Dobbs with Paul Sperry: Obama Has Trained Tens of Thousands of Leftist Organizers at Alinsky Camps

Last night, New York Post contributor Paul Sperry joined Lou Dobbs on Wednesday night to discuss Barack Obama’s shadow government organization to sabotage President Trump.  Sperry says Obama has trained tens of thousands of organizers (32,000 as of now) already in Alinsky tactics at his boot camps with at least that many more to come.

This is stunning.  As Dobbs says “this is the critical issue facing this country” and I cannot agree more.  The Left is looking to crash this country by any means necessary.

What is also amazing is that Obama has had the time to train these vermin.  Well now we know how he spent his time because it sure as hell wasn’t for the betterment of America.  He no doubt has plenty of proxies and surrogates.  The media, barring only a few outlets, is in league with this program to destroy the Trump presidency and subsequently America.

What the media refuses to report is that these protestors are bought and paid for.  There are some reports that protesters are paid $1500 to $2000 a week.  No doubt Soros is the bankroller behind this scheme.  501(c)4 groups are exempt from reporting their donors.

This is Obama’s website: Organizing for Action

Organizing for Action, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that doesn’t have to disclose its donors, is at the head of Obama’s network of left-wing nonprofit groups. OfA, Sperry warns, has “a growing war chest and more than 250 offices across the country.”

This sure smacks of Germany 1933 with the Brownshirts.  Violence, street demonstrations, riots, intimidation, media cooperation, and useful idiots all banded together as they are now.  If anyone thinks these protests around the country against Trump are “grassroots” then I have a bridge to sell you.  If anyone thinks this can’t happen here then I recommend pulling your head out of your dar and remote place.  It’s happening now.  Turn off the sports and the senseless drivel on TV.  The entirety of academia, 95% of the media, 100% of the Left, and tens of thousands of government employees installed during the last 8 years are undermining the Trump administration at every turn.

The socialists/communists/marxists are here and they are on the march.  The republicans are about to get caught with their pants down as usual as they attempt to pander to the media as their townhall meetings are about to be disrupted during the Congressional recess.  The slime machine is being greased and the vermin are emboldened.  They lost in November and will attempt to regain their power at any cost.  America be damned.

Meanwhile, the rest of America who is paying the freight is clueless to what is happening right now while they are working, building businesses, raising families and are fighting to survive.  Working Americans don’t have time to protest.  The Left doesn’t have that problem.

Brace for impact.

~ Hardnox



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14 Responses to Dobbs with Paul Sperry: Obama Has Trained Tens of Thousands of Leftist Organizers at Alinsky Camps

  1. captbogus2 says:

    These are the folks McCain wants to, “…reach across the aisle,” for.

  2. Felinity says:

    We can be sure that the White House has its ear to the ground on all this…BIG TIME! When the time is right, Trump will announce that his legal team has found ample evidence to level treason charges against Obama, Soros et alia. From our mouths to God’s ears — and will!

  3. WJS says:

    This is blatant sedition, and should be treated as such. If the Trump admin will not do anything about it, it is time to lock and load!

  4. vonMesser says:

    forwarded to many. This needs to be acted on by Homeland Security and FBI.

  5. Shar says:

    McCain needs to be put out to pasture. I can’t believe Ralph Peters defends him.

  6. Farmer Ted. says:

    Parallel in Oz?
    In 1983 the Hawke government was elected, and soon after “deregulated” the banks. At about that time greenmailing high flyer Alan Bond hired a genius boat designer and won The Americas Cup.

    The Hawke government held up Alan Bond as the way to go in Australian business. This promotion was bizarre. It extended to public vilification of individual critics, even as Bond was doing the things that landed him in jail a decade later.

    I saw no commentator connect the promotion of Bond to the bank deregulation, nobody noticed that what Bond and the banks were doing was abusing the deregulation.

    In Oz we have The Big Four banks. Three fell for the promotion. The CEO of the fourth was subjected to the aforementioned personal vilification for refusing to join the road to ruin.

    The Marxists got their bust in 1987, but were then outsmarted. The people on top of the pile could still remember the 1930s. There is but little fun on top of a pile that is flat. So they took losses sufficient to ensure that the pile did not collapse, leaving them still on top, and the Marxists still on the outer.
    The Marxists then switched to running up public debt. Public debt must be funded with private capital by taxation. Public debt is private capital taken out of private management.

    My take in the 1980s was that The bank deregulation gave the capitalist system enough rope to hang itself, and our government then urged it to get out there and hang itself as quickly as it could. Scorched Earth is their objective. No matter the cost.

    With the passage of time I become more convinced that this assessment was correct.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks for the visit Ted. Welcome to N&F. Interesting parallels.

      You’re right, the left doesn’t care the cost as long as their objectives are achieved.

  7. Bill says:

    Seems like it is worthy of an investigation as to whether they are violating the rules for tax free treatment????