Are intelligence leaks intentionally undermining Trump?

More fake news.  It’s all crap and the lemmings will buy into this hook, line and sinker as the Left continues their campaign to delegitimize the Trump presidency.

~ Hardnox

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7 Responses to Are intelligence leaks intentionally undermining Trump?

  1. upaces88 says:

    What IS their damn problem!! He WILL Make Our Country great again!!

  2. Peppermint says:

    Yes HN, it is all designed to not only undermine Trump but to also take him down. This is all part of the Obama OFA. If this keeps up he is going to go down.

    The Intel agencies are now keeping important intel from him saying they don’t trust him. This is outrageous. The leakers need to be found and charged. There is a 10 year jail sentence waiting for these people.

    I just hope Trump goes after them and ferrets them out before it’s too late.

  3. vonMesser says:

    Trump needs to PURGE the White House and the whole freaking government of Obama loyalists.

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  5. deacsdomain says:

    von Messer is correct!!! TRUMP will have to clean house of all persons exposed to intelligence while building a large ( thousands) of vetted backups. If this doesn’t get bamabrownshit hung by his balls nothing will.

  6. Shar says:


    I agree clean house. I thought I heard it mentioned that some can’t be fired. I don’t know why not.