    Don’t be fooled. 10-15 yr old studies from Britain & Netherlands who long ago legalized pot show correlation btwn regular pot use & major depression &/or schizophrenia, esp in teenagers–not exactly problems you would choose to have if you knew. Have relatives in Colorado & the state is already regretting legalizing m.j. Step-daughter can’t figure out why liberal la la land Ft Collins went from maybe 1 murder/yr to a half dozen in 2016 alone; why burglaries & petty crime growing all over her community now. So much illegal growing under the table & not paying taxes on it, so it’s not been the revenue boom that was promised. hospital ER’s are having lots of people w/serious reactions. Already the schools are having to try & take up the slack for the neglected children being dumped on them. Teachers unions will LOVE this–more training, more counselors needed, more special ed–hey, it’s ONLY money—YOURS!! But, now that it is legal, will be virtually impossible to change it back. Would LOVE it if The Donald would enforce federal law vs marihuana in CO.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      Still, I believe if a national referendum was held to see which way the smoke blows, marijuana would get an approval from a majority of people. Too many are uninformed and think it would be a benefit to society if the laws were not enforced, keeping more out of jail cells.

  4. clyde says:

    World Class post, I.R. Take a bow.

  5. vonMesser says:

    Quality post there IR. Shared on my FB page.

  6. Popular Front says:

    Two words: Duarte Solution. Pour encourager les autres.

  7. Terry says:

    Good post IR. I agree totally, having tried nearly everything in my younger years, I can honestly report that once the high is gone, the misery begins.

    On a side note, here is a good reason for more border patrols, and a glimpse into the creativity of the drug suppliers :

  8. Shar says:

    Good post. I wonder if the tunnels were found out or if they just used a different means to catapult it over the border. Very resourceful.

    I.R. you will get over your WPDS. I learned the computer at 40 and have found it a challenge many times.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      I built my first computer in the early 1990s.
      My job entailed using an IBM main frame and that was a bit clunky so I got a PC and designed a spreadsheet that really made things easier.
      Back in the 1980s I got a TRS 80 and built a harness to connect to a tape deck for some storage.
      I might be able to figure out word press IF I COULD EVER SIGN IN !

  9. Shar says:

    I.R. I stand corrected. Thats amazing. I was just learning and afraid to make the wrong move. At times I still don’t know what I am doing or what happened.