Television Channels Have Allowed Cheap Shots and Low Caste Comedy to Drown Out Real Issues



CBS’ Colbert Slaps Trump Advisor’s Head On A Pike

Daily Wire
by Ben Shapiro
February 14, 2017

The left’s wild inability to control its id with regard to President Trump has now crossed the line into actual violent imagery. We’ve already seen an Irish magazine consider whether assassinating Trump was moral; we’ve seen a British journalist tut-tutting that Trump’s killing couldn’t come fast enough; the American press has suggested that Trump is this close to committing acts of violence against journalists.

Now, CBS broadcast a skit from The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in which Trump senior policy advisor Stephen Miller’s head appeared on a pike.


HBO was forced to apologize for using Bush’s head on the show, with the company calling the action an “inadvertent, careless mistake.”

But this was no mistake. This was clearly designed to underscore the notion that violence against Trump administration figures is now decent fodder for comedy. The New York Times tweeted as much:

That sketch followed on Saturday Night Live throwing Kellyanne Conway out of a window and watching her break on the sidewalk several stories below, before being reanimated as some sort of creepy zombie.

Imagine if Valerie Jarrett’s head had appeared on a spike in a right-wing parody, or if Jen Psaki had been thrown out of a window in some comedy video from the right. The outrage would have been deafening. But when it’s Trump people, it’s just funny.

Then the left claims to be shocked by an increase in violent language and imagery – and behavior – as the social fabric breaks down. But with each day, they’re breaking down the fabric themselves more and more.



It doesn’t matter to me what people believe is acceptable and funny until television channels allow cheap, trashy tasteless behavior to supersede decency and lines of demarcation between visually macabre and reasonably funny.

Apparently, not even bottom-of-the-barrel fecal attack humor from loser late-night show hosts are considered unacceptable and are within the channels’ comfort zones these days so long as these attacks are targeted against their nemesis Trump and making efforts to advance his delegitimization.

Frankly comedy as far as I am concerned has devolved into nothing more than crass and bottom-feeding efforts to gain notoriety by trashing people whether its political or otherwise in some hideous and macabre way. At this point, the perverse dark humor currently in vogue has crossed the line. It is time for a reality and morality check. The stations and major channels need to apologize and rein in their programs if for no other reason than law suits or common decency. “Two Thumbs Down” reviews are in order.

No wonder the major networks have been loosing viewership.


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6 Responses to Television Channels Have Allowed Cheap Shots and Low Caste Comedy to Drown Out Real Issues

  1. There was a time when “decency” and “respect” were held in high esteem and, even though the person in question wasn’t liked, their position held that status.
    Today, those words no longer exist outside the demands of the disrespectful demanding said same.
    It’s time for “the great culling” and I cannot wait for it to begin. I really can’t~!

    • Uriel says:

      Well I for one am not so eager but I agree what goes up generally does go down and the bigger the harder. MSM needs to be brought down!

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Anyone remember Tom Lehrer and “That Was The Week That Was”? True political satire has gone the way of public modesty. Both have been replaced by crass, agenda-driven vulgarity. Another big THANK YOU is due to the progressive Left.

  3. Popular Front says:

    Hardly surprising that the ‘mainstream’ media (tv) has sunk to the levels it has. There was a time not so long ago when whatever Cronkite et al told you on the nightly news was unarguable gospel, the plain unvarnished truth (it wasn’t). It was like having your favourite uncle reading the news, a man to be trusted.

    Not any more. There have been too many scandals in the media, too much agenda-driven bullshit posted as genuine news and subsequently revealed to be false, biased and misleading. Trump aside, the best example in recent times is the appalling treatment dealt out to Sarah Palin and her family by the media. She should still have some open-ended hits out on some of them; you know the one(s) I mean.

    The only real upside to the ‘social media’ phenomenon is that Twerker users and Faecebook users can cut out the middle man so to speak and tip each other off as to where to find the straight dope on particular stories, the ones the MSM won’t report. The downside of course is that the spotty oiks refuse to come out of Mama’s basement but you can’t have everything.